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GET the best response from your advertising by using the Guernsey Press. Due to our wide range of publications and digital sites, from a flagship daily newspaper and website to specialist commercial supplements and a pan-Channel Islands business magazine, we have the perfect platform for you to reach your target audience.

Our professional and experienced staff have an in-depth knowledge of the market and can advise you on how and when to get your message out loud and clear.

An advert in the Guernsey Press will reach more consumers locally than the combined total of national newspapers.

With a daily average circulation of 13,400 copes and a readership of almost 40,000 adults, we reach 85% of our adult population.

Add this to the circulation of our free newspaper, The Globe, and the combined reach offers 65,000 opportunities for your advertisement to be seen.

Around 88% of our adult population aged 35 to 65 and over read the Guernsey Press, 80% of those aged 15 to 35, 81% of ABC1 professionals and 63% of all households in Guernsey.

Business Brief magazine has been reflecting the economic and commercial environment in Guernsey and Jersey for 25 years, covering wealth and investment management, trusts, property, lending and finance, private banking and insurance, with dedicated legal pages every month. Six thousand copies are distributed every month, with more than 6,000 email subscribers.

Our quarterly lifestyle consumer magazine Guernsey Now targets an informed and discerning Guernsey population. Sections include homes and gardens, fashion, motoring, food and drink, arts, travel and sport.

Distributed to all our home-delivered customers and available free at various pick-up points of sale, it has a print run of more than 12,000 copies with each read an average four-times more than other locally available popular magazines.

Our website reflects the newspaper’s commercial and editorial content and attracts 92,000 unique users and more than 900,000 page views.

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