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Free pre-school for all from 2016 - Education

Robert Sillars

EDUCATION plans to introduce universal free pre-school from 2016 under a bold new £1.9m-a-year scheme.



Tired & GM

The pair of you seem to have forgotten you live in a society and are subscribers to a social contract.

It won't do any good you know, moaning about the welfare state and demonisi...

Stephen John



Education are using stealth to get their own way because they know that if they were open about their plans they would be rejected.

Educational policy is being determined by a few interes...

Election Issues



I also would be very interested to know if this decision has worked out well for all of the young children and their families involved.

I am quite sure that not one penny of the money "sav...

Amendment seeks to force another look at vehicle safety tests


ENVIRONMENT will have to look again at the pros and cons of having vehicle roadworthiness tests if States members agree.

Tim South


Tired and " Here we go again " writers are completely correct, it is about the Government being too lazy or incompetent to cut waste in states departments and dreaming up ways of grabbing more money ...

Here we go again


yet again we have to put up with this nonsense, the only people that will benefit are the garages and it will cost Environment money to set it up, how very silly to go down this route., I think that t...

Blowing Free


Whatever happened to the notion of a light hand on the government tiller? We are already over-burdened with silly legislation in this Island, this would just add to the pile. We should adopt the same ...

Backing sought for £3m. loan to replace Aurigny Trislanders


DEPUTIES will be asked to guarantee a £3m. loan for the replacement of the island’s ageing Trislander fleet.



I’ve been away for a few days. Here’s my take on recent posts, in no particular order. Just my opinion of course!


In reality it’s three being re...

Rees Bryant


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Surely it is clear that 3 Dorniers cannot provide the same service as 6 Trislanders, and I am not suggesting 6. But 3 will provide. fewer flights and fewer passenger...

caroline ely


See my reply to Peter. My point is that if there are cancellations up to 1 hour before, there should be a standby list that could possibly be used to inform people that did wnat to go on that flight t...

New town centre manager defends his post


CRITICS do not realise how much work goes in to organising events like the Town Carnival, the new town centre manager has said in defence of his appointment.



Leave the man alone. He knows what he's doing and he knows how to do it.

He has worked with out glory for our lovely town and he should be supported as he continues to do so.



I don't think anybody at the meeting queried Mr Honeybill's commitment. What they queried was the fact that this post was not advertised and nobody else was interviewed, plus the fact that although Mr...



I think its well worth the money to have appointed a town centre manager to be able to give islanders something to enjoy during the summer months.

Events put on for everybody to participate in and ...

Fellow jewellers' disgust at N. St J. Paint raid


TOWN jewellers have expressed their disgust after thousands of pounds-worth of items were taken from a fellow business in its second smash and grab in four years.

J dadd


I said it when the last attack occurred. There is only one company in The Channel Islands capable of capturing images of the perpetrators of such crimes. I have used this company and understand they ...



Beats me why they leave all this stuff in the window over night, not very bright of them. Do the cops not have a crime prevention officer to advise them they clearly need some advice.



It seems a bit strange to me that a business that has been raided before hasn`t upgraded their security to stop it happening again.

Why should they allow a grill to be installed that allows an arm to...

Departments 'seriously flawed' in dealing with Manor Hotel planning bid


A SCATHING attack has been launched on two States departments over their ‘seriously flawed’ handling of a planning application to convert the former Manor Hotel into a care home.



Makes sense, there are more elderly that needs caring for than visitors, but with states cuts and taxes both will be dwindling even more

Island Wide Voting


In a joint statement with Commmerce and Employment, Environmment stressed that planning officers never refused the plans.

It was possible if the appeal had not been lodged that the plans would have...

New Scrutiny chairman vows to hold more public hearings

Deputy Rob Jones

HOLDING ministers to account in public should be more prevalent in the future, new Scrutiny Committee chairman Rob Jones has said.

Dave Jones


I am sorry but I am with Matt on this , the times that I have not posted have been to do with pressure of work not running scared. You should try running for public office, it really does get scary on...

Terry Langlois


Matt F - well said.

not pbf - Matt F is certainly not guilty of what you accuse him of. He is noticeable by the way that he patiently and reasonably responds in any debate.

Now, if you'd have a...

Matt Fallaize


not pbf,

If I am guilty, you must expect deputies to spend almost all of their time on this forum. Sorry, but I can't do that.

Any questions and points to which I do not respond have everything ...

Fill up your car - with people


CAR sharing has a role in reducing rush-hour congestion, says a man who earned his living on Guernsey roads for almost 30 years.

Oh Dear


Yep the kids are off school.

It'd be interesting to find out how many "stay at home" Mums/Dads there are. Surely they'd be ideal for car sharing as they don't need to be at work before a certain ti...

RIP Guernsey


How about we stop flooding the island with people and the problem would be solved.

Island Wide Voting


Did anyone notice how easy it was to drive into Town this morning?

Chef bit police and spat blood at officers

The Magistrate's Court building

A VIOLENT confrontation resulted in a chef biting two special constables and spitting their blood over other police officers trying to help.



Why was he allowed into island with affray on his CR. ????

Guernsey Gache


With his apparent "unusual" taste for food, I wonder what he has been 'serving up' on his menu at The Ambassador Hotel, recently. ? Has anybody had a bad bout of indigestion after dining there. ??



The report in the press quotes that he "gets violent after drinking" - DON'T DRINK THEN!

Farish hopes Guernsey’s experience will pay off


ADAM FARISH has urged Guernsey to ‘play the game and not the occasion’ as they travel to Leeds this weekend for the Founders Cup final. In their debut season in the national competition, the Sarnians have lost just one group stage match in reaching the showpiece encounter against Oxford Brookes Devils.

Mark Poynton (Oxford Coach)


Great game Adam, may I say not only what great basketball playing and management talent you have but more importantly great people in general. The spirit in which you played the game and the sportsman...

Kevin Graham


Brilliant to see yet another Guernsey sport doing so well on a national stage.

Come on you greens!