Dry January need not mean dull January

SPREADING the message that staying ‘dry’ in January need not be dull was the aim of a Drug and Alcohol Strategy event at Elizabeth College on Saturday.

James Le Gallez from Aperitif was the mocktail masterclass instructor at Elizabeth College. Among those taking part were Chantal Stevens, centre, licensee of the Prince of Wales, and health promotion officer Di Mathews. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 17110147)

Publicans and people who have signed up to stay booze-free and have a Dry January, were invited to a masterclass demonstration in making non-alcoholic cocktails run by local mobile bar firm Aperitif.

Victoria Arms landlady Sandra Brassell said an increasing number of people were looking to go out and enjoy themselves without drinking alcohol.

‘People are more health concious these days and we’re looking to do more for the teetotaller,’ she said.

‘Non-alcoholic bars enable children to get involved in doing the same things as their parents, and for us as a business it’s a way of exploiting new avenues.

‘We do a non-alcoholic cocktail of the week and this is a way of getting new ideas and giving things a fresh twist.

‘It’s not all about throwing alcohol down your throats.’

Comments for: "Dry January need not mean dull January"

Don Tramp

Booze is an Evil drug which earns Govts millions in tax and fines. Sadly most of us were addicted to it at a young age and its difficult to cut out,


That may be true in your case, Don Tramp, if so you have my sympathies. For the vast majority of us it is one of life's little pleasures. Most enjoy alcohol in moderation and it causes no problem. As for the tax it raises, how much would you like your income tax to increase or benefits decrease by to make up the shortfall if Guernsey went 'dry'? Would that even reduce the use of alcohol, given that it is easy enough to make, even in prisons etc.? Perhaps the simple answer is for you to employ some self control or join AA. Calling alcohol 'evil' is ridiculous. Is a hammer 'evil' if I hit myself on the head with it?