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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Islanders welcome return of two lanes for seafront traffic

road layout#]

ABANDONING the contentious single lane of traffic along the seafront has been strongly backed by islanders and local businesses, who have said ‘it never should have been changed in the first place’.

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Come election day........

The terminus pedestrian crossing seems to be lightly used. Would removing that crossing and lights and installing one at the Albion work? Just a thought!



No water in St Sampson`s Harbour at low tide.



Couldn't agree more - the big picture has to be painted first. Traffic is a major issue and it must be adequately considered during the evolution of the island plan which is in development.


Bailiwick fisherman to be banned from UK waters


THE UK Government will prevent Bailiwick fisherman from fishing in UK/EU waters in response to the States refusal to enact UK quota controls locally.

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My answer is simple.

Hope you like Ray, 150tons is a lot to eat in Guernsey when they stop us landing it in UK / EU?

Dave Jones


I think you will find that this is a rogue Minister who is acting altra viries

Teen vandal did only 15 out of 180 hours’ community service

David Dyson outside the court during trial for spraying graffiti last year.

A VANDAL who spray-painted offensive words and lurid images on properties days before Christmas, has been sent to youth detention after defaulting on his community service sentence.

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Mr B

You and I will disagree until the cows come home.

My wish would be that all the Pink and Fluffyists would go off and live in the utopian Pink and Fluffy land in some remote corner of the wo...


Mr Billet, you have all the smugness of somebody who has never been the victim of crimes carried out by a downright rotten individual like this. People like you tend to change their liberal views a b...

Mr Billet


If the reason for his behaviour problems is because he has had excessive compassion, then how come the vast majority of children who are never mistreated and loved and cared for do not also...

Bid to ‘wreck’ transport strategy is defeated


AN ATTEMPT to dilute even further the Environment Department’s already watered down transport strategy was defeated comprehensively.

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I have had enough of the Environment Department. Things will only get worse when departments are reduced to only six and they then get even more powers with which to abuse us!


St. Peter Port residents don't abandon their cars, we park just like anyone else. Most of us with due consideration for other road users.


Can anyone direct me to the new charges for CO2 and the date they will come in?

Little change to seabed in 50 years, finds HMS Gleaner


A STATE-OF-THE-ART survey of the Russel has revealed that there has been little change to the seabed in 50 years.

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Something smells here!

Devil's Advocate

I believe the spoil was dumped to replace the bits of seabed blown away by Condor's jet drives - rumour has it that parts of the harbour walls / piles were starting to get seriously undermined.

Devil's Advocate

The people in Fort George are tighter than a duck's arse, they won't pay for anything, hence the state of the roads in parts of the estate.

Cafe fined after inspections

Clarona Ltd wants to erect a pitched roof storage building, alter fenestration in the lobby of its existing building, remove a window and install a door at Boulangerie Victor Hugo, Bouillon Lane, St George’s Esplanade. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1316347)

OWNERS of the Boulangerie Victor Hugo’s premises at Bouillon Lane were fined a total of £9,000 at Magistrate's Court, after Environmental Health officers exposed hygiene concerns. 

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Disgraceful place. Over priced cakes, rip off pastries, extortionate coffee, and clearly that is the best bit about the place. The staff are rude and the owner is truly obnoxious. Turns out it was fil...

None local,local

@ Heggarty

Like I said trust me, I don't go there for a take away! but go into the shed "kitchen"

I don't eat Chinese but if I did it wouldn't be from there...


Went here a while back with the wife, awful.

Great view but we would not go back. Enough said.

Health and Safety Exec not consulted over pontoon move


RISKS associated with cruise passenger arrangements at the Albert Pier and former White Rock site are similar at both sites, the Health and Safety Executive has said.

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Island Wide Voting

Barry Paint is the only one on that Scrutiny Committee who is not a Sarnian Spring 2012 newbie


Lightweights indeed Trevor. Deputy Pain always talks a lot of sense. The Queripels, whilst I don't agree with some of their ideas, are always at least involved and making themselves heard.

Peter Sh...


Rightly or wrongly the impression at the moment is that there is an awful lot of 'don't rock my boat and I won't rock yours' going on between State members at the moment. What reasons would Scrutiny g...

Nearly 2k States staff can stay in old scheme

allister langlois gst state

AROUND 1,750 States employees can remain in the final salary pension scheme, which the States wants to scrap, under the terms of the latest offer.

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Ronald Reagan solution?


It's another 1% over and above the 2013 proposals but apparently still within the States original position. So it has taken all this time to agree something that was there in the first place. We jus...


I'm not sure what to make of that, am I having to pay 0.5% more towards States workers pensions?

Health’s plan should be shared

LAST year Health and Social Services made a funding decision that is likely to become a matter of life or death.

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We are not part of the UK, or elsewhere nor do we have any affiliation/buy in with the NHS and we also have a different tax base and charging mechanism for our healthcare to the UK so what re...

Tony Webber

Two key points come out of this very good editorial comment:

1.) We do need to know why treatments which are available in the UK and elsewhere are not available in Guernsey

2.) Decisions on our Heal...

Fishing ban is ‘totally unjustified’ – former chief minister


FORMER chief minister Lyndon Trott said the ban imposed on Guernsey fishermen in UK and EU waters was ‘totally unfair, unwarranted and unjustified’.

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Phew!! Lyndon's changed since the last time I saw him, I never knew he wore braces and turn-ups ether