Is there Life on Mars? Ben hopes to find out

LIFE on Mars could become a reality – and one islander still has a chance to be a first inhabitant.


Ben De Jersey-Moore, 33, pictured, is one of 1,058 volunteers remaining in the Mars One project.

It is a worldwide mission aiming to establish human life on the planet in 2025.

The website explains its plans, which consist of cargo missions and unmanned preparation of a habitable settlement, followed by human landings.

The next few years will see a demonstration mission, communication satellites launched and two rovers and several cargo missions  sent to the planet.

These will set up the station where the human crew will live and work. The first unmanned mission is scheduled for 2018.

In the first round more than 200,000 applications were submitted from all over the world.

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prefer Twix myself ... but good luck Ben.


Thats Global warming for you.

Just Sayin'

Good luck Ben!

Hopefully you'll manage to stay single for the next 11 years. That could be a bit of an awkward conversation...

brown cow

that would be good job for DJ KEV

Ben De Jersey-Moore

Thanks for all the support, as for snack preference I'm a Kit Kat man. As for staying single for 11 years what planet are you on? Though I guess it's going to make for an interesting conversation down the road, I guess I'll cross the bridge when I come to it.

Just Sayin'

ah what planet am I on? see what you did there Ben, nicely done ;-)

Although to be fair when the time comes, I bet it's one she hasn't heard before "yeah ok Ben, so you're moving to Mars, whatever..."

Actually...I may have had this line before...are we sure that we haven't colonised Mars already?


We are still pioneers, good for you Ben and the very best of luck really hope you make it through the next cut and all the way to the red planet, will be cool for one of the first humans to settle another planet will be a guernseyman, I claim to spend weekends on earth lol! @promiseguy on twitter


No doubt preparation will consist of a few months in Jersey.

Ben De Jersey-Moore

I agree Jersey is an inhospitable wasteland, but I think Mars One plans to use a desert in the US of A for the early stages of training before moving to Antarctica for the later stages.


Perhaps Guernsey can take their rubbish and raw sewage {which they dump into the sea untreated]with them.

Ben De Jersey-Moore

If you'd like further information about Mars One or if you want to help humans get onto the red planet.

You can do so at WWW.Mars-One.Com


please can you take our states members with you .please,please,pretty please.

Ben De Jersey-Moore

No sir