Nick Mann


Budget’s sting will need good arguments behind it

With the release of the 2016 budget today, the island will begin to get an inkling of whether or not the States has made all the savings it promised during the last year. Nick Mann predicts that the minister is going to face a lot of questions over plans to raise extra funds through new taxes, even if the controversial GST is off the table...

There is one answer to Sunday trading question


The thorny subject of Sunday trading returns to the States next month, but the discussion will not be helped by the C&E minister having to represent a board divided over which path to take. Nick Mann believes that there is only one answer to the question of whether shops should open – and a unified approach from the department supporting that would lead to a cleaner debate

A lack of trust is no laughing matter


The Environment Department’s refusal to go public over the expert advice given on the Town Quay road layout and courtesy crossing has given islanders even less reason to trust their elected representatives. And, says Nick Mann, it makes people wonder what else may be hidden

Time for the States to get to grips with housing


When it comes to the housing issue it seems as if the government hasn’t yet figured out its approach – but it’s time that it did, writes Nick Mann. If the States really wants to ensure that young people remain in the island it needs to make sure that they can afford somewhere to live and put down roots

Deputies will have to keep eyes on the big picture


The days when a politician got involved in minor parochial matters are about to end, with the impending slimming down of the States likely to mean that all members will have work of a far more important nature. But, writes Nick Mann, while the new breed of deputies will need to discipline themselves to stay out of such things, it could be an opportunity for the douzaines...

Traffic strategy stalled in last-chance saloon


The States will debate how to fund the traffic strategy – and if it even wants one at all – at the end of this month. But as Environment places a desperate selection of resolutions before the Assembly, a lack of leadership might spell the end for the strategy

Has Environment earned the right to play?


With the Environment Department’s revised version of its plans for the controversial vehicle emissions tax and the rejection of the free bus service and paid-for parking clocks, Nick Mann says that even the department itself seems to be taking a half-hearted approach to its proposals – so it should not be too surprised that there are already plans for a public protest...

Union civile full of good intent, but wrong answer


After a decade of investigating a way of recognising same-sex relationships, union civile has emerged as the Policy Councils’ preferred option. But Nick Mann believes the States has fallen well short by trying to impose a new regime on everyone, rather than making the current one achieve its goal...

Single-party government could lead to rapid change

General Election 2015 aftermath - May 8th

While last week’s Conservative victory in the UK elections has been seen by some local pundits as being good for the island, there are ramifications from the UK having a single party in power. There has been talk of replacing the Human Rights Act and, perhaps more importantly, the chance that the country could hold a referendum and vote to leave the EU...

As delays creep in Mont Cuet fills


PSD’S most recent stance that treating food waste on-island is not value for money, one that had been absolutely vital and integral to the waste strategy, raises questions as to how the department will now proceed, says Nick Mann

Transformation savings a tale of lost opportunities


With the focus now on further cultural change in the States and with few savings made in the first years of the Financial Transformation Programme, the question of what options have been lost along the way – and why – rears its head

All aboard for a new tax and benefits destination


In the wake of amendments to the Treasury and Social Security departments’ long-debated Personal tax, pensions and benefits review, the island is now heading in a very different direction to that planned. The ruling-out of GST has had a major impact on this but even though it may return at some point, at least Treasury won’t be heading down a money-wasting dead-end

Eco tax ‘rescue’ a timely one


With debate on the Personal tax, pensions and benefits review now on hold until 8 April, it’s time to reflect on the myriad changes that were made last week. Foremost among these was the introduction of the idea of new environmental taxes to fill in for the rejected GST. The amendment came at an opportune moment, says Nick Mann

Exposing the ‘devil in the detail’ of benefits review

cost of housing

As the States prepares to tackle the Personal Tax, Pensions and Benefits Review, evidence has begun to emerge that it is not a balanced package and will leave a lot of families worse off, with nothing as yet in sight to counter its financial impact. Nick Mann argues that the plans do not seem fair as they stand and wonders whether the Assembly will be convinced to take a leap in the dark