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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Sea cadets on brink as Chinese junk plans stall

L:LG PROJECTS1350-13991365 30m Chinese JunkProjectDrawings

ANGER is mounting over the former slaughterhouse standing idle whilst delays hit an ambitious and controversial arts project.

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GFC fan

I think the idea should be scrapped and the place put to immediate use as a fresh produce market.

I sympathise with the sea cadets, but this place could be a fantastic all-weather area to exhibit t...


if the junkies are willing to keep up this farce they should be made to pay the rent now, or abandon this stupid plan.


We have enough Chinese on our shore`s who will gladly fund it to be built with the help of our young local sea cadets and get this so called junk ship sailing to newer shores faraway and allow the for...

£190m. to update harbour

harbour review_900

NEARLY £190m. needs to be found to overhaul the facilities at the harbour and bring them into the 21st century, the team behind a 10-year vision for the project says.

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Maybe there are treasures laying in the deep that will pay for these small developments to come to fruition.

Island Wide Voting


I reckon we're stuck with Sterling for a while. I suppose bit-coin is out of the question?

Beaucamp Boy


Should I take my one pound promisary note down to M. Clark at Frossard house for redemption what am I to be given? Ten UK 10p coins, there is no intrinsic value in that, a given energy value howe...

Bebb to stand for HSSD minister


AN ELECTION will take place for the new Health and Social Services minister after Deputy Elis Bebb announced his intention to stand for the post.

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Which pier does he intend to use to review these findings? Blackpool? Brighton? Eastbourne?


Why did Deputy Bebbs resign and feels he can lead the HSSD foreword?

Bill Maguire

You are beginning to sound like me IWV.

The best we've got is Dave Jones but he doesn't consider he has enough support.

So we have a young lad who looks like he's going to loose a leg while 3rd ...

Safety message issued as fireworks go on sale

fireworks bunker_900

FIREWORKS go on sale tomorrow [25oct]and islanders are being warned to let them off only on the evenings of 5, 7 or 8  November.

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GFC fan

Scrap the private sale of fireworks and allow public shows only. This will boost attendance and increase much needed revenue for our football clubs.

Also it will prevent pets, children and old peo...

Futu La

Retailer: 'We're going to sell you some explosives that could maim or kill you - careful now - !'

Customer: 'OK then'

Well, that's that covered, there'll be no tom foolery / error of judgement r...

Cost of ‘lifeline’ is choking us

WHEN are we going to wake up to the fact that the price of ‘security’ with Aurigny’s monopoly is just too high a price to pay?

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Tony, please can you define a full size runway? I'm fairly sure ours isn't a miniature version...

Easyjet have recently stated that they wouldn't fly here due to T&R's position on the Aurigny m...

Tony Webber


Thanks for your comments and I see where you are coming from.

However, it is not nonsense, as airport runway extension proposals would be proportionate, and not excessive. Having the same lengt...


Tony Webber

That's nonsense re a runway extension. The demand just isn't there to sustain larger planes and more routes. Unlike Jersey, our hotel bed capacity is tiny. There is no point in trying ...

Tooting & Mitcham United 5, Guernsey FC 2

Guernsey FC logo

Guernsey FC suffered their third straight Ryman South defeat as they were hammered on Tuesday night and dropped to 14th in the table.

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Local legend

I notice that comments on GFC are dwindling in a similar fashion to attendances, the naysayers of the past couple of years, particularly ex Northerner, appear to be spot on with their comments.

Campaign against foie gras about cruelty, not anti-meat


VIOLENT torture, cage entrapment and frequent suffocation is the reality for birds reared to produce the fine dining delicacy foie gras, but enough is enough, according to one local animal welfare campaigner.

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Futu La

Common ground found and agreed, Billy…! ;)

For some truly scary examples of intensive factory production of meat, try taking a peak at the massive 'cow factories' in the States, and what all that...

Nice One

Awesome - whinging leftie to threats of violence and implied homophobia in about 0.3 seconds - that has to be a record....

How is the treatment for your Schizophrenia going Futu La?

Simon V

*Fur coats

‘Way I was dealt with was totally unjust...’ - former CISX head.


'WHOLLY unacceptable’ and ‘totally unjust’ is how the former Channel Islands Stock Exchange chief executive has described her inability to defend herself during a long-running investigation.

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Island Wide Voting

The used car market will be flooded with choice when all the Town staff are walking ,cycling or using the free bus next year.Second hand prices will plummet which,on top of not forking out £30 a week...


Would you buy a used car from this woman?

Young Guern


I think that is exactally what is coming!

Where do you park a burning car?

DISBELIEF has greeted Public Services’s decision to order a woman whose car caught fire to stump up £1,000 for repairs needed to the tiny section of road upon which it came to a halt.

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Tony Webber

Excellent editorial comment.

It is this sort of States decision which drives people off the Island, if I may be excused the pun.

Please, Public Services, take note, reverse this decision and put a s...

‘Plans are no Gucci wish list’ – harbour master


PLANS to upgrade the harbour are the bare essentials and not the ‘Gucci wish list’, the harbour master has said.

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Gary B

It already costs too much to come here, make each person pay another £20 and no one will come


Anyone who has travelled to Turkey will know that you will need an entry visa, viable for three months, which you purchase at the Airport on arrival, which will cost you £20 (used to be £10). As fro...

Herbert Roth

If all these ideas are commercially viable why does the harbour not issue a bond to raise the money. I hear market conditions are very suited to a government backed bond issue at the moment.