WATCH: 30 of the 62 cases are in education settings, which will remain closed this week

SCHOOLS, colleges and early years providers will remain closed to all students for the rest of this week.

That was the message at today's Covid-19 press briefing which was due to take place at 1pm but was delayed until 4.30pm.

Only the chairperson of the Civil Contingencies Authority Deputy Peter Ferbrache and Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink were on the panel.

Usually the chief executive of the States Paul Whitfield, president of Health & Social Care Deputy Al Brouard and vice-president of Policy & Resources Deputy Heidi Soulsby hold regular seats at the briefings.

Fellow CCA members are in 'passive follow-up' as it has become apparent that they may have been in contact with a case or someone else who has been in contact with a case.

Dr Brink confirmed that positive cases have now reached 62. 13 more cases were identified as of yesterday afternoon. One was a traveller, six were community cases and six were identified through contact tracing.

'It could be that the six new community cases are related to previous known cases but that data is not finalised yet,' she said.

A breakdown of cases since the weekend. (29184486)

30 cases are linked to schools, colleges or early years providers.

Infections in Bailiwick education settings as of 4.30pm 25 January. (29184490)

Deputy Ferbrache urged against rumour speculation, saying the States will be open with the public - whether that involves good news or bad news.

'We will tell you the facts. You are affecting the lives of people in a very bad way.'

He confirmed that no arrests had been made in relation to the initial four community seeding cases.

Talking about schools, he said all efforts in the coming days and weeks will be in preventing further cases, which is why the decision was taken to close education sites to all students - including vulnerable students and children of essential workers.

Cases have continued to be identified in education settings but parents are again asked not to contact Public Health.

The scheduling team will contact relevant student groups and staff at schools where cases have been confirmed to book them in for tests, if these are required.

However, if parents or children develop symptoms contact the clinical helpline on 756938 or 756969 or your GP.

For more information about symptoms visit

While it is difficult to be able to state with any certainty what next week will bring, the States are examining all options to try and get sites open as quickly as possible, and in the safest way possible, to support vulnerable students and the children of essential workers.

A further update will be provided later this week and we thank all education staff for adapting to rapidly-changing circumstances.

All sites where cases have been confirmed are being deep cleaned.

Schools and the College will continue rolling the soft start to distance learning. Schools will be in touch with parents to provide relevant materials although it is important to note that this distance learning will not seek to replicate a normal school day.

Dr Brink said the continued identification of cases in educations settings remains cause for concern.

'Keeping education sites closed to all students is an important measures as we remain focused on our principle objective of trying to stop the rapid transmission of Covid-19. We are acutely aware of the impact for vulnerable students currently unable to be in school and for those parents who are essential staff and we as a community need to be in work,' she said.

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