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Martin McGuinness: ‘more than his past and a force for peace’


GUERNSEY’S External Affairs minister has paid tribute to Northern Ireland’s controversial former deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, with whom he developed an unlikely friendship.

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McGuinness being remembered as a peacemaker is much the same as remembering Jimmy Saville for his charity work.


Don't forget that they knowingly watched as they detonated the bomb that killed Earl Mountbatten and the two children with him. Le Tocq has blood on his hands too if he chooses to laud cowardly terro...

Nick Le P

I also thought the Queen made an interesting comment when meeting Mr McGuinness. He asked her how she was and she replied "well I'm still alive!"

Four dead and others with ‘catastrophic injuries’ in Westminster terror attack


AT LEAST four people have died after a car and a knifeman brought terror to the heart of Westminster, mowing down pedestrians then stabbing a policeman before being shot by armed officers.

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Why do cowardly terrorists always kill the wrong people?


The Queen has a sense of duty that the likes of you will never understand. Le Tocq, on the other hand, is a grovelling nobody who just wants to flaunt his pathetic, egocentric liberalism at every opp...


The world has turned on its head. I just offer a prayer to all the people who have lost loved ones through Mcguiness and his fellow cowardly warriors leaving bombs in discreet places to maim innocent...

Alderney ambulance staff find Dorniers difficult for medevacs


AURIGNY and Alderney’s ambulance service are caught in a tangle over medevacs and the transition to Dorniers.

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Not sure where exactly the problem lies as the Do228NGs are supposed to be easily converted to air ambulance ops. Someone is not being straight or is trying to cause problems...


P'tit Colin

Competition is required with a whole new business approach regarding fares, freight, post and medieval. Not entirely sure if this model would work to service all three islands, but a US startup called...


Issues such as this and the freight / post problems were bought to the attention of Aurigny & States Of Alderney when they were considering buying these planes, but still they went ahead with buy...

Farmer calls for dogs to be kept off land


CATTLE are being infected with a disease found in dog faeces and dog owners are being urged to keep their pets out of private fields.

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You are right, but I was under the impression Guernsey has no trespass law. Maybe it's time we did, I regualary see a dog owner letting his do crap in a field that has cows in it throughout the year.


People seem to think they have a right to trespass on private land. Poor animals and farmers, they have a hard enough job as it is without this.

Call for crossing on busy Castel road


CALLS are being made to install a pedestrian crossing along a busy Castel road as one resident warned people were risking their lives every time they cross it.

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Just keep to the speed limit and to your side of the road.... White lines are a clue. Should be plenty of time to manage hazards.



What do you think should be done exactly?


I have some sympathy with Ross here as being a fellow having walked the dog through the lanes and roads round Saumarez Park quite frequently, he is right that it can be quite challenging to cross to R...

‘Fontaine businesses will not be welcome here’


NEIGHBOURS of Extension Vinery are concerned that relocating Fontaine Vinery users to the new site would cause too much congestion on Route Militaire and St Clair Hill.

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Sounds like 'gridlock in Guernsey 'all over again. ? Why continue with the policy of 'more and yet more 'people in the parish of St Sampson's when there are already too many of them now.??


Wherever it goes it will add to the traffic! Its got to go somewhere.

Island Wide Voting

The rents are going to have to be high in order to cover the initial site clearance costs

Parking changes announced for cruise ship season


CHANGES to the parking arrangements in Town will begin tomorrow for the start of the cruise ship season.

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Its not about parking..... Its about avoiding a crush of 000's of people. So we do have 88 days to go to town and mosey up and down the High Street, meet and greet friends and family. Our choice, no...


Of course they were lost, unless some sort of magic was used. The 'alternative truth' spaces that were created were already being used by others so few extra spaces were created, most were just a care...

Island Wide Voting

G.E.P.21/3/17 page 5 .....

While the alternative parking arrangements are in place,there will be a total of 46 fewer car parking spaces available in Town on each of the 69 days when larger cruise l...

More help for mental health call


GUERNSEY MIND is hoping to see rapid change in the funding of mental health services in the next few years.

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One in eight pregnant women are smokers

Smoke linked to cause of meningitis

ONE in eight mothers-to-be in Guernsey are smokers, latest figures have revealed.

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Cut their Benefits.

Senior public sector staff redeployed


TWO senior staff within the public sector will be changing roles in moves announced by the States' chief executive Paul Whitfield this evening.

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...Mr Whitfield did say that these moves were designed wi h the ethos of 'right person, right place, right time' in mind.

What a truly wonderful piece of PR puffery from the Chief Executive. Or, pu...


IWV - Bring on Island Wide Voting asap - with this I hope that we will get politicians who are able to bring the skills that are required to run the island effectively. At the moment there are too man...


Rottweiler - absolutely agree that all civil servants should be held to account and have performance monitored. Also agree that they should enact the political wishes of the elected committee which is...