Deputy catches white van men using car park as yard

WHAT was labelled ‘a brazen abuse of our island, hospitality and planning rules and regulations’ saw a non-local roofing contractor receiving a visit from the police and has led to renewed calls for such companies to be subject to paid work permits.

Picture By Neil Inder. 09-01-17 White van men at Grand Rocques.

Vale deputy Neil Inder made the comments after he became aware of a visiting firm using Grandes Rocques car park ‘as a glorified yard’ on Sunday.

On visiting the area Deputy Inder said he found ‘a couple of Irish lads’, vehicles and building materials.

He took several photos which he later posted on his Facebook page and set about contacting the police and States bodies to see what could be done.

As a result, police officers went to the site.

‘Workers, who were transferring items from one vehicle to another, were spoken to,’ said a police spokesman.

‘They assured the officer that no mess would be left. An officer returned to the area today [Monday] and no issues were identified.’

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