Salerie review reveals 'lack of understanding' over the scope of the project

ENVIRONMENT’S decision to change its mind over who had priority at the Salerie Corner Junction resulted in the contractor’s planning being ‘compromised’ and additional costs, a post implementation review has revealed.

Pic by Adrian Miller 21-12-16Salerie Corner cycle crossing update

The review, published today, was commissioned following criticism over the costs of the project jumping from an estimated £50,000 to an eventual £115,000.

It said there was a lack of understanding of the scope of the works at the start of the project.

The review found issues encountered with the delivery of the project included Environment & Infrastructure changing its mind to give priority to cyclists and pedestrians, instead of vehicles.

When the police found out about the change, the force raised ‘a strong representation’ that the revised arrangement, with cycle priority, put those more vulnerable road users at great risk.

A safety audit then had to be carried out, extra CCTV needed to be installed and so too did additional lights, signs and markings and additional tactile paving.

Changes to the size and location of the originally proposed tactile paving also had to be made.

‘The result of these changes was that the Contractor’s planning of his works were compromised,’ said the review.

‘This affected both the time needed to carry out the works and the efficiency of his operations, which both attract additional costs.’

The review also said there was confusion on the site as States staff tried to give his workers instructions. 

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So In summary:

It was an expensive balls up because Environment didn't know what they were doing.

Mr Brehaut - you are responsible politically for this committee - time to resign. Its called accountability.


i now present the award of MR TEFAL MAN, to deputy brehaut.

Rupert Walthumstow

Embarrassing. Putting this stuff to the states without having even asked the police what they think!

Will heads roll? Of course not.



If no one learns from this report then it's pointless.

Barry "it will cost what it will cost" Brehaut has clearly stated that the project would have happened even if they had known the full cost. Sounds familar...and we should believe them with their latest experiment, signing us up to a multi million pound expense!


Suspect timing on the release of this report. BB hoping there would be bigger headlines maybe. So..... the E&I committee were completely to blame for overspend when their combined incompetence/ lack of experience resulted in a simple project becoming completely shambolic as they played around a table with dinky toys while cooing" this will be nice" and "what about this". This is further proof , if any were needed that Barry Brehaut will always be surrounded in controversy, is complete out of his depth with budgets and what the people expect. We have had enough of his" it will cost what it will cost" attitude and his antagonistic approach to all while sticking his nose into any subject which may wind up those he publicly dislikes. I only hope deputies with backbone will move him on or else every E&I project will be doomed to his battlefield approach.


I would give priority to cars, as they are less likely to see a cyclist coming due to cars having obstacles in the way, such as dirty windows, pillars, furry dice and other passengers heads. Cyclist would be more observant and see problems coming.. so a simple yellow line across the cycles track could have been a good option, or a set of pedestrian crossroad traffic light, cyclist press the button to stop the traffic.

The other option would have been to get rid of the cycle path all together and put cyclist back on the road with cars, just like in the old days when we didn't have problem at that point "until" the cycle track was put in.


As a cyclist would prefer to be on the road as safer....

I use the crossing daily and now have a neck like an owl to be able to turn my head the required angle, of well over 90 degrees, to make sure its safe to cross as I approach it.


I have approached this junction driving a van and as a cyclist...........and sight lines are very poor on both sides, with the ability to twist ones head to unnatural angles a requirement!

Accident waiting to happen in my opinion.


Do that and you might as well get rid of the cycle path completely, why wouldn't every cyclist just use the road?


So we look forward to a vote of no confidence in Barry followed by his resignation from envo and as deputy.


Whos getting fired ??


As I have previously stated, why did they not obtain a fixed price as we all do if getting work done.

Also this obviously did not have the correct planning and design if all these extras cropped up.

BB time to pay the price for your incompetence.

Who will be the brave deputy to put in a vote of no confidence.


Fixed price BUT only if the works contract terms are not changed. Clearly they were just a month before by changing priority to cyclists, adding cameras, changing lighting, pavement design etc.

The great mistake is giving out an incorrect estimate in the first place and not communicating revised price to all concerned.

However there have been far bigger budget overruns on other projects, this is small fry compared to the airport costs for example.

The problem is they haven't got the experience or systems place. Send them away for training or sack them...


The States of Guernsey are the worst the Island has ever had.

The idiots involved should never be allowed to stand for any position whatsoever, in the future.

