Same-sex marriage start date set for May

SAME-SEX marriages could take place in Guernsey by 4 May.


The new law was registered in January, but still needs underlying legislation to be approved before it becomes effective.

The earliest this can be debated by the States will be at its meeting on 26 April and if backed will come into effect on 2 May.

In order to get married couples would need to qualify for a special licence from the Greffe which allows marriages to take place one clear day after giving notice.

‘People are keen to know when same-sex couples will be able to get married in Guernsey,’ said Employment & Social Security president Michelle Le Clerc.

‘We thought it important to share the information that we have, which is to the best of our knowledge and dependent on the timetable being met as explained.’

Comments for: "Same-sex marriage start date set for May"

An AI Forever

Fantastic news, another step in the right direction.

Don Tramp

I shall be ready with the confetti !


let um get on with it.


About time. Glad this is sorted - should have been done ages ago.

Heather Trockey

Great news and about time!

Peace, love, tolerance and respect for everyone.

Master B

Welcome to real world at last.....

Cher Eugene

A superb letter on this subject in today's Press. It should be posted here.


You mean the one going on about sin without actually referencing where exactly in the Bible it says that homosexuality is a sin? The one that rattles on about what God wants without being able to prove such an entity exists? That one? Why should anyone care what a fictional being has to say on this subject?




I'm assuming, given your history commenting on the subject, you meant to write Perverse??

You'll one day realise you were on the wrong side of history. I'm sure you won't care but we will all know :)

G Hardy

'Guernsey will fall for it. Guernsey, dear Guernsey, where all the tired platitudes come home to roost', I can hear Ebenezer say, as I think of this latest one called 'equal marriage'.