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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Disc parking charge ‘is a stealth tax’


FUMING motorists have condemned the States latest ‘stealth tax’ resulting from the beleaguered transport strategy, dubbing annual parking clock charges ‘another nail in the Guernsey coffin’.

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Under the Stategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, the odeon car park (SPP064) is noted as the following:

Summary assessment: Site considered to be deliverable.

Suitability: Site is within /...


Of course its not. £50 to park half a dozen times a year - how is that fair compared to somebody parking all day every day for the same cost?


Paid parking was to fund free buses which was to be borne predominantly by people parking in town, the parking clock solution means all car owners who want to use disc zones will now fund the buses. W...

States back annual parking clock charge


ALL MOTORISTS will have to pay to park in Guernsey after the States dramatically backed a move to charge for annual parking clocks yesterday.

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"you may notice that the older generation like to [live useful lives], drive nice cars, dress in stylish clothing we have holidays too, take up space on the planes and boats"

I'd love to be able t...



Maybe some of our OAP Deputies should not be driving and making use of their free bus pass in your comment views.


Well if you're not using your bus pass can I have it?

GcMaf replacement is licensed in Germany, says CEO

Photo By Steve Sarre 24-02-15St Pirre Park HotelGC Maf public Meeting

PATIENTS in Guernsey have not received GcMaf for 20 months, while the product they have been receiving, Goleic, is licensed as a vitamin supplement in Germany and should be allowed into the island, Immuno Biotech CEO David Noakes said last night.

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Mike. That is a highly emotive statement and cannot be proven. You may believe that this person may still be alive if they were taking GcMaf or Goleic and indeed they might. However until there is ind...



what a stupid and pathetic post you really ought to be ashamed.

For everyones information, two days ago the first person died because of the Gcmaf Ban.

Just sayin'

I am pretty sure about this as I know several scientists/doctors, none of whom have sold their sole to 'big bad pharma' and all of whom despair at claims such as those made by Immuno Biotech.

Big P...

Drivers face annual charge to park


ALL MOTORISTS will have to pay to park in Guernsey after the States backed the move today.

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Once you take out the motor cycles, HGVs and the vehicles which have been exported, scrapped, used for spares and stored, I estimate 30-40k.


Not at all, how many vehicles registered? Plates no. are over 80,000...


Esprit - I understand your angst!

As you may have spotted, from the start of this silliness I've been saying that the numbers have never added up.

Environment made projections based on the curre...

Randalls named as preferred bidder for the slaughterhouse


RANDALLS has been announced as the preferred bidder for the former slaughterhouse.

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Trevor Pascal

Dave Jones


In the seventies the head doorman was Norman Jackson and then Big Tony Harradine, Trevor Pascal did work on the door for many years and he may have become head doorman after my time.



Not all parents, I have a 17 year old!!!

What I meant was, WE had so many Night Clubs/ Dance Venues to choose from all over the Island and they were all busy, we always had to queue! now there are ...

One-star rating for tea room ‘unavoidable’

environmental health_900

A SUDDEN loss of hot water and critical building work were some of the dilemmas that left businesses facing the latest low hygiene ratings, they have said.

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Fig Tree

This being anonymous can't score me any brownie points but I would like to defend Environmental Health. I deal with them and they have always been fair, straightforward and helpful.

It is the case t...


Come to think of it, I've probably just described most of the Guernsey Pearl customers!


Mr. Hockey, yes part of the process is ticking all the boxes this is how it works and correctly so. Surely its correct to show for instance that you are monitoring the temperature in a fridge where fo...

Attempt to stall on universal benefits vote


NO FIRM decisions will be made on the future of universal benefits like family allowance if a proposal from those behind the Tax, Pensions and Benefits review is accepted.

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Nice thought, but I suspect it will be low and middle earners again.


It means "I'm alright, Jack. Stuff the rest".


beavis and butthead

‘Neglected Bridge left me covered in bruises’


A ‘DECADE of neglect’ to the Bridge’s cracked, deteriorating and dangerous footpaths have been condemned by shoppers and retailers, who have suffered serious falls and injuries.

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The Bridge is such a mess these days, every time I drive past I despair of those bloody scaffold poles attached to the lovely Victorian railings around the harbour.

Am I right in thinking that they...


Shelia. Sorry to hear of your injuries. Maybe if the cruise liner passengers were dropped off on the Bridge then it would be PSD top priority to have the pavements a safe passage.

Where is all the ...


Blimey, is that the biggest crevasse they could find? What is it, about half an inch wide? I don't think anybody would have a problem falling into that one!

Guernsey air passengers to be bussed at Gatwick


PASSENGERS from Guernsey will be bussed from the plane in Gatwick to domestic arrivals as part of new security measures.

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....bussed is an old English word, taken from the Celtic language, meaning clubbed and then buried without rites....many an old unpopular Celtic King was so disposed of ....and then dismantled...good ...


It would be interesting to see if BA and Easyjet flights from/to Jersey are being treated in the same way. Is not, this is yet another reason to have Easyjet or BA flying the Gatwick route instead of...

Portinfer car park ‘worst for potholes’


DEEP, water-filled potholes in a coastal car park give one local resident ‘no confidence’ in the States.

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IWV. That's a cheap consultation at today`s pricing method. Best to avoid Deputies who play Bowls for a living then.

Island Wide Voting

Three politicians were playing in a bowls tournament. One was from the UK, another from Jersey, and the third from Nigeria

At the end of the day's play, the club president asked them what they did ...

John West

Apparently their budget for public car park maintenance is pitiful - just look at what they do to the back car park at Sauzmarez Park, shove in 1/2 ton of granite siftings and then 2 weeks later the h...