The Environment & Infrastructure department should be removed completely and in future any traffic decision left with the Police who are responsible for the movement and safety of the motoring public.

This is a farce and yet our so called senior politicians from the Bailiff down do nothing about it.



These reviews are esentially a waste of time, effort and money. "Lessons will be learnt" is the standard response which will come from the States. No-one is ever to blame or faces any disciplinary action. All it does is reinforce what everyone seems to know - Brehaut is a total liability. He shouldn't even be trusted to sit on a Committee let alone be President. Another one of our esteemed deputies who wouldn't cut it in the real world/private sector. And now E&I under his leadership are committing the island to millions and millions for a waste "strategy". Beggars belief.....


Interesting how BB now produces a very limited breakdown of costings, hides behind the initial QS provided £50k as just being wrong and should have been £80k! No timelineof when the £80k was sourced or who the QS is .He further argues that GP and Channel news are wrong with their reporting of the report. No Deputy Brehaut you are wrong, continuing to duck and dive just insults the electorate. clearly the salary is all important to you as any notion of public service is beyond you!

Donkey Boiler

Surely the 800 or so deluded souls who voted for Bazman realise their monumental error, and won't do the same again in 2020. Trouble is, the man blunder can do £millions more in damage before then. The man's arrogance worsens daily.


"In terms of the project costs, and to reiterate what I have said previously, the original estimate of £50,000 was just that; it was a starting point for a complex project that was supplied as part of the planning application. The application went in, and therefore news of the changes entered the public domain, before a detailed survey of the works had been carried out.

Following this survey, and before work began on the site, the estimate was revised to £85,000. The Committee subsequently requested additional safety measures as a result of further discussions with Guernsey Police and a road safety audit. This brought the final total to £114,000.

Notwithstanding the issues identified in the report, there are a great many positives as a result of project. It is clear that changes to the junction itself have been a success. We have received encouraging feedback from pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and the Committee remains firmly of the view that the changes improve the safety and experience of junction users.

The post-implementation review confirms that the final costs were a fair reflection of the work carried out. The Committee was steadfast in its position that we had to make the junction safer, and we wanted to empower cyclists and pedestrians as per the goals of the Transport Strategy. While there are undoubtedly lessons to be taken from this, the project was a success on both fronts.


"It is clear that changes to the junction itself have been a success" early days bazzer.


Deputy Baz is incredibly thin skinned. For suggesting he was notthe best Deputy in the States he's blocked me from reading his Twitter posts. That's really grown up Barry !

concerned guern

oops lets hope they get the waste right then or that will cost


While this project has been something of a dog's breakfast, it is as nothing compared to the huge contingencies involved in many of the States capital projects.

I would much rather have a project that budgeted £50k and spent £114k than one that budgeted £150k in the first place just to cover any eventuality, spent £145k and hailed itself a huge success . Whether £150k would have got past a vote in the first place is debatable in this case but the principle stands, and this feels more than a little like misdirection...



Having recently tendered for a project for the states of Guernsey I can tell you that the people who wrote the tender have no Idea what the job entails this project will go over budget and they will try to hide the details more details to follow when the job starts

Island Wide Voting

I don't think this had to go to an Assembly vote

Baz has carte blanche to spend the income from new vehicle imports, and whatever other stealth taxes (sorry they're NOT taxes they are charges) he screws out of the motoring public,on whatever he deems to be appropriate to enhance the life and well being of vulnerable road users

That's why he has claimed that he is not spending taxpayers money,and because it is a sort of bonus income over and above his allocated annual budget he is happy to say that it will cost what it will cost

They should never have closed the Castel Hospital

None local,local

Where's Trev??

I'm missing him:-)

Who I'm I going to wind up now?

Election Issues

A review into the changes of Salerie Corner confirms the costs were a fair reflection of the work carried out, accordinding to President of E&I, Deputy Barry Brehaut.

'a fair relection'

The project has received criticism after initial costs projections of £50,000 and the final costs of £114,000.

However, the principle change that affected the project was the decision to give priority to cyclists and pedestrians. 18 August.

7 July. E&I consider the proposed scheme giving priority to cars. Vehicle priority considered safer.

Then this brief was shared with interested groups which included the Guernsey Bicycle Group and Guernsey Police.

Generally, the feedback from Guernsey Bicycle Group was that they would prefer priority for cyclists.

28 July. E&I received advice that vehicle priority should be retained. £50,000 estimate.

18 August. E&I made the decision to proceed with priority for cyclists and pedestrians.

9 September. Police expressed concern about change priorities.

H&S? Value for money? A fair reflection?

