Sark to end cliff tipping of animal remains

ANIMAL remains from Sark’s slaughterhouse will no longer be dumped over a cliff side as the island moves towards a more modern method, its government has decided.


Members of the island’s government, Chief Pleas, have agreed to invest up to £40,000 in installing an incinerator that can dispose of the waste from the ‘slaughterhouse processes’.

While Guernsey’s Environmental Health generally has no jurisdiction in Sark, it has welcomed the investment. For some in Sark, the ‘ancient’ method the island used for many years, releasing it in an area next to Pilcher Monument, was seen as an effective process – with the sea life and seagulls feeding off the remains as well.

However, Conseiller Paul Williams, chairman of the Agriculture & Environment Committee and the Public Health Committee, said the agreement between the landowner and slaughterhouse operator had ended and an alternative was now required.

Comments for: "Sark to end cliff tipping of animal remains"


Sounds like a waste of £40k, which also comes with an increase in pollution.


Seems like a waste of time to me... Why spend time and money burning animal remains when it all vanishes in the ocean anyway.

Surely there's no detrimental impact to such relatively small organic matter being dumped at sea?

Trevor Hockey

I never knew it even went on.! Seems to me that the birds, rats and fish would quite happily continue munching on the remains without the expense and pollution of an incinerator.

No different to the gulls raiding our tip really is it.? They probably get rid of many tons of waste a year through their scavenging.

Island Wide Voting


Greenie alert methinks

Hope they haven't turned Persil into lamb chops


MMmm!! I Bet there's a few nice size lobsters and crabs around that part of the coast


I doubt one and a half cows and a couple of chickens a week is going to do any real harm anyway.