‘White van man’ controls stalled

THERE is frustration and disappointment at the lack of progress towards bringing in a tougher system to manage so-called ‘white van men’ coming to work in the island.

Guernsey Building Trades Employers Association president Steve Roussel

A working group to look into the issue was set up last year following a meeting between the then Commerce and Employment Department and local building traders.

Guernsey Building Trades Employers Association president Steve Roussel is a member of the group, but said it had not met recently.

He is disappointed at the lack of progress.

‘It seems to have stalled a bit,’ he said. ‘We have been asking for a meeting and we’re waiting for Economic Development to arrange one to take it forward.’

Fellow working group member Deputy Laurie Queripel said that nothing had really been decided by the group’s meetings so far.

‘I think there is a reluctance on the part of certain people in the States to do anything about it [impose restrictions on visiting traders],’ he said.

Ross Le Brun, who runs manual workers’ agency Labour Force Gsy, was another member of the working group and he is frustrated at the lack of progress too.

He said the last meeting of the group was in July and there is no news of when another one will take place, despite efforts being made to arrange it.

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