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Sixth Covid-19 death confirmed

A FURTHER death from Covid-19, bringing the total to six, has been confirmed.


There is another, bringing the total to three, presumed to be related to the virus.

In the latest update on [at 4.30pm on Friday 10 April], the total number of completed test samples has increased to 1,578.

The number of positive cases has risen to 200, with 1,266 people having received negative test results, and 112 awaiting theirs.

The six confirmed deaths are when the patient tested positive for the virus in a laboratory test or throat swab.

Three deaths are recorded as being 'presumptive Covid-19 deaths', are described as that as there has been no laboratory testing, but the cause of death is thought to be Covid-19 related.

Five patients are now being managed within the Princess Elizabeth Hospital for Covid-19, but none require intensive care or ventilatory support.

There are now 42 people who have recovered after contracting the virus.

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