Donkey Boiler

Bazman is full of bluster and disdain for any view that opposes his own obstinacy, yet crumbles into a cowering heap like a whipped puppy when the Guernsey Bicycle Group rattle his cage. Why on earth do these minority pressure groups have so much sway over these liberal politicians that infest the states?


With due respect folks, this is bigger than Barry Brehaut. Conducting post mortems on projects to identify waste is not scrutiny. It's shoddy governance, and the States as a collective allows it to continue to happen.

Put this in perspective - this was a simple modification to a street corner resulting in significant overspend and a questionable outcome. The thought of this same current Assembly handling more sizeable projects is frightening.

Persistent bouts of "economy of truth" and no discernable desire to improve an appalling level of governance clearly demonstrates (in my opinion) that the States of Guernsey doesn't want to change.

I'd support intervention and investigation by an outside authority because the current political air stinks.


If I hear the phrase 'lessons have been learned' one more time I think I shall scream.

If this sort of mess up happened in the private sector, action would be taken, but hey, it will cost what it costs. It is easy to spend other people's money.

Meanwhile Teflon Baz trundles on.

Remind us what his ministerial salary is, IWV?

Island Wide Voting

£965 per week

Island Wide Voting

£965 per week to zero per week.THAT is what I call modal change YB

Pity it takes four years of damage to accomplish


That is a lot for us taxpayers to pay for failure.

Hopefully he will not last the full four years!


Maybe part of the problem lies in the fact that deputies, whilst being held accountable, are not experienced and qualified enough, nor, maybe, able to lay down the law so to speak, but rely on civil servants who simply are in over-paid positions without having the requisites to do the job and without being held accountable for the mistakes and messes they cause.

Will there be any repercussions for the mistakes made here... were there any in past errors that have caused, at times, millions to be lost. One can call for deputies to resign, one can vote them out at the elections... but the various persons actually responsible are allowed to keep their jobs, or are even promoted, without a murmur.

Island Wide Voting

Perhaps it's a result of 'lessons learned' or perhaps it's just the normal glacial speed with which bits of paper get passed down the line to the man with the paint brush in this department but how many weeks is it now that an urgent decision was made to install a filter-in-turn at the Longfrie crossroads?

A 50K estimate would probably be appropriate and if there were no last minute changes Baz could possibly come back with a self congratulatory slap on the back about being within budget


We all saw how incredibly useless he was last term, then some complete prats voted him back in and some more prats elected him to a department he was never destined to be suitable for. This department needs someone less cretinous and with more common sense to head it.

Donkey Boiler


I agree completely. As for lessons learned, all that Bazman has learned is that he can spend our money with impunity just like the spoilt, petulant child that he is. This includes the special pocket money that he can squander that comes from the nonsensical and unjust width tax. It's NOT a charge, it is money taken off us by the government, therefore it is a TAX.


The absolute worst thing about apology or even acknowledgement that more public funds than neccesary were used on this simple project. No mention of what else for, the same money, could have been done elsewhere on Guernsey to improve vulnerable road users. Neither is there a mention of 50 metre either side of the junction bikes and pedestrians have to merge and who has priority. Yet BB will continue to post how complex the project was and how EVERYBODY thinks it is a great improvement and worth every penny. New E&I president needed now!


Baz wants a quote for building works at his house for a modest extension. The builder/s providing the quotation on the information provided by his architectural plans obviously submitted to environment the builder/s provide a quotation.

Baz accepts a quotation which he thinks suits his budget and signs an agreement with the prefered contractor. Halfway through the works the Contractor says it is going to cost three times as much. Baz is pi##ed off with this and throws a wobbly and says that he cannot afford to go back to his bank with these figures and refuses to pay the the aforesaid contractor. Why can't the States work on this principle. I run a company where I provide a quotation (not an estimate) to which I am bound to carry out works to the sum provided, whether making a profit or a loss. A quotation is a bond of trust where you carry out the works to no extra expense to the client.

Island Wide Voting


Have you been hiding under a stone for the last few weeks?

Unless the media has taken up the fake news trend it was Baz and his team of amateurs who kept on changing the spec throughout what the contractor believed to be a simple straightforward job


Ok some of you may remember that I posted on here in 2016 reference the questioning of 'qualifications' of the new road safety team, that were 'ad hoc' put together as a last minute thought.

