Teacher is first person to swim to France from Alderney and Jersey

HISTORY teacher David Coleman swam his way into the record books last night after becoming the first man to reach France from two different Channel Islands.

david coleman prepares for race swim with grandchild tabitha by

Mr Coleman, 57, swam across the treacherous Race, which boasts some of the strongest tidal currents in the world, to reach France in six hours and 23 minutes.

‘I’m absolutely thrilled to have done it, but it was a very, very tough swim,’ said Mr Coleman, who is from Northamptonshire.

‘For long periods of time the strong current made it very hard to just put my head down and get a rhythm going.

‘When I was 100m from the French coast the tide turned and took me back out to sea, making it very, very hard to get in.'

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Well done... maybe he should think of taking over the Condor route


A really great effort! Just goes to show that we don't really need Condor!