HSC’s £9.7m. project fails to deliver

A MULTI-MILLION pound electronic health records project that failed to deliver a single patient record – one of its principal objectives – has not been completed within its 10-year schedule and is to be shut down.


Deputy Heidi Soulsby, president of the Committee for Health & Social Care, has vowed to publish a post-implementation review of the £9.7m. Electronic Health and Social Care Record System, which was approved by deputies back in December 2016 2006.

The shared medical records system was supposed to be delivered within 10 years, and in 2014 was allocated an additional £600,000 to fund contract staff for its final design.

A spokesperson for Health & Social Care confirmed that the final ‘major software aspect of the programme’ was not due to be completed until later this year.

‘The EHSCR programme was approved in 2006 and included a series of initiatives that focused on improving information management and electronic systems within health and social care and its healthcare partners,’ they said.

‘Since 2006, various new systems have been implemented as part of the project. However, as advised by Deputy Soulsby last year, formal closure of this project is now required in order that resources can be aligned with the transformation programme.

‘ICT has a big future in changing the way we do things in health and social care, both for staff and service users, helping more mobile working and enabling greater independence.’

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£9.7M and 10 years wasted with nothing delivered!

Many staff employed, many consultants employed, much hardware purchased over the 10 years - zero benefit. All for a project that never got off the ground.

Will heads roll over this massive CS cock up? I doubt it....

Roger Irrelevant

What's the point of a review? All that will do is spend more money and no-one will be held accountable.


Indeed - its very convenient that all the IT staff and management involved in this failure have now moved into new central roles, just before the news broke of their abject failures.

Almost as if they knew this coming and got out while they could........


Aha! Deputy Roffey will be keeping very quiet about this particular pile of poo as it was him as President of the Health Department who steered it through the States against some quite vociferous concerns being expressed by other States members. The biggest cause for concern was whether all parts of the medical profession were signed up to using this fantastic new all bells and whistles system that would enable doctors, senior hospital nurses and specialists to access a patient's complete medical history as soon as they presented in whichever medical facility in the Island. I seem to recall questions relating to whether or not the hardware was included in the overall price and the answer on that was rather vague. That chicken has now well and truly come home to roost but I have no doubt the eminent wordsmith will wriggle his way out of what can only be described as the biggest waste of States funds EVER ! It makes the Lagan con look almost minor!

I seem to recall hearing some time ago that a similar, but far more massive, system designed to achieve the same as the Guernsey one was abandoned in the U.K. after billions had been spent on it. Will we ever learn?

Island Wide Voting

Yes,bad news for Mr Roffey I'm afraid. A 9.7M millstone around his neck should he ever again volunteer,however reluctantly, to take over the EdBoard



Roffey will have an impossible job defending his role in driving through this project in 2006.

I wouldn't trust him to run a bath.


Also remember the 400k loss for the Dairy when he was President of Agriculture.

I am sure the press will allow him in his writings for them to give the excuses why it's someone elses fault.


Watcher -I wouldn't say EVER!! it maybe "the biggest waste of states funds so far", but wait till these Deputies get their eager little mits of Gavins Bond Money, Runways, Harbours, Deep water Berths you name it........ then that will be the biggest ever!

Donkey Boiler

We have a Chief Information Officer on a huge salary, and pension to match, at our expense for what exactly?


What's it got to do with our CIO? He didn't start in his role until nearly nine years after this project started. Donkey Boiler you do sound like a broken record, what are you going to blame him for next?


You are correct, the CIO hasn't done anything - perhaps that is DB's point. A lot of money for not a lot.


Whilst the CIO cannot be blamed for this failed project, he can be blamed for failing to deliver anything else in his time.

Can anyone mention a single achievement he has made?

95% of his own staff has no idea what he does, that in itself is telling

Island Wide Voting

How soon we forget!

For goodness sake we now have the brown parking clocks don't we?

Rumour has it that he is working on a job description list of all CS on 70K plus per annum but is experiencing some difficulty due to the size of the task


My apologies I forgot all about the brown parking clocks!

Even though I am not entirely sure the CIO actually had anything to do with that, it now does justify his position being created\his massive salary\huge pension...

Or not.


Absolutely disgraceful waste of tax payers money. Such a good idea to incorporate all patients records and yet the people in charge have messed it up. Give yourselves a pat on the back......and then resign please!


