Printing reports in black and white could save money

STATES printing costs could be halved if departments printed in black and white instead of colour, the chief minister has said.

It follows written questions from Deputy Lester Queripel about how much departments spent on producing leaflets.

Environment said it spent £1,283 last year but would have spent only £144 if it had printed in black and white.

‘To put this in context this would represent less than 0.08% of the Financial Transformation Programme target set for the department and less than 0.065% of the FTP target the department is aiming to deliver,’ said minister Roger Domaille.

‘The £1,138.51 potential savings figure can also be compared with the estimated £300 cost in extracting this data in order to provide this answer to your question.’

Chief Minister Peter Harwood said the Policy Council spent £31,800 on printing key documents last year.

Comments for: "Printing reports in black and white could save money"

Island Wide Voting

Saving peanuts!

How much would ten fewer Deputies save?


alas all is not black and white in our states at the moment.



Can you lot maybe have a word with yourselves? Instead of out to grab the most sensationalised headlines you can whilst conitnually trying to 'one up' each other maybe you might have some time to consider some of the more pressing matters that face this island such as housing, population, education, waste strategy, maternity provisions and animal welfare legislation.


Herbert Roth

So am I to understand that the reason for not making the saving is because the saving is small as a percentage of the total budget?

As my granny used to say, "look after the pennies because the pounds will look after themselves".


Laughing, about time all states members reveal their New Year resolutions (and how committed they are)

Stephen John

Mr Roth

Good point.

If the cost of discovering the information was really £300 then it is money well spent for information that the department and others should already have at their fingertips.

Printing in black and white rather than in colour seems an obvious means of saving the 'ackers. Apparently not to Deputy Domaille .


Why has it taken so long to realise the savings that could be made? and how many pretty little pictures are in these reports to justify printing them in colour? have they not considered digital versions of these reports?


and then the following ways to save money could be introduced

1. All e-mails to be sent from the library - one hour per person as that will cover 9am to 5pm.

2. Once a month one member of staff goes to the UK for a couple of days and grabs as many pens from betting shops as they can.

3. If black and white printing is not appropriate then get someone to be given some wax crayons and colour the letters in accordingly

Hope this helps


The amount might be small but the principle of saving everywhere savings can be made is important. If every dept. made an equal %age of savings on every item, your taxes could be reduced.


There is no need to print Reports when every Deputy is issued with an iPad and the public should be able to easily access on the web!

Matt Fallaize


Not every deputy is issued with an iPad.


My 2 year old nephew still has issues navigating iOS 7, but if he can do it I'm sure out states members can.

Hmm, then again???????

Dave Jones

Matt is right, I bought my own.


The excellent civil servants have brought in an English firm to install brand new colour printers throughout all of the States, wonder how much that is costing?!


That was done to reduce costs, cheaper to pay per print rather than buy printers. Has this worked?

Mr Smarty Pants

Was that after the disastrous and costly Frossard House 'Xerox for everyone' debacle?


Yeah! Let's print the visitguernsey leaflets in black and white, shows how gloomy the island is... or is part of the new population control policy? (just following Cameron's ploy in the UK to put off Romanian and Bulgarian would-be migrants)

And honestly, in this day and age, can we not have papers electronically?


No wonder the Guernsey voting public are at times fed up with the States or even a little exasperated. Has it really come to written questions to find out how much is spent on printing? Surely, those responsible for printing the reports should have the gumption to print them in the cheapest possible format. Guess what, the next written question maybe to ask if the prints are double sided...

Given the times we are in should the deputies not grasp real issues and get the Government working properly. There appears to be the divide between Deputies and Civil Servants and this type of issue does not help the Island as a whole.

Plenty of issues out there that needs to be asked, just ask any voter, unless of course Deputy Querpiel asked the question with one eye on the next election to make him look popular.


What States save money (No.No)

Guernsey Fudge

Road signs too ?


TIG editor - oh........ my........ God! Please tell me you're off work enjoying the tail end of the festive period and that shortly you'll be relieving the TIG Head Quarters care taker of his duties as temporary editor and chief.

I'm elated to hear that the states are making cuts wherever possible to save pennies (quite literally) that might be needed to waste on hair brained schemes in future, but come on! The story is about saving money, however it has been written / worded in such a way (what with detailed calculation about minute savings that can be made in stationary) that it appears nothing less than a dig at our duly elected who are simply doing their job.

Proverbial DOO DOO stirrer springs to mind.


Perhaps they could save more money by printing reports one between two.


Only print in colour when essential, ie:for special effect, otherwise allways in black (including letterheads.) Common sense.


Just circulate one sheet of grey paper pa, non of them take any notice anyhow.


Some time back the PEH decided to have their own print department.I don't know if this still exists but, I can't see where this saved money,knowing that the local printers were and always have been,'very competitive.'

Paying two staff,supplying the equipment and materials along with the maintenance costs didn't seem to make economical sense.


I would like to know why the online edition of the Press is more expensive than the printed version !

Surely the printed newspaper is more expensive to produce.

In the interests of being more environmental-friendly, do you not agree that the online version should be priced lower than the printed press in order to encourage less usage of paper and less wastage ?