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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here. .

The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

La Mare students ‘feel like the poor relative’


PUPILS of La Mare de Carteret High feel ‘treated unfairly and very much the poor relative’, parents and teachers warned as they made a last-ditch call for deputies to support the long-awaited £60m. rebuild plans.

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GM The merits of closing St Andrews and St Sampson and retaining La Mare were approved by the States last year. The decisions were made, resolutions passed and the world has moved on.

The educatio...


The rationale for keeping La Mare open and closing the other primary schools was outlined in the primary rationalisation reports -see for yourself, and it was a perfectly logical decision as agreed by...



I've no idea who John Mauger is (or indeed whether that's his real name). I do know that I mostly agree with him and that I mostly disagree with you. Most of his comments are indeed bala...

Boat owners unite over harbour fees charges


HUNDREDS of boat owners last night warned they would give up boating in the face of controversial hikes in marina charges.

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Shane Langlois


Believe me boat owners have my every sympathy. As soon as the Port Holding Account’s original ‘user pays’ funding principles started falling apart, many years ago, either it should...


I have been talking to someone this evening who is moving away due to the high costs being imposed over here, the proposed marina charges were the last straw. He currently pays £3000 per year and thi...



It would seem you are of the opinion that moorings are subsidized when the facts are quite the opposite with income from the marinas in excess of 1.2 million and providing 26% of the income to...

Chief minister’s amendment ‘could delay Mare rebuild’


EDUCATION fears that a last-minute amendment from the chief minister could delay its long-awaited plans to rebuild La Mare de Carteret schools.

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Oh stop it GM, "children" is synonymous with "offspring".

Every taxpayer contributes to everyone's children, including their own but the private colleges receive an unnecessary taxpayer subsidy for...



Since when is a university student (who is obviously 18 or older) a child? The discussion was about secondary education and college fees. I thought you were brighter than that.

You se...



No. you asked me how much did I pay towards my childrens education. Re Read your earlier post.

I answered your question honestly. I answered the exact question you asked. Unless that is, you...

Public sector pension row could end in legal battle


A LEGAL battle could be used to end the deadlock over the long-running public sector pensions dispute.

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Stephen John


Redundancy on economic grounds was never intended to apply to a government that found times were getting hard. Even in the private sector it would only apply in dire circumstances such as actual...


Bring on the legal route, there will only be one outcome and it will leave the states of Guernsey with egg on their face and a large bill

Brothers Unite and dont listen to the jealous small talk


Bill Maguire

"no surgeon to operate on you or not enough nurses"

= front line workers, NOT pen pushers.

Sorry to but in, probably irrelevant to your conversation with GM with regard to pensions, just a hobby...

University project runs in funding problem


PLANS for a university in Guernsey are in difficulty because of a lack of funding.

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Matt Fallaize


If you mean public money, the answer is none, thankfully. The States have always seen this as a private initiative. Actually there may have been a little (very, very little) investment of st...

John Mauger

A University of Guernsey is a complete non-starter for all the reasons given above. Degree courses are already offered here and validated by UK universities, e.g. teaching courses from Brighton, nurs...


I'm sorry but this is one idea that's never going to float. As DA has already noted, where would the students and lecturers live ??

Logistically it's a non-starter and you can file it with Little V...

Town Centre manager role axed


ST PETER Port Douzaine has decided to axe the controversial town centre manager role.

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Sorry Mange Tout, either I read your post wrong or I replied to the wrong post!



How is paying Jack Honeybill going to get me in to town to spend my money?

Is he going to get shops to stock clothes I like the look of? My size? Get the shops to turn off the ridiculou...


Sanity has prevailed for once. Well done to SPP Douzaine for listening to their parishioners.

Surgeon calls for radical change in health care


A RADICAL rethink of the way Guernsey’s health care is provided, featuring bold changes to surgery and specialist care, has been called for by a well-known surgeon.

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If only the travel between Guernsey and northern France was easier.

And if medical cover provided by BUPA and WPA applied to France as a normal alternative source of treatment.


I firmly believe that the time is right for Guernsey to start negotiations with France for off-Island referrals.

France already accepts and welcomes, fully funded referrals from the over stretched...


This suggestion relies on two assumptions - 1) that consultants will want to shuttle between Guernsey and the UK; 2) that emergency surgery in Guernsey can wait until a UK-based surgeon arrives (fog p...

Protest prompts width and emissions rethink

deputy Yvonne Burford at the 'Enough is Enough' protest

ENVIRONMENT will amend its proposals for a width and emissions tax following concerns raised at Sunday’s protest, its minister announced yesterday.

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Why don't the Police actually enforce the current LAW with regard to the larger and heavier 4x4s being legally restricted to 25mph and needing to have a legal notice on the side reflecting this.



Yes it is a stupid legislation so why not tax by weight.

The trucks may be commercial vehicles but some are obviously being used as a status symbol like many of the 4x4 vehicles owners. It's all a...


Is there going to be any emissions tests on the current old buses?

Police to guard deputies as thousands to protest

Islanders at the 'Enough is Enough' protest at North Beach on Sunday, 16 November.

THOUSANDS of protesters are planning another mass ‘vocal’ demonstration to convince deputies to oppose controversial width and emission tax proposals.

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Matt Fallaize


You write: "...a majority proposal from the original Environmental Committee of a traffic strategy that never had this emission and width tax in their proposals to bring before the States...

John R Andiwale

Clearly once again Guernsey is making a policy decision without the backbone for the follow through.

However bad the party system of voting elsewhere might be, it's never as bad as the Mr Smith pho...


This is the end of the road to a minority Environment Committee who propose an emission and width tax to increase taxation for their failing of putting together a majority proposal from the original ...

Businesses keen to avoid Sundays

peter creasey_900

SUNDAY trading is dividing business owners following the release of a public consultation by Commerce and Employment.

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who is going to work in that store?


guys simple solution

everyone works on saturday and takes a day off in the week. you are then free to shop on that day off and then have Sunday off with your families.

No Problem

Island Wide Voting

.... and I've just completed it again via the site

That's three votes for complete deregulation

An entirely USELESS consultation I'm afraid