Calls renewed for Alderney breakwater redevelopment

A LEADING coastal engineering consultant has renewed calls for the States to fund redevelopment of the Alderney breakwater.


COWI, an international consulting group, designed plans to reinforce the Alderney Breakwater in 2002 that were recommended to the States by the then Advisory and Finance Committee, although no funding was eventually given to the £30m. project.

However, Ole Juul Jensen, senior technical director of Marine and Coastal Engineering at COWI, has called for the plans to be revisited.

He is presenting a paper at the ICE Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters conference in Liverpool in September, which will accompany a full-length study of the project’s benefits.

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Island Wide Voting


.... and the benefit to Mr Jensen would be ???

Douglas White

I understand that maintaining the Alderney breakwater is the Bailiwick's commitment towards the UK's defence. The Royal Navy like the idea of a deep water bolt hole on the south side of the Channel.

The MOD budget is £35 billion. As the Bailiwick's population of 65,000 is 1,000th that of the UK could develop an expectation of £35 million from us as they are obliged to provide us with defence.

As it stands we spend about £500,000 a year on maintaining the Alderney breakwater and then lump this into the Alderney budget and tell the island to be grateful.

If there is a one off expense to get the thing back into sound condition then it's still a bargain in the great scheme of things.


How many Million would that be?

Douglas White

The article says it was £30m 15 years ago. They've muddled on through since then but the job will need doing one day. A commitment was made that it would be maintained and the deal is a bargain compared to what the UK, who used to take care of the breakwater, could ask for.


I seem to remember a sum of £17 million being put aside during the time of Roger Berry.

Remember him?

Island Wide Voting

I believe that the 17M was swallowed up by the overspend on shoring up the crumbling White Rock piers ... and the missing Crown Pier marina gates


It would be good for Alderney if any breakwater and quay renovations could include a RoRo ramp. Open the Island up to visitors and freight.