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Menzies topples all-time hill climb record

THE all-time Le Val des Terres record took a tumble again on Saturday against the odds.

Pic supplied by Andrew Le Poidevin: 22-07-2023. The Avon Tyres Motorsport UK British Hillclimb at Le Val des Terres. The winner of both Rounds Wallace Menzies. (32350026)

A miserable forecast did nothing to put off Scottish star Wallace Menzies, who posted 26.47sec. in what ultimately turned out to be a fairly dry day out at Guernsey’s own British Hill Climb round.

He and his impressive 3.3-litre Gould GR59M sliced 0.09sec. from the marker set by Alex Summers last July.

Menzies said he was ‘super-chuffed’ with that achievement and that the forecast had not affected his mindset.

‘You can’t race the weather – it is what it is,’ he said.

‘I actually personally quite enjoy it in the wet and I think it would have been a good challenge.

‘It’s kind of about performing against the hill as much as your class and other competitors.

‘The weather’s going to do what it’s going to do, but I’m really glad it stayed fair for all competitors.’

Even given his great pedigree, he considers the Guernsey’s event a vital component of his competitive calendar.

The British Hill Climb Championship leader called it a ‘different challenge’ to many other events on the circuit.

‘It’s a fantastic part of the British Hill Climb Championship,’ he added.

‘It’s an absolutely integral, essential part ... we’ve been coming here since 2010 now, bar Covid, and it’s a fantastic experience for me.

‘We’re made so welcome by everybody. It brings out the best of the hill climb spirit among the British people that come over.’

His record-setting feat came in the first of two run-offs, pitting the top 12 competitors based on qualifying times.

He bumped into a bank over the line and needed repairs, but bounced back to win the second run-off, in which Guernsey’s own Nick Saunders finished a terrific third overall.

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