Eight homes in a back garden ‘overdevelopment’

CRAMMING eight new homes into a back garden would further urbanise a quiet Vale lane, residents have said.

Ian Partington, who has lived in Les Mares Pellees for 20 years, says plans to build eight homes behind a house on the junction with Sohier Road are ‘unbelievable’. (Picture by Juliet Pouteaux 17966041)

Paul Crowson has applied to build six semi-detached houses and two detached homes on land next to Westwood, the house on the corner of Les Mares Pellees and Sohier Road.

The two-storey buildings will each have three bedrooms and access to the clos would be from Sohier Road.

Ian Partington has lived in the area with his family with 20 years and was concerned it was becoming over-developed.

A new clos of nine homes was built in the road five years ago on the site of the Quatrieme, and more recently the former Coq du Nord site was used to site 12 homes.

‘The idea of getting eight homes on the proposed site is unbelievable,’ Mr Partington said.

‘But I’m not surprised now they want to build eight homes, because the long-term plan has seemed to be to over-populate this area. It is appalling that people are allowed to do over-dense development.’

He said he would be objecting to the planning application.

The plans are available to view at Sir Charles Frossard House.

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