Longue Hougue may yet be used to export waste

PUBLIC Services will consider turning the Longue Hougue Marina into a permanent berth to export the island’s waste.


However, minister Paul Luxon said the idea would not be given proper attention for a number of years.

It was suggested in a report by sustainability consultant Ricardo-AEA, commissioned by the department to examine export options for a predicted 28,000 tonnes of residual waster per year.

It said that developing a permanent berth – in the same location used for Lagan’s temporary structure for the import of aggregate – would have a number of benefits.

These included the ability to load waste onto barges directly from Longue Hougue.

Current plans are that there will be six to eight vehicle movements a day taking waste from Longue Hougue to Griffiths Yard. There would then be 10 or 12 shipments a year from St Sampson’s Harbour to the chosen jurisdiction.

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Yes and strip down one of the states owned fuel boats which could run waist to crapo land, job done

guern abroad

Using Longue Hougue for waste export would appear a sensible option (I have previously supported this idea).

Although it is predicted waste volumes will continue the trend of reducing a facility is still needed and this one is in place and better to deal with waste then let it accumulateand and become potentially rodent infested.


Too much waste being created. Over packaging,

throw away society. That`s what needs tackling.

guern abroad

Guernsey has fantastic recycling support. The amount of different materials that can be recycled is brilliant.

Agreed if there was less packaging in the first place then that would be an instant win, but at least so much of what is there can be recycled.

The final waste volume is only going to continue to shrink as there are avenues still not expolited, some are packaging and some is compostable waste that is thrown.


This would be the perfect project for Mr Luxon to spend the contingency reserve from the airport development on, or has it already got that on his mind.

Island Wide Voting

He might be thinking of putting it towards the £15,000,000 three-quarter mile plastic sewer pipe which is being kept under wraps until he has blagged enough out of the States to finance the waste export scheme

For £15,000,000 I would want a pipe that reaches approximately three-quarters of a mile off Jersey