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Names in the frame for top job in new States


POTENTIALLY half a dozen politicians are in the mix for the top job at the States, as a fresh election charge sets off for the most senior positions.

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Sara Thompson

As an advocate and by all accounts very perusasive speaker in court, Mr Ferbrache would appear to have the necessary skills to represent us on the international stage as well as having the good of Gue...

guern abroad

That would be great and good luck, I would like to see you shipshape that department.

Live: Election 2016

None local,local


Got to correct you there, as you were a new candidate and you were not canvassing in your own time as you didn't do any, as for expense? you chose not to take any.

Dave Jones


I hope Rick stands again too.

Election Issues


You did brilliantly...1,188 votes and so close. Well done for being such a strong candidate. Hope you will seek election in the future and lets hope it will be IWV. I would have voted fo...

Election Special - 20-page round-up free inside today

Election Spesh_900

DON'T miss all the news and insight on Guernsey's 2016 general election in our 20-page supplement free inside today's edition.

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As others have said, party politics is the big difference.

Still, there's nothing in the Guernsey constitution to prevent a group of people from starting a political party and placing enough candid...


Good point Toby.

Guern abroad, as stated above "consultant" was a poor joke.

You are quite right Guernsey is not a mini UK, but just because the UK does it, doesn't mean Guernsey can't.

guern abroad

Combination of consulant and UK is the one post is rather setting a negative flag.

Guernsey is not a mini UK.

Outgoing deputies reflect on their time over the last term

Richard Conder, left, and Allister Langlois leaving Royal Court in March after throwing out GST. The outgoing deputies have spoken of their achievements over the past term. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 14628313)

GOVERNMENT finances must continue to be kept under the microscope, outgoing deputies have said, as the islanders go to the polls today to elect the new States.

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Your luxury tax would include homes too then?

Trevor Hockey


Not sure which post was removed.?

O.k., I take it you would be quite happy to see John Gollop plastered across the front of a national newspaper as a typical Guernsey politician.?

It seems ...


I dont think i would ever vote for the likes of Trevor Hockey,he seems to think talking straight is making personal insults, how many times as he insulted John Gollop and many other deputies and poste...

First time buyer offer of £3m. ‘a plaster over an axe wound’

First time buyers

INJECTING £3m. into the housing market to help first-time buyers is a ‘plaster over an axe wound’, the Housing board has said.

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Dave Jones


Nobody is celebrating the article show we are heading in the right direction and FTBs clearly are able to find the funds to buy and the increase in sales clearly shows that.

As the market s...


Late spring is always the best time of the year for real estate sales.

Island Wide Voting

I believe it's only the fixed Advocates' percentage fees that have been removed so that they now have to tout for business at whatever lower rate is necessary to grab the conveyancing income from thei...

Condor vows to improve

Ken Soar, Group Ditector, Condor Ferries. Picture: JON GUEGAN

CONDOR FERRIES has vowed to improve its customer services after admitting that public confidence in the company is ‘at a low ebb’.

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Thanks DA. I did the calculations for my boat based on your equation and it is bang on.

Devil's Advocate

I reckon they'll be paying 25-30ppl.

Diesel engine uses 1gallon fuel per hour per 20hp apparently. Liberation has 3x 12,203hp engines (347 litres each!), so...

12,203*3 = 36609hp total.

divide by 2...


Improve - can they get any worse?

Look out for Lonely Bouquets


ISLANDERS could be stumbling across floral treasures next month as the Guernsey Flower Arrangement Society joins in with the Lonely Bouquet campaign.

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Trevor Hockey

John West

Seems like a sensible idea, that way more people would see and enjoy them.

John West

As nice a gesture as this is, surely donating these to old peoples homes or similar would be nice, rather than leaving it to chance for someone to pick up?

£26,000 tax bill shock for Bob


‘STAND up for yourselves’ is the message from one disgruntled man after he was landed with a £26,000 tax bill.

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You are wrong. Guernsey Tax Office makes it up as it goes along. Having said that, I wouldn't trust an ex-policeman 'unable to work through ill health' but running a security business further than I...



Sounds more like a sleeping policeman to me.

Trident V hull damaged in collision

Incidents 2016

TRIDENT V was damaged in a collision with an object below the waterline, it has been confirmed.

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Yes but the Captain will not be the only one on the bridge with a pilotage licence

The First officer will also have one perhaps it is something the local authorities would not want to get inv...


They could have suspended their local pilotage licence.


The difference is the Captains of the Clipper and the Liberation do not have a licence issued by the local authority

They are governed by international legislation not local

The Harbour Authority c...

Simplified ferry fare structure is ‘a joke’

HAS anybody else noticed the change in fare structure on Condor? I sent the following letter to Condor’s customer services department on 15 April only to receive the standard ‘it may take two weeks to reply to your enquiry, or even longer’. This really is a joke, but I thought I could share it with your avid readers.

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Cher Eugene

So, due to a bad day at the office, I will lose my frequent traveller discount and, instead, receive "sea" miles or some such useless junk. Over the years I have accumulated vast numbers of such "bon...


I don't know if this is the full Condor response but it would be nice to see the word 'SORRY' somewhere.

"Fares will continue to be priced taking into account the popularity of the sailings and how...