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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here. .

The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Deputies are facing ‘vile and violent’ abuse online


‘VILE and violent’ abuse has forced some deputies off social media sites, as politicians warn that online attacks threaten to discourage people from standing for the States.

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It does run that risk and am not entirely sure what can be done about that. I don't profess to have the answers to the problem but in my opinion the main problem we face is that we only have a choice ...


Some due to their job or position in society cannot comment under their own name but still have valuable input into debates.

Trevor Hockey


I see your point but do we not risk paying serious money for someone who under performs.?

The old system was that the more meetings or committees you were on the more you earned.

Some pe...

Seven rescued from cruiser drifting onto Herm rocks

Medi-Vac 2014

BOATERS are being warned to be better prepared before putting to sea, after seven people got into trouble on Saturday night.

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IWV a silly assumption on my part for assuming there was accountability in these overpaid under archiving rolls.


Life jackets should be compulsory as should cycle helmets.

If you have to wear one, you have to have one. The choice allows people to go out ill equiped to deal with problems.

There should also ...

Trevor Hockey


You have hit the nail on the head, it is no longer an ambulance despatcher but someone from the Joint Emergency Control Centre, a massive white elephant that is reputed to have cost us ...

Minister defends ramp cost Tweet


A PEOPLE’S deputy must report the people’s views, the Housing minister said yesterday after raising concerns about a new pontoon via Twitter.

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Dave Jones


Of course there are the workshops on island and the expertise

The Harbour itself has some very good aluminium fabricators

It is putting to gangways together and then stress testing it up t...

Trevor Hockey

Dave Jones

My understanding is that must experienced staff at the harbour have left as they saw the writing on the wall and the cutbacks in maintenance. Even M & G are cutting back on staff, w...


Furthermore, is there a workshop on the island where it can be extended ? Is there someone on island qualified and willing to take on the work ? And at what cost ?

Menorca withdraws, but Guernsey 2019 ruled out

courtney butcher_900

MENORCA will not host the Island Games in 2019, but it would be impossible for Guernsey to step in, local Games director Jon Marley has said.

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It could be a big help to the Tourist Industry if we did our own weather forcasting because, as I see every day on TV, Jersey announces that they will be two or three degrees warmer than Guernsey, y...


if the infrastructure is already in place, why aren't we hosting it, its great publicity for the island, does it just come down to the face that Guernsey doesn't really have any interest in self promo...


Bringing the IG to the island is an excellent idea, every hotel bed in Jersey was full for the week... Fantastic tourist opportunity.

St Sampson’s High praised in validation


STRONG leadership and confident pupils have seen St Sampson’s pass a new form of schools’ validation with flying colours.

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Island Wide Voting

To Dave Beausire

Guernseyguy's good post above I would guess (could be wrong) is written by someone within the Education department/system

I see nothing wrong with that and I would see nothing w...


Sorry above does not make sense as not set out as typed!

Improvements in performance;

St Sampsons High, Good

Le Murier , Satisfactory

Learners experience;

St Sampsons High, Good

Le Murier, Goo...


Well done Annabel Bolt, In the inspection report it states she has a clear vision for the school, inspirationally motivating staff and pupils forward.

It seems that there are 6 levels for which th...

St Saviour’s gives its broad support to slimmer States

States assembly_900

PROPOSED government reforms lay a solid foundation for developing and delivering long term strategies effectively, a St Saviour’s douzenier has said, as fellow members gave their support.

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Island Wide Voting

The world is moving on Bill

Just because Mellors has on occasion mentioned a husband doesn't mean , these days,that Mellors is female


Agreed Reginald.

We need to start cutting costs - and fast.

At the moment we have 47 different politicians with 47 different agendas. Common sense in the House is less common and it's all a bit ...

Bill Maguire

Mellors is a she & not a he Reginald.

Little Russel surveyed to keep charts updated

Royal Navy / Navigation 2015

A THOROUGH survey of the Russel is taking place for the first time in 27 years.

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G'sy Shopkeeper

I believe this is done by the UK Hydrographic Office, but I stand to be corrected.


"He said it was vital the charts were kept up to date."

But this "vital" information hasn't been updated since 1988.

Which department or agency is in charge of this and why has it taken 27 years w...

‘I thought I was going to die’ – injured teen cyclist

Sam Howard was knocked off her bicycle as she attempted to use the cycle path crossing that connects Glategny Esplanade to North Beach. She said she could have been killed and that the crossing is a danger to islanders and visitors. (Picture by Tom Tardif, 9414715)

A YOUNG cyclist has described how she thought she was going to die after colliding with a car, and she has called for access to North Beach to be improved.

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Medium G

Valid points being raised, obviously, but I believe that whether the cyclist or the driver is at fault, 99 times out of a 100 it is the cyclist that suffers.


Jake, motor industry States 26/30 metre stopping distance at 25 mph obviously driver awareness and car condition could make that slightly better but more typically much worse. Also looking to the righ...


Taking a guess at the distance but I think the distance from the exit on the roundabout to the crossing is less than 15 metres (not by much though). Given that the maximum speed is 25mph on this round...

Reorganising the States is not an exact science - Chief Minister


Reorganising States affairs is not an exact science, chief minister Jonathan Le Tocq has said as debate opened on a new structure for Guernsey’s government.

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Cher Eugene

There's many a true word spoken in jest.

Sarah was in the

fertilized egg business. She had several hundred young pullets and ten roosters to fertilize the


She kept records and any ro...


Tweaking again?

Nothing is an exact science

Driver escapes as digger topples into pipe trench

belle greve digger_900

A DRIVER had to scramble to safety from his excavator yesterday morning when it tipped into a trench while working at the Belle Greve outfall replacement project.

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Incompetence is the word for it. The health and safety investigation will find that there was no banksman guiding the machine and that the trench sides were not shored up with shuttering.

There are...