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Only a third of last year’s graduates employed locally


ONLY a third of the island’s graduates from last year are now employed in Guernsey – representing the lowest returning student numbers in several years.

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Exactly, my niece decided to stay on Island after A levels, has gone down the local training route to qualify as an Accountant. Many of her school pals are loaded up with debt, she informs me, she has...


Rather than asking how we can craft some sort of binding contract to force graduates to return, we should really be asking ourselves how we can encourage them to stay. One obvious issue is the cost of...

Island Wide Voting

Meanwhile those who decided to take up employment straight out of senior school, without taking the luxury of a gap year, are well established in the local workplace and depending on their willpower h...

I may go if States don’t back us, says Ferbrache

Picture By Peter Frankland. 07-06-17 States meeting. Peter Ferbrache

FORWARD-THINKING projects such as the harbour redevelopment should get under way ‘sooner rather than later’, according to the Economic Development president, as he warned he could quit the post if the States failed to back his committee.

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Alexandra I tend to agree, at least PF has a personality, he may waffle in debate, but he is an intelligent wit!

I may not agree with all that he says (runaway extension) but unlike the Deputy's you ...


I would much rather PF then people like Yerby Gollop Fallaize BB.

This is the worst States ever bring IWV in so the people of Guernsey can get out the deadwood that are so safe in their tiny areas.


Not many fans of Peter Febrache here then !

Paul Luxon and Kevin Stewart were previous failures in getting a grip on our sea-link situation, so if PF goes, who you would like to have the next try...

Innovation… the final frontier


Guernsey has traditionally prospered by refusing to run with the herd and staying one step ahead – so why, asks Horace Camp, is industry and government accepting a slide into managed decline when we need innovation more than ever before?

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Paul I disagree the with the comment. The civil service has in the past worked closely with the finance industry to deliver policy and legislation for that sector. It always helped that there were d...


Did you read the article. Reminiscing cold call sales, looking for outward looking investment and regaining entrepreneurial spirit or States investing in projects that encourage growth is hardly ragin...


Paul our CS are doing a fine job of managing our decline we must give them some credit!! No pun intended

Pembroke’s ‘poor’ water a mystery


THE cause of Pembroke’s unstable water quality results is still a mystery, following a year of investigation.

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Island Wide Voting

It seems that Watcher's report of the overflowing cesspit has been dismissed as has leachate from Creve Cour

I remember in the good old days as a teenager that there was a large quarry about 50 yar...

Devil's Advocate

My thoughts also. However, they've been resting in the area ever since Creve Coeur tip started up 25(?) years ago so why is it a problem now?


A simple answer to a simple problem, but not spotted by the simpleton who did the study.

Once again common sense has the answer.