Just to be fair; the article is a bit misleading. The article does not say that the project has not delivered anything at all. What it has not delivered is a patient record system which stores all of a patients details in a single place. Can the Press please do a follow up story that makes clear what the other objectives of the system were and whether those have been delivered?


Maybe this is what the post of the Information Officer was appointed for. It may of been him who found the information that had been wrongly accessed which brought about the failures of the2006 Health Committee through lack of knowledge or lack of experience in computer hardware to get an up to date patient data.

Who was the Committee members on the Board at the time when the house voted this in?

I can go to my doctor and my doctor has all my medical data including family medical history and the States of Guernsey Health Department cannot achieve this for over £9 million pounds.

Heads must roll and the mistakes must be removed staff and deputies responsible for this big error.

Many errors lately and errors discovered from the past must be avoided through removal of all who are responsible. We cannot have deputies in the house giving false information and having fellow deputies voting on his or hers advice.

We have seen this with the traffic strategy from the previous committee where the president was out voted by his deputy leader which cost this island over £80 million contract with the bus contract.

How much now is the contract going to cost for the purchase of new buses?

Time for me to visit doctor and check my health is up to date as I know I have every confident in what I pay for.


Absolutely Keef

I would like to hear a bit more about the "various new systems which have been implemented as part of the project". Yes the project failed to deliver on one principal objective but out of how many?


Wil/Keef - what was your involvement in this project then?

A multi million pound project designed to deliver single patient records, which never does is a failure, pure and simple.

Regardless of the other fluff HSC will try to spin as 'positives' out of this.

Sam old story from our inept government\CS.


Beast - Absolutely none.

Just trying to highlight that your comment "£9.7M and 10 years wasted with nothing delivered!" and other comments were a bit off the mark but probably prompted by the headline.


I'm just trying to comprehend the article Beast. The article states it was just one objective, I assume it is probably one objective of many. What were the other objectives? Did they fail in those too? Maybe they did but I don't have the information, does anyone know?

A spokesman also states that the software wasn't due to be completed until later this year. So exactly how are patient records mean't to be delivered without the software? Are they pulling this part of the project too when it seems like they are just about to complete it?

It seems to me that they needed to fund the "transformation program" and the not well understood and highly costly IT project was an easy target. They say that ‘ICT has a big future in changing the way we do things in health and social care, both for staff and service users, helping more mobile working and enabling greater independence" BUT.... it seems that at this stage the transformation program is their priority over the ICT project. Which is fine but it would be great if it were explained why because I don't even know what the "transformation program" is.


How will Deputy Galvin St Pier respond to this when he allocates future budgets or allocations for improvements to the wellbeing's of this islands needs or improvements?


This is nothing short of scandalous. No doubt the usual answers will come back like "lessons will be learnt" blah blah blah.

I also understand that the Ed Dept now have FOUR H&S officers. I would love to see what they all do on a day to day basis!

Maybe these sort of Civil Servants should all fill in time sheets online so they can be seen by their employers i.e US the taxpayers.


its dangerous this educating lark. You can never be too safe, or healthy!


No photo of a smiling HS outside the hospital for this one? She will be keeping a low profile (also hence the use of a spokesperson) as she has been involved in the oversight of this disastrous project for the last 3 years.

Oskar, were you involved in this as well?


Hello Atlast, long time no joust (been on my hols - outside of school term time too!)!

Fortunately I can assure you that I had absolutely nothing to do with the EHSCR. However, I do think the original intention was sound, the problem was the implementation of it and the people entrusted to carry out that task.


Hello Oskar, hope you had a good one. I didn't think that you were involved as I understand that the 'main man' was moved sideways out of HSSD into another dept a couple of years ago. Bet he's keeping his head down (while still drawing a high salary).


Well "someone" got rich out of it!


Whatever this 10 year 9.7m project has achieved so far, it cost far to much.

For Roffey to say he was 100% sure he would do the same again, shows contempt for the fleeced taxpayer.

8 years ago I was drinking with someone who ran a small IT company in the Venture Inn and he was saying the original scheme should have cost more towards 500k.

Perhaps pub talk.

Roffey and Baz should start their own "It costs what it costs party".