Shipping Forecast

Issued by the Jersey Meteorological Department at 4am Thursday, 27 June 2019 for the period ending 7am Saturday.


  • At the time of issue there were Gale Warnings in force for Sea Areas Wight, Portland, and Plymouth.
  • At the time of issue there was a Gale Warning in force for the Channel Islands area.


Rather cloudy, sunny by midday. Windy.


At 1 a.m. low, 1015mb, near La Rochelle expected to move slowly northwest as high, 1041mb, mid-Atlantic, moves northeast and declines, maintaining a strong to gale force flow along the Channel.

Forecast from 7am Thursday to 7am Friday.

Forecast: Haze. Occasional mist until early afternoon, especially in the north of the area.

Wind: East to northeast 5 to 7 with gusts to 45kts, locally gale 8 mid-Channel with gusts to 50kt, occasionally 4 in the south of the area.

Visbility: Moderate, locally good, occasionally poor until early afternoon.

Sea State: Moderate in the south and east, rather rough to rough in the north and west.

Sea Swell: Confused in the north and west with total wave heights 7 to 10 feet.

Sea Temperature:16°

Outlook from 7am Friday to 7am Saturday.

Forecast: Occasional haze. Risk of mist or fog patches overnight.

Wind: East to northeast 4 to 6, occasionally 7 mid- Channel until Friday afternoon with gusts to 45kt, veering westerly 2 to 4 overnight, locally variable 1 to 3.

Visbility: Moderate to good, perhaps locally poor or very poor overnight.

Sea State: Slight to moderate in the south and east, moderate to rather rough in the north and west, locally rough mid-Channel until afternoon, generally decreasing slight overnight with a low swell.

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