Eight homes in a back garden ‘overdevelopment’

CRAMMING eight new homes into a back garden would further urbanise a quiet Vale lane, residents have said.

Ian Partington, who has lived in Les Mares Pellees for 20 years, says plans to build eight homes behind a house on the junction with Sohier Road are ‘unbelievable’. (Picture by Juliet Pouteaux 17966041)

Paul Crowson has applied to build six semi-detached houses and two detached homes on land next to Westwood, the house on the corner of Les Mares Pellees and Sohier Road.

The two-storey buildings will each have three bedrooms and access to the clos would be from Sohier Road.

Ian Partington has lived in the area with his family with 20 years and was concerned it was becoming over-developed.

A new clos of nine homes was built in the road five years ago on the site of the Quatrieme, and more recently the former Coq du Nord site was used to site 12 homes.

‘The idea of getting eight homes on the proposed site is unbelievable,’ Mr Partington said.

‘But I’m not surprised now they want to build eight homes, because the long-term plan has seemed to be to over-populate this area. It is appalling that people are allowed to do over-dense development.’

He said he would be objecting to the planning application.

The plans are available to view at Sir Charles Frossard House.

Comments for: "Eight homes in a back garden ‘overdevelopment’"

100% Donkey

It does all seem a bit ridiculous, especially as there are now several development sites sitting idle.

Could have something to do with the fact our property market has fallen back to levels not seen in years....


I am also a resident in the area and totally agree with this.

There is to much housing in the area now and even some new homes that have been empty for over a year at the old Cocq Du Nord site and 2 in Sohier road.

Then there is plans for all the Leales yard housing and the site at Tetre lane.

When all these are built and sold etc where are all the children going to go to school as there is no room at the Vale.

Also the site in question was a green house site so should be return to agricultural land I believe.

They have been crafty over the last few years by applying for little changes to the original house the main thing being widening the gateway.

It is time the environment wised up to these builders and said no.

If there was no housing I the area I may agree, but there is so many empty properties that could be used.

If they keep building on this end of the island we will sink.

Island Wide Voting

Perhaps I should get out more but I have lived in the Vale for over seven decades. When I was a nipper in the early 50s I had a garden in which there were half a dozen rabbit hutches. No play stations in them days. No TV either! The only hand held device I had was a sharp knife which I used to scour the common looking for rabbit food called 'letrons' if I remember correctly. I had to collect at least half a chip basket of the things each day (No plastic carrier bags in those days) in order to fatten up the rabbits for the table

How the meaning of rabbit hutches has changed over the years!

More to the point Wallygator might be interested to know that about four seconds away from Sohier Road as the crow flies someone has this month purchased a field in Tertre Lane for 800K

The guernseypropertyprices.com site doesn't identify the purchaser but my guess is that there will be yet another multi rabbit hutch application in the very near future

Devil's Advocate

That field like the Mares Pellées site is now included in the St.Sampsons 'main area' whereas both were 'Rural area' before. The re-zoning of the Tertre lane field is criminal.

Donkey Boiler

Which field in Tertre Lane is that?

Island Wide Voting

According to gossip on the P2 bus it's the raised one behind the wall immediately on the right as you turn left into Tertre Lane from Route des Coutures

The new owners could make a few bob by turning it into a car park to take the overspill from the nearby existing estate which would make driving up Route des Coutures safe again

Runs with Scissors

Sadly over-population of the North of the Island, including concerns about where children would go to school, how safe it would be for them to get to school by 'active travel', concerns about lack of gardens and play areas, concerns about limiting parking to one space per household - were ALL ignored by our politicians who voted in the Island Development Plan.

Anybody on the wrong side of the Grange in a northerly direction can look forward to 3,000 extra homes in their area, stretching from La Vrangue, through Belle Greve, Fontaine Vinery, Pointes Rocques, Francfief, Saltpans, Leales Yard and beyond.

Our dear Island representatives seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to shoe-horn everyone and every industry into the same few square mile radius. Just as long as we preserve the quality of life of those that live in the other 7 parishes of this Island, or the Clos du Valle or spare bit of St Sampsons out Capelles way. But god forbid you live in St Peter Port or the ugly bits of St Sampsons - no right to light or a view for any of you. No right to peace and quiet and privacy for you peasants.

This Island will be beautiful and unspoilt for those who can afford to move away from the development, for the rest of the population, they have to suck it up.

Donkey Boiler


Yes, if the owners of this site get their permissions they can then sell their own house, and move out to rural seclusion in the higher parishes, leaving their neighbours to suffer for their greed. This area suffered a large clos being built on the opposite side of the Sohier Road to this development some years ago, another nearby at Les Mares Pellees, and the Maison Maraitaine is soon to be extended onto the green field site right on the Grande Rue, just further along. The 'planners' (there's a misnomer), clearly don't give a sh1t about the effects their misguided decisions have on the people of the Vale and StSampsons. They claim to only follow the rules, but they can use the same set of rules to allow, or disallow whatever they want. This is a quote from one of the planners when questioned on one of their decisions: "we are the States of Guernsey, we can do what we want, when we want, where we want". THIS IS TRUE.

Also, if the States are, by simply allowing greenhouse land to become building land, increasing the value of that land from a few tens of thousands to many millions of pounds overnight, why is Gavin St.Pier not slapping a windfall tax on it of at least 50% ?

Runs with Scissors

Donkey Boiler

I think we are very much agreed that the choking of the North is a sad state affairs for those of us who live down this way.

And I like you, cannot fathom why our dear GSP is not considering a one-off duty or tax on the sites that may be built upon which were once agricultural.

Demand for owner occupied housing is at an all time low, just look at the properties for sale that nobody wants. There are well over a thousand for sale.

So why no sales, despite prices dropping back to 2010 levels? That's a reversal of seven years of housing growth - which should be very attractive to first time buyers or people moving to the Island - so why no movement? I think quite simply people will not buy as they don't know yet whether the bottom of the fall has been reached. Respectable lenders are exercising the same caution. Nobody wants to buy now for fear of further falls in the next few years to come.

I think to a certain extent some of the dramatic falls have been pushed through by the estate agents. They need sales to earn a living and if nothing is budging then it is very bad news for them. I personally have heard stories of people being pressured to drop their asking price to below what they paid for the property, and in one instance to below the cost of the build and plot.


I was naïve about the "Leale's Yard Development" so I researched it more and in my opinion it will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to the somewhat scruffy dying Bridge in maybe 200 years....

I give an unreserved 'YES' to the Leale's Yard development but a rethink to squashy Capitalist ventures in other streets around this area.