Goat owners are inundated with Christmas trees for feed

A COUPLE’S invitation for people to donate Christmas trees to feed their goats has been a huge success.


Mandy and Peter Girard, who have a herd of 32 goats, have received some 70 trees since the first was deposited in their front garden at the bottom of Route des Sages, St Peter’s, on New Year’s Day.

‘I didn’t expect to get thousands of trees because people can recycle them for free,’ said Mrs Girard.

The Girards asked for a £1 donation per tree but some people gave more – a total of £230 has been raised.

They will be giving £50 of it to the Guernsey Goat Society and the rest to cancer research via their son Rob’s charity fundraising efforts

In 2015 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and now, clear of the disease, he plans to run this year’s London Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Donations can be made via www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rob-girard-london-2016.

Comments for: "Goat owners are inundated with Christmas trees for feed"

John West

Great people and fantastic idea to recycle trees.

A slap in the face with a wet kipper goes to those numpties that left plastic trees though...

Don Tramp

Groat news..

None local,local

I hope they enjoyed mine, the 2 goats that were in the field by the gateway have got be the friendliest goats ever