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Pride of Guernsey: Marc Laine

MARC LAINE has been nominated for the Sustainability Hero of the Year award, which is sponsored by Aon, for his dedication to tackling some of the biggest drivers behind climate change.

(Picture by Luke Le Prevost, 31084328)

‘Marc is passionate and innovative and sustainability is where his endless drive for a better world really comes alive,’ said his nominator, Aimee Golden. ‘He tirelessly strives to kick-start positive social and environmental change through ESI Monitor, plus gives his support for mental health and various charity and recycling/up-cycling involvement.

‘ESI Monitor has been a roaring success throughout Guernsey and internationally.

‘Over 60 local companies are already working with Marc to reduce their emissions and create a greener future for our island and planet.

‘Marc continues to work relentlessly to change the way businesses approach sustainability and climate change. He hopes to position Guernsey as a leader in green business and help boost the island’s economy through sustainable opportunities.’

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