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Rezzers Black save their best for last

REZZERS BLACK nearly secured the scalp of the season – so far – on Tuesday.

Rezzers Black captain Savannah Goddard takes the ball in their unexpectedly close battle with Lightning Strike. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 32778472)

The B team ended up drawing 50-all with champions Lightning Strike at Les Varendes, a surprising conclusion to the final Deloitte Winter League Premier Division match before the festive break.

Rezzers captain Savannah Goddard had plenty to smile about from the draw, which came after they had led by five going into the final quarter.

‘We were really pleased with the result,’ she said.

‘It was a shame to have not got the win, but it was a great game to end the year. We hope to come back in the new year and build on that performance.

‘It was a really enjoyable game for us all.’

However, Lightning faced numerous availability issues, particularly in missing three of their dominant senior defenders and having star shooter Steph Batiste sidelined by a knee injury.

They ultimately had to play up to four B team players who had featured in a previous match against Rezzers Green.

That left them ill-equipped to contend with a fast start from the Blacks, who won quarter one 11-9.

Rezzers’ own defence proved formidable, so much so that WD Liz Mills and GD Tracey Lock shared player- of-the-match honours. The latter had supplemented starting GK Hannah Green and substitute Lois Batiste in a hard-working defensive circle.

Lightning still had the stronger run to half-time, making it 23-all.

But the match appeared to be turning on its head as Rezzers pulled away to 39-34 with an excellent quarter on attack. That was headed by U19s Taylor Callanan and Liv Cotterill working beautifully together in the


They were denied a memorable upset when Lightning pulled back and snuck briefly ahead, but Rezzers’ lasting resolve secured them a draw – and three league points that will help their case for a play-off place against similar B teams.

‘We have settled into the season and I’m confident as a team we will go into the new year fighting for more wins like last night and hopefully have a good chance of going for the Plate,’ Goddard added.

Lightning WA Shannon Jordan, a Flash step-up, earned player of the match for a side that were left rotating heavily to find the right combinations.

‘All in all, to come out of the game and pull it back in the last quarter was a positive as that could have quite easily been a loss,’ captain Donna Brehaut said.

‘We took time to settle in unfamiliar combinations and used all options available to us through court – full credit to the girls that stepped up from Flash.

‘Black played well throughout and were composed at the end when the game was being pegged back.

‘The result certainly makes the title race, and the battle for play-off spots, very interesting indeed.’

In the prior match, Rezzers Green did not go under the same pressure from Lighting Flash, winning 60-37.

The perennial title-pushers led 14-10 after a close first quarter but steadily pulled away from there, ending the following periods 28-18 and 45-27 up.

Teenager Evie Robinson put in a POM performance for Green, continuing to make an impact in mid-court.

GS Lauren Roberts claimed Flash’s POM honours after stepping up from the division below.