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Politics Podcast: Tax take three

Ahead of the States' pivotal tax debate next week, Matt Fallaize speaks to P&R president Peter Ferbrache and the deputy leading the opposition to his committee's plans, Heidi Soulsby, in a Guernsey Press Politics Podcast double-header.


Next week the States meet for probably the most important debate of their five-year term. Policy & Resources will make a third attempt to get a majority for its plan for the largest tax rises in decades — which includes a new goods and services tax but also income tax and social security reductions targeted at the least affluent half of islanders.

Its plan faces numerous challenges from deputies who want to see increases in income tax or company tax instead or, in some cases, hardly any tax increases at all. But perhaps P&R's greatest challenge comes from the self-styled 'fairer alternative' group of deputies, who came closest to getting a majority for an earlier version of their plan the last time the States debated tax and spending earlier this year, and who have submitted revised proposals for next week's debate.

  • Listen to a full interview with 'fairer alternative' leader Deputy Heidi Soulsby

  • Listen to a full interview with P&R president Deputy Peter Ferbrache

Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of next week's debate in the pages of the Guernsey Press, as well as daily 'Shorthand States' updates on the Guernsey Press Politics Podcast.