Shipping Forecast

Issued by the Jersey Meteorological Department at 4pm Friday, 15 February 2019 for the period ending 7pm Sunday.




At midday low, 1005 mb, 150 miles west of Ireland moving northeast and filling. High, 1036 mb, centred over Austria, slow moving and gradually declining.

Forecast from 7pm Friday to 7pm Saturday.

Forecast: Areas of mist or haze, fog banks spreading from the west and south overnight into Saturday morning.

Wind: South or southwest 3 to 4.

Visbility: Moderate or good, becoming mainly poor to very poor after midnight.

Sea State: Slight to moderate, occasionally smooth in the southeast of the area.

Sea Swell: 2 to 5 feet.

Sea Temperature:

Outlook from 7pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday.

Forecast: Mist or fog patches.

Wind: South to southeast 3 to 4, increasing 5 to 6 by dawn, then veering southwest 3 to 4 after midday.

Visbility: Moderate or poor, occasionally very poor in fog.

Sea State: Moderate in the northwest, slight in the southeast, with a low swell.

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