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Concern growing about power and calibre of senior civil servants

ONE of the main issues that came up in the pre-election hustings and debate was to do with the situation of the island being run not by politicians but by the civil servants. There is great concern, please note Chief Executive Paul Whitfield, about the calibre of those in great positions within the civil service. Questions are being asked about which ‘sir’ is responsible for employing the highly paid candidates for these positions.

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John Mauger

Paul Le Pelley's no. 1 bullet point on his manifesto under "What I Stand for at a Glance" was "A smaller and more efficient Government and Civil Service."

Now that he is in charge at the Grange Clu...

The Lone Ranger

If there is no political mileage in curtailing the power, influence & costs of a runaway civil service then deputies will do jack all. After all these bureaucrats are by & large sourced from t...

guern abroad

I agree with those sentiments. I am not a fan of the reduced deputy numbers as that to me should only have occurred after the CS had been sorted.

Would not be surprised if we saw rising costs in more...

‘Travel link problems are hitting tourism industry’


TOURISM businesses could be forced to leave the industry if nothing is done to reverse plummeting sea passenger arrivals, the owner of a long-standing visitor attraction has said.

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guern abroad

I fully support keeping the name Aurigny. The language is part of our history (Alderney patois) and charm of flying somewhere different that is not the UK.

Though the word Guernsey could be used alon...

guern abroad

Either spend a ridiculous amount to lengthen the runway and further subsidies other airlines to attract them in and kill Aurigny. Life long debt increase and in comes GST. No thank you.


Work wit...

‘Longer runway would give positive signals about island’


LENGTHENING the runway would send out positive signals about Guernsey’s economy, the new Economic Development president said yesterday.

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guern abroad

Shame we voted back in Deputies with ingrained views oblivious to actually recognising what the very reports that they commissioned are telling them.

I hoped this gets kicked into the long grass bef...


There is nothing negative that will come out of a runway extension. I seem to remember you came up with the ridiculous notion of a legal challenge to try to stop the last crucially needed upgrade to ...


Ah yes, but there will be more space in which to store the baggage offloaded from the Alderney flights

Election complainants to consider next move


A COMPLAINT that the general election was ‘illegal’ has been rejected, and some of the six who complained are considering their next move.

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Tony Webber


Thanks for your comments.

I just wish the GP would make available all the correspondence and then a clearer picture would emerge.

I was not involved with the complaint but just because som...

Island Wide Voting


While President Green is at it I hope he can do something about the 2016 requirement to sign up on the electoral role a full month before the candidates nominations had to be in ... 29 Feb on ro...

Island Wide Voting

Fair points Flynn but I'm pleased to see that President Green of Scrutiny has declared an intention to examine, and where necessary, update the old legislation in time for 2020 .... that's if he can s...

Firefighters’ union called in over control centre


UNION officials have been called in by firefighters to address serious concerns over the way the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre is being operated.

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What are you saying isn't broken?

Are you saying that all is well and it works great?

Have you used the new control room and are speaking from experience?

If the fire service staff are saying it ...

This Is Boring

What about service improvement? Should things only ever change out of sheer necessity? Typical Guern.

If I recall correctly this all started because of a review of the ambulance service that basica...


if its not broken don't fix it

Airline baggage issue ‘putting people off visiting Alderney’


VISITING trades people are losing business in Alderney because of ongoing problems with left-behind luggage, Alderney’s Chamber of Commerce has heard.

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Aurigny say that Alderney airport costs them some 900,000.00 a year to run, yet the Alderney pressure group figures say that Alderney airport makes a small profit each year. Again, A...


Aurigny is an airline not a fuel supplier. That's the way it works in the rest of the world.


Joey will never fly again without a major overhaul. It's not got a COA. Not impossible but who would pay this massive bill just so it can fly a little longer?

The other Tris have until early 2017 ...

Election law review ‘would bring clarity’


ONE of the six unsuccessful male candidates who complained the general election was ‘illegal’ has backed a potential review of the legislation to ensure the rules are ‘black and white’ for all.

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Ray Marshall and the other signatories, should reflect on the fact that they were all 'inside' a Woman (their Mothers !) for nine months. ! Without her they would not be here now. !! All men, never f...

Le Goubert

The law clearly talks about funding candidates.

The women were not candidates.

That's black and white to me.

And do these men look the type who would voluntarily attend a class to learn anything?...


Facial hair reminds me of something, not sure what.

Harbours wants a commercial partner in Crown Pier overhaul


THE Crown Pier will be redeveloped using a commercial partner under plans being worked on by Guernsey Harbours.

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Sheila, the public toilets are in the next building. That one is for the visiting boat crews.

guern abroad

I didn't use the Crown Pier public toilet just this trip but I did use them in November. Since when have the public toilets been shut to public use. I will check this out at my next opportunity.

The Lone Ranger

You need to remember Sheila that you, I & most taxpayers are regarded as second class citizens in the great scheme of things, the equivalent of cannon fodder in the armed forces. Nonetheless as I ...

Negotiating exit terms from EU ‘would be like Chinese water torture’

TWO visiting economists have subscribed to UK Chancellor George Osborne’s stance that Britain could be set to enter a recession if it leaves the European Union.

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Dave Jones


Exactly and thank you for your support.

I found that there are some who post on here who just can't put their valid opinion without rubbishing others who are putting theirs.

I try, ...


Reginald I think you have hit the right mark.No millions of dead to mark WW3 which was on the Cards,a few millions may have disappeared down dubious channels,which would have happened anyway,but over ...

Island Wide Voting


I had a few seconds to spare in my busy calendar and checked Google for the Monnet 'quote'

It appears that the nation has to decide to believe multiple entries to the effect that it is a gen...

‘Two-day course not why women won seats’


SUPPORTERS of the Power of the Voice and Women2Win events staunchly defended their involvement yesterday, after six failed candidates claimed the initiatives were unfair and had made last month’s election ‘illegal’.

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Tony Webber

Sara, you need to check on the facts .

No one knew that the lady candidates had had election training funded by the States.

My correspondence clearly showed that I took up the issue at the beginnin...

Sara Thompson

It is very relevant. If they had been bothered they would have complained before the election.

his course seems to have stuck in everyone's mind, but not one cared about it it until they lost.


Trevor Hockey

The Lone Ranger

Plenty of fools in St P P North Bill.! The results speak for themselves.

What I don't understand is that Gavin came in 4th in his district and yet he ends up being the top man w...