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Nurse sent abusive texts to herself

Guernsey Royal Court building, new royal court, new court building

A REGISTERED nurse told a pack of lies in the Magistrate’s Court to get a domestic violence injunction against a man who did not exist.


GW, here's a proper psychiatrist on the NHS website, maybe you will believe him. Watch the Munchausen video (only 3 mins), half way through he segways straight into describing 'proxy' behaviour. It ...


GW, Although I'm not a psychiatrist I have read enough to convince me they are not two different conditions. One trait of Munchausen Syndrome, such as this case, is a craving for direct attention and...


It was an EU law brought into Europe in 2009 any sims not registered by end Nov were to be switched off, but as we are only part of EU when it suits so not law here, be a good idea tho IMO

Don’t fight online shopping, just embrace it, says expert

St Peter Port High Street. Town. Shopping. Retail. Shops

ISLAND businesses must ‘embrace and not fight’ the evolution into online shopping, a retail expert has said.


Hardly any offices are open on a weekend, that is an undeniable fact and hardly anyone works a six day week Mon-Sat It's always amusing how so many people that work Mon-Fri are so keen to get everyon...


More and more people work unsocial hours and longer hours. Gone are the days when the woman of the house stayed home and kept the kids and home.

Why not open it all up on a trial basis, let's see ...


But surely it should be up to shops and not Government to CHOOSE what hours to open or to shut?

New ferry 'will have the wow factor'

Austal 102 that Condor are buying

EXTRA sailings, enhanced capability, greater capacity and a better experience all await the Channel Islands with the arrival of Condor Ferries’ new £50m. vessel, the company’s CEO has said.


Sorry, comments crossed then. Not sure why less pax in the winter, will try and find out, although someone might well answer before I have had the chance to do so. My own guess is maybe some kind of...


I think the new boat will be excellent, she looks lovely and will surely serve her purpose extremely well. I come from Poole and we are very excited to be having this vessel in our port, I am sure she...


Ferry fan

AFAIK its only new to Condor. It's been sitting there unloved and unsold for ages. Effectively an ex hire car style trade.

Why does Fulford say it can only carry 100 pax less on the winter...

Road abuse out of hand say cyclists


CYCLISTS have spoken out after being abused and harassed by motorists while riding along Baubigny.


This post is so extreme that I actually went the other way and read everything in lower case as whispers.


If we tax cycles how about horses and cows that cross the road going from field to field?


Shouting makes you sound a bit crazy! I think people should be fined under the misuse of the caps lock button 2013 act!

You may not need a licence for a bicycle but you most certainly do for using a ...

Man took PC hostage with knives and syringe

ian lewell_900

WITH a set of five knives in one hand and a syringe in the other, Ian Lewell threatened to kill anyone who came up the stairs as he held a female police officer hostage in his room.


Insider, I dare say he has had plenty of treatment already, fat lot of good it has done. By all means let him have more at our great expense. Pending successful treatment he should not be left to wan...


No more try and treat the mental illness.


Guess you are from the 'let him wander around hurting people until he eventually kills somebody' brigade?

Education vows to avoid complacency over GCSE results

GCSE 1_900

EDUCATION plans to build on the record-breaking success and avoid complacency as pupils celebrated the island’s ‘best ever’ GCSE results yesterday.


As one of Education's biggest critics, credit where credit's due, but it really needs sustained improvement over probably 3 years to prove that its a trend and not just a spike in performance.

If t...

Stephen John

Poor man!!

The next step is the long awaited, long delayed, inspection of the Education a department.

The OFSTED inspection of the Isle of Wight Education Department and the departure of those a...


"Minister Robert Sillars said the ‘working relationship’ between schools and the department was key in driving up standards" -


New local lotteries could help fund island events


NEW Guernsey-only lotteries would be launched to help fund major island events and projects, under proposals revealed by Culture and Leisure today.

John West

Just another tax on the poor... a voluntary tax mind you.


"island, with effectively over 25% of all money from sales being transferred to the UK....""


Not what the report says or what I was told. The UK wanted to keep the tax revenue to start with!

Extra effort goes in to North Show

north show_900

EXTRA hard work was put in to make this year’s North Show worthy of the memory of the late president, the man who took over his role said.


I think the organisers need to react to the fact that, despite great weather, it was apparently not a great turn-out and several of those who attended told me it was not worth the entry charge. They ...

guernsey donkey nearly

We went to the Show in the afternoon.What a shame there are not more large Floats like when i was young,but well done,maybe the price could be reduced after 6 o'clock as the battle is over by then.

Nice One

Whilst the show was good (not great) the prices being charged for entry were ridiculous. It cost my wife and I £17 just to get in. We went after work on the Thursday night with our little girl. Ad...

Teacher is first person to swim to France from Alderney and Jersey

david coleman prepares for race swim with grandchild tabitha by

HISTORY teacher David Coleman swam his way into the record books last night after becoming the first man to reach France from two different Channel Islands.


A really great effort! Just goes to show that we don't really need Condor!


Well done... maybe he should think of taking over the Condor route

Married pair sent to prison


A MAN who made a highly addictive Class A drug at a flat in Union Street, St Peter Port, was jailed for nine years yesterday.


Pretty poor GP court reporting on ingredients found/used

But prob Court responsible for not enforcing restrictions about that bit

Worse still search engines that show you how to make it!!!

So mu...