Community centre sign is targeted by vandals again

AN OBSCENE word was spelt out on the front of Professor Shaw Community Centre in St Martin’s by thieves who stole six letters from its sign.


Now centre manager Brian Sarre is appealing for the plastic letters to be returned, as it could cost £300 to replace them.

The crime happened between 1.20 and 1.35am on Saturday 10 September.

Mr Sarre said six letters were missing.

The theft was spotted the next morning by Emma Keirle, wife of parish rector the Rev. Mike Keirle.

The remaining letters from the ‘community centre’ part of the sign have been taken down and stored safely.

‘It is very frustrating and disgusting behaviour,’ Mr Sarre said.

‘It’s not just criminal damage – it’s insulting the centre in general.’

Comments for: "Community centre sign is targeted by vandals again"


Hi Brian,

That is terrible!!

And not a very " Clive thing to do".

I am sure you know what I mean.

All the best from South Africa.


I see what you mean!!! so Clive did it!!

Roger Irrelevant

Hopefully they will catch these vandals and we'll see them in Court next Tuesday.

Get Guernsey Gr8 Again

Awful behaviour, hope they catch the culprits. Utterly pointless

I'm no Countdown genius (Community is a good 9 letter word though), but for the most obvious and obscene word, surely they would have had to only remove 5 letters?


Well the culprits are obviously thickos, perhaps they spell it differently?


I'm glad I wasn't the only one pondering what the word was rather than focussing on the crime……;)