La Vallette’s Horseshoe Pool ready for tomorrow’s opening

FINAL works are taking place at the Horseshoe Pool at La Vallette, which is set to open tomorrow.


La Vallette Legacy Team chairman Pat Johnson said it was nice to see the pool looking as it was.

The team has been involved in the repairs at La Vallette after the bathing pools suffered extreme damage in 2014’s storms.

Yesterday saw concrete poured in to fill in the spaces between the reinforcements which have been installed in some of the steps.

Chris Machon, owner of MS Engineering, has been heavily involved and said work began more than a year ago.

There have used 30mm stainless steel rods which have been anchored into Guernsey granite, with further stainless reinforcements linking them together.

Mr Machon said that no matter how much tidal pressure or from which angle it came, the steps would stay secure.

‘It will be impossible to push up.’

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Devil's Advocate

'Impossible to push up' eh? I hope you don't have to eat your words Mash!


The 30mm stainless steel rods we have drilled in to Guernsey Granite will not lift as they are at angles with 16mm stainless rebar between them the first section has twenty of these bars and 24 tonne of fibre reinforced concrete

Admittedly the Granite is not the best but the rods go deep and the face rods are at a 40 degree angle to the next row so time will tell

One thing is for sure the time ant trouble taken to try to fix the long running problem has been addressed

In the past there was no pegs in to the bedrock yes not one how many times have we the tax paying public paid for a quick fix with no regard for how long the repairs will last

How often do we rebuild our schools a bit more often then the normal building shoddy work and poor maintenance was never a cheap option


Well done mash.

Sounds like the 'proper job' and will hopefully last.

There is quite a force of water during storm conditions and the sea uses rocks as battering rams, but I'm sure you've solved the problem and this should last.

Island Wide Voting


How did you manage to get that local solution to the problem passed the UK experts in the planning department?



What has it got to do with them

Are they paying for the job

No they have lost credibility on this one

After allowing the Gents and Horseshoe pools to fall in to such a state of disrepair that one more season of storms would make both sites beyond repair made people mad enough to do the job themselves

You will see at the end of the repairs who actually put their hands in their pockets and sorted this problem out

One name you will see missing from the list is the States of Guernsey

And as for expert advice I can tell you that previous repairs have been shoddy at best and this has been going on for decades


May I say THANK YOU to the Legacy team. It is nice to know some people care.


I'll second that. Great work guys and much appreciated.


Well done, fantastic work.

You will always get comments from the experts sat on the sofa.

Thanks for showing what a waste of space the Guernsey States have become.

Any chance you can move on to Fermain & Pembroke & get paid for those jobs.

Fermain is a shambles.