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Binge drinking and drug culture crackdown launched


NEW measures to crackdown on Guernsey’s binge drinking and drug culture have been released today.

Matt Fallaize


You make some good points, but I think we should be very circumspect about drawing such a distinction between "youngsters" and the rest of society.

I am sure we would find that the consump...


I don't know how these kids do it. More than a couple of pints and I'm ready for bed!

That aside, I don't really agree with the price control measures - they end up penalising those who can drink ...


This is nothing more than an excuse to make more money for the States to squander.

Goods and sales tax 'not a done deal', says minister


A GOODS and sales tax is ‘not a done deal’, the Social Security minister has said.

Matt Fallaize


You claim that things were done well in the past but that recently there has been a lack of investment in the island's infrastructure. This is demonstrably incorrect. Indeed, the very opposite ...

Matt Fallaize


If T&R's forecasting of the past 12 months has been overly optimistic, I am confident it is an aberration. The Treasury has a long history of conservative forecasting which later look...



That will take me a while to pull together (a comparision of Gsy v Jsy) so please bear with me for a few days.

You make the fundamental mistake of what we have done in the past (and quite ...

Constables press for action over Petit Port steps


FEARS are growing that the Petit Port steps have been shut in a bid to cut costs, despite denials by deputy Environment minister Barry Brehaut.

Bill Maguire

Many thanks for support "Oh my gache".

Those of us who swam/kayak around Havelet Bay for the last 50 odd years really have seen appalling changes to what was a gem & the envy of many exotic pla...

Bill Maguire

P B Falla

I'm a malt man & this is my dry season.

Perhaps we could all chip in & buy a bucket for each of the so called "People's Deputies" & one for each of the "suits"(2 for minist...

Oh my gache

Re Bill Maguire's post above. see the States accounts

Get rid of the FTP Quango. Save £810,000 a year for 12 persons on an average of £70k+.

Put the 12 persons from FTP to work on a proper job...

GST 'could force small businesses to close'


SOME of Guernsey’s smaller businesses could close down if a general sales tax is introduced in the island, says critics.



Not really, but there are far too many people who can't recall why we were forced into change, and who think that merely "taxing companies" would solve the problem. If it were that simple then ...



Unfortunately you are not really grasping the situation.

Firstly, Guernsey's finance industry bears no correlation whatsoever to the UK's bonus/greed culture which caused such mayhem...



I fully accept you have no interest in the finance industry however many have directly or indirectly. You seem to be saying you are happ to discriminate against the poor Guernseyman that is tr...

Shops are keeping VAT on, says minister

dave jones

HOUSING minister Dave Jones is calling on Commerce & Employment to launch an investigation into retailers to make them provide proof of their freight charges.


grylsryn, you are just making up nonsense now. Don't forget that all 16 year old Pound Magic staff get free use of the company learjet at weekends. I won't waste any more time trying to have a sens...


I'll just ignore bcb and bloney oh dear eh because they've demonstrated better than i ever could that they haven't a clue. Sounds like they are the same person anyway.

to be fair shipping costs ar...

Island Wide Voting

Would you happen to know what the hourly rate of the 'Assistant Deputy Director of photocopy paper ordering' at Bungle House in the Grange is?

Blacks 'garish' sign falls foul of planners


A SMALL orange mountain sign outside Blacks in the Pollet has been deemed ‘garish’ by the planners and might have to come down.


IWV. I agree with you but I think that the level of debate and unwarranted remarks that frequently appear on here do nothing to encourage that. I think its a shame because robust debate is healthy, a...

P B Falla

Its a sign of the times im afraid

The futures bright the futures Orange

Orange, like its competitors, operated a retail estate, with over 300 stores. These were branded as "The Orange Shop" and ...

Island Wide Voting


Yes we want more good people to stand in 2016 but we also want our present Deputies to be 'visible' to those who elected them in 2012

YB is one of at most half a dozen who bother to regula...

Damaged Clipper is out of action until end of August

boots shelves_900

COMMODORE CLIPPER will remain out of service until at least 26 August due to complex repairs, Condor Ferries said yesterday.


What we need to take from this is how reliant we are on just one boat. It's quite shocking how large and immediate an impact this event has had on the amount of food available on the supermarket shel...

All hail breaks loose as freak deluge hits island


CEILINGS collapsed, businesses and homes were flooded and drains covers burst open as a ‘freak’ hail and rain storm hit Guernsey on Saturday morning.


Why do you dress up your tins of beer, is it the alcohol taking effect?

P B Falla

Meanwhile P B Falla is sat on his luxury apartment balcony overlooking the sea its a lovely 38c clear blue skys and glorious sunshine,time to crack open another pimms washed down by a tin of boddingto...

Butcher targeting island records in Glasgow


THE youngest member of Team Guernsey she may be, but Courtney Butcher is still targeting an ultra-quick debut Commonwealth Games next week.