Lyons inquiry: HSSD says ‘it would do same again’

WE WOULD have to do the same again, Health and Social Services chief officer Dr Carol Tozer has said, as she defended how the department investigated and referred four Alderney deaths to the police and confirmed the case was back under investigation by HSSD.


Dr Tozer said once its own Serious Incident investigation team identified concerns over ‘patient safety and public protection’ it had no choice but to refer the matter to the police.

She also confirmed that the police and General Medical Council referrals were not the decision of a single person and its own investigation involved looking through files and initial interviews.

Dr Tozer said that HSSD had now ‘re-framed and improved’ Serious Incident policies and procedures, but said this was not in response to the Alderney case.

It instead followed the damning midwifery reports, the subsequent action plan and the GMC revalidation suspension.

The chief officer was responding to calls for a public enquiry, led by grieving families of patients involved, after the police investigation into the four deaths was concluded and ‘no evidence of criminality’ was found against GP Dr Rory Lyons.

‘Where there are issues over public protection they have to be referred on,’ she said. ‘They have to be, they will be and we will continue to do so.'

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John West

Interesting point about the overspend too.


Why oh why did they have to go in all guns blazing?

Why did they need 10 police officers?

Why couldn't they have gone in quietly with one or two CID officers?

Why does our Chief Police Officer have to be so gung ho?

Those poor family's in Alderney didn't need all this unwanted attention.

I hope Dr Lyons and the families gets a full apology for the manner in which this was carried out by Mr Rice & Mrs Tozer when this is all over, very badly done indeed.

Ted Striker

Gung Ho?

They didn't even arrest him. The complaint from hssd alone would have given them legal grounds to arrest and question him. That they didn't suggests to me the police had doubts about this from the start, but had to investigate cos hssd made such a big deal of it


Ted Striker

They didnt arrest him because they had no grounds to




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I dunno.I just can't get rid of the niggling feeling that the lady is not a real doctor

Trevor Hockey


Outspoken member of the Board.? Wonder if the initials are MH by any chance.?

He is probably one of the few with the balls to do it.


Agree with you 100%, someone needs to answer publicly for this fiasco. Heads should roll.! - I But I bet they won't , just another HSSD cover up. Paul Luxon as GSSD Minister you should be ashamed.!


I fully agree, it makes me very uncomfortable that she obviously insists on using the title of Doctor. Given her job title she must know that her using the title would give validity to any health related matters she may comment on. This is clearly misleading the public. Many,many islanders who have gained a variety of degrees can use the title Doctor but would feel, rightly, that it would be wrong to do so. I'm surprised the Press are continuing to use the title or at least if she insists, the full title of her degree course. I wonder what the real Doctors in the island think? Lastly why does she insist on using the title?


Dr. Lyons has been treated appallingly. I believe that HSSD actually realises that they over-reacted, and failed in their enquiries. A public enquiry into this disaster must take place as soon as possible.


According to her linkedIn profile she is a doctor of philosophy.


The practical application of such doctorate, in the context of Health & Social Service regulation & provision, is what?

Civil service musical chairs they'll resign if things go all pear shaped and then pop up somewhere else in the UK on £150k plus pension & benefits. They're like cold sores.

Trevor Hockey


Worrying this, I am agreeing with you yet again.! I do not think she should use "Dr." whilst she is working in a healthcare scenario as confusion may arise compared to a medical doctor.

Perhaps she feels that Ph. D doesn't carry the same kudos.? Bit of a shame if her ego is more important than saving some confusion.


I'd imagine it means a 'DPphil' which is an technical academic term. I think her actual 'Doctorate' is in social services or similar.

Trevor Hockey

Is it me or do we have the letters MUG tattooed on our foreheads.?

Everywhere you look it seems we are saddled with people who are well out of their depth.

I can think of two major States departments that immediately come to mind.

Le Goubert

If the GMC inform HSSD they are suspicious about 4 deaths in Alderney what do you expect them to do? Say "Don't worry, it's only Alderney".

Of course HSSD have to investigate it. And of course Key Board Warriors don't understand that the objective of an investigation is to clear someone as well as find evidence to convict them.

The inquiry was therefore successful.

And who else but the Police are going to do the investigation?

rotten vegetables

Lets get it very clear here. There was only one possibly two complaints-not four. Even the Daily Mail changed their tune with a day!!!!!!


Would the active response have anything to do with the Shipman case?

Trevor Hockey


Large and repeated overspends.? - Does that not sound somewhat familiar.?

Are the SoG HR people stupid or something, they seem very good at recruiting people whose abilities are somewhat questionable, take the Harbour for instance.


It is notable that comments posted here earlier mentioning Ms Tozer's previous travails at Torbay Council have been removed?

Bill Maguire

Heavy censuring will loose the vitality on this forum DM. I used to read the GP every day due largely the excellent editorials from Richard Digard. I seldom read the GP now.


Perhaps the press could explain why they removed reference to Ms Tozers very well publicised previous employment at Torbay Council? Which guidelines did it breach or is it a case of it was removed following a complaint? The reference was relevant as the thread had moved onto a very valid concern about her use of the title Doctor within the context of her role at HSSD.

Trevor Hockey

DM, Bill & Paul,

I am with you guys all the way here, it is time that someone at the GEP explained why a particular post has been removed. Paul quite rightly highlighted a factual matter so I see no reason for removal.

Come back Richard Digard,!

Come back Futu La.!


Very unfortunate that half of the posts have been removed, all were factual,

but it would seem they were unpalatable.


I struggle to understand the censorship of this forum sometimes. Posts that reference public material are removed and yet on another pages, posts directly abusing other posters are kept.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I could have a field day....but instead I'll just get the Pimms and Boddingtons out and relax.

rotten vegetables

Im pleased to see shes back to robust health


It'll be interesting to see how long your post survives here @rotten vegetables. Any mention of her previous life and in particular any link to the Herald Express gets removed fairly swiftly by the Ministry of Truth. He who controls the present controls the past.......

rotten vegetables

Indeed.My heart goes out to Dr lyons-who is my Doctor.A more caring sincere doctor I have yet to meet- and i can say that after after the last few years -when i have been rather poor health

Trevor Hockey

rotten vegetables

If I were a cynical man, I might assume that the campaigns against both GcMaf and Dr. Lyons could be a smokescreen to avert attention away from HSSD's own failings.? - I am really glad I am not cynical.!