Not one of them are professionally qualified to take a task like this on.

They got their first project completely wrong ( the 2 lanes into one at st Julian's which was then reverted back after people pressure) and now they have this project completely wrong too, costing tens of thousands of tax payers money.

One mistake is acceptable and we hoped lessons would be learnt, but obviously not as the latest project is also a fiasco too.

Hope the salary they take home makes them sleep better at night


Here is a question for the press?

The £6,011.89 that was spent on CCTV to cover the crossing, are these fixed cameras that will be pointed at the crossing at all times or are they rotatable for use on other areas such as harbours, pubs, roads etc?

If they are rotatable and moved away from the cycle crossing doesn't this defeat the object of the idea?

I assume the cameras are there to be used as evidence in a court of law if anything were to happen, but if someone moved the cameras to say the foresters pub then that would be a misuse of the money spent on this particular project wouldn't it ?

Election Issues

Donkey Boiler

The views of the Guernsey Bicycle Group were used to endorse this decision. Priority for cyclists. Even though it was not considered safer.

Dangerous decision.

The key report was entitled 'Active Transport in Guernsey' produced by Sustrans in Feb 2016.

Sustrans are a UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more f the journeys we make every day.

The budget estimate was £50,000 being based on a sketch layout in the Sustrans report and calculations made in March 2016.


Another project is on the cards to start up refurb of the Hospital fuel tanks

and the work has gone to an out of I


Another project is on the cards to start up this is the refurb of the fuel oil tanks at the hospital

And guess what the states have gone for am off Island contractor even though two Island contractors tendered for the work with one of the tenders being considerably cheaper then the off Island tender

This just goes to show what our States think of saving money

Just for the record the lowest bid was from a local company that does this type of work every year without fault

Can some one looming to this waste of money


So the ' safety' improvements at Salarie corner have managed to cause a potentially very dangerous accident this morning. Narrowing the bend has made it very difficult for larger lorries to negotiate the curve, this morning a Norman Piette lorry shed its load of very heavy wood on the bend. any pedestrians or cyclists would have been seriously hurt if not fatally injured. The bend needs to be widened immediately or further accidents will occur , what are you going to do E&I?

Rupert Walthumstow

I assume in the £130k plan / implementation they did a risk analysis of this happening and have health and safety showing that it was safe and loads being lost onto the pavement was not a risk.

I look forward to a copy of such analysis being made public.



Island Wide Voting

I suppose they'll just blame the poor innocent lorry driver for not securing his load properly

Come on Sherbourne, how about organising a protest against something closer to home ... the never ending persecution and Police brutality against innocent lorry drivers


Understand the need sometimes for levity, however I witnessed the aftermath of this and I can tell you anyone using that pavement would have been seriously hurt. As I understand it the curve has been sharpened and narrowed due to the recent works ( just follow a large lorry or even a bus to see how little room they now have to negotiate the bend) and the increased forces can unsettle a load. Today Barry Brehaut uses a photo of a cyclist from a few years ago saying he 'nearly had an accident at that junction yet this WAS an accident at that junction that really could have resulted in loss of life yet silence on how or why it happened. I can understand why he won't want this discussed, yet the Police were in attendance so it should be investigated surely. The new CCTV could be put to work!

Island Wide Voting

Lurking just behind the levity is the serious matter of gravity

I wasn't there so I can't say whether or not the driver was going a tad too fast for this re-aligned bend but what I can guess is that his load was not secured at all or secured inadequately.I'd dearly love to lay the blame on Baz but that would be straying into forecourt territory

No doubt we will get the definitive result from the beak in due course.Up to a year in the future if recent extremely tardy Court cases are anything to go by


Agree but to happen at exactly the point of the sharpest point of the bend? To my knowledge there are no abnormal speed restrictions or signs warning commercial drivers, despite the myriad of new signs re.cyclists and pedestrians. Also be interesting how many previous incidents regarding Norman Piette lorries around there and wether the looming Waste transfer lorries were taken into account when narrowing the main route to the harbour.


Deputy Brehaut, in light of this mornings potentially very dangerous accident at Salarie corner can you assure us pedestrians that it is safe to use the new path?

donkey doos

Surely this accident was caught on the expensive new CCTV they have installed down there . If not then it`s another waste of our money.


Bullet proof Brehaut won't get any flak. Just a coincidence this happens following his changes to the road layout. Nothing to do with him. Nothing to see here.