Chamber boss: ‘Condor has to deliver more’

CONDOR ‘has to deliver more’ the Chamber of Commerce president has said after the ferry company released its long-awaited comprehensive service review.

Chamber of Commerce president Martyn Dorey

In a stinging rebuke to the review – which concluded that no second fast ferry would be bought for the northern route, and a dedicated inter-island service can only operate with government subsidy – Martyn Dorey said the company had to step up to the plate and provide the Channel Islands with a far more robust and effective service.

He was among a number of review critics to speak out yesterday.

Economic Development president Peter Ferbrache was also critical about Condor’s conclusions over a second fast ferry.

Commenting on the reasons given by Condor in its review as to why it would not be pumping millions into another fast ferry – that UK to Channel Island passenger numbers would have to double in order to provide a return on investment – Mr Dorey said the operator had to assume a level of risk.

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Master B

It will never happen


So, Mr Dorey and Mr Ferbrache, what have you done regarding this apart from speaking to the press? What are your plans?

If you are not happy with the service level and plans why weren't these levels written down in the contract?

Devil's Advocate

...and there lies the problem - a massive lack of legal ability to get a decent service. Whoever in the States decided to use a 'memorandum of understanding' instead of a legally enforceable contract needs shooting, and whoever drew up a poor MoU also needs shooting.

They need to introduce ramp licensing or whatever as quickly as possible to give the States some teeth in this fight.

Election Issues

Meanwhile in Jersey, Economic Development Minister, Lyndon Farnham says that Condor's agreement with Jersey could be torn up to enable the operator to improve its fleet.

Apparently, there may be an opportunity to tear up the operating agreement and renegotiate terms in a way that suits all parties better!!


Is that true? My goodness me. I would've thought a legally enforcable service level agreement was basic stuff for something like this.

Election Issues


Let's just cut the political bull and tell our States of Guernsey deputies to ask very hard questions of the research and conclusions for choosing this disaster of a boat and put those questions that almost every islander agrees with that Condor bought under duress bought an unfit vessel from a parent company they were tied to and on a palmed it off to us, because there shipyard was slack and kept themselves and their workforce busy in the recession and the vessel was continued to be built on a speculative basis on a military specification. This vessel was originally built to carry military vehicles, where the open front would be for the explosive part of any cargo and the rest of the ship for heavy vehicles which their ballast alone would make it a far steadier ship if you had say tanks and military lorries instead of normal cars etc The result is an absolutely uncompatiable design for a cross channel ferry.

. to the

Devil's Advocate

There's nothing stopping Condor from ballasting it 'properly' though is there?


The liberation is a lemon and next year will see the near end of tourism.

For all this Condor will be given a contract to export our waste.

Where is all the justice in Guernsey.


Complete white wash once again Condor take the Guernsey people for fools .Most people I know do not use a service that is unreliable and is the most expensive in Europe.


I find it incredible that in the modern world we have a inferior service than 30 years ago.

My only hope is the third rate Condor company cease trading as the states don't have a clue.

Were stuck with this limted service with a vessel that nobody wanted to buy.

As for the survey, don't make me laugh.


Only 30 years ago? Wasn't the service better 50 years ago when Sealink operated? Weren't there 2 reliable ships a day which took about six hours? Look what we have right now - one ship, most days, taking 8-13 hours! Oh, plus the Liberation on a very few days which nobody in their right mind would rely on.


Condor Ferries Limited, just like 'a corporation up at creek without a paddle'.! Any improvement will not be achieved with Condor Liberation. Sell it.? Who, with all the publicity would buy it, 'as a sound investment'.? Surely, more of the same to come, unless there is immediate 'political action' in both Islands together now.!! No more wasted paper on what do they call it 'surveys'.Into the trash can for them.?

Don Tramp

Awful company you cant even get back to the car as they pack the vehicles in like sardines.