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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

‘Politics not education is at heart of school closure idea’

Tina Watson

DEBATE surrounding a recommendation to close one secondary school seems to be less about the quality of education and more about politics and finance, the Grammar School headteacher has said.

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Absolutely right. That's why I advocate a 14-plus for those who seek to move to the Grammar (and vice versa)


Excellent question, the answer I believe is no. The high school children are massively disadvantaged in terms of preparation for exams as a result. I have huge respect for those high school children w...

Island Wide Voting

Interested Observer at 8.40pm

Then why did you ask the following question at 4.58pm?

"Why the fear about comps? Have you been on Mars for the past decade?"

What are you basing that on, please...

‘Give up your dog or move out’


A COUPLE have been told they will face eviction from their States house unless they give up their puppy.

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These people are known proven liars.

They were both in the press last year for stealing a copper water cylinder and caught red handed by the owner trying to sell it!

I do find the comments about...


Haha the last couple of comments on here regarding Staffies, are unbelievable, and ignorant.

Bred to kill each other?? Child killers??

Please, get your facts correct, and do some research instead of...

guernsey ted

Sorry, a ferry trip to pick up a dog, which was immediately recognised as a Staffie. Have you read the papers recently. These dogs are a danger, certainly not a fill in for the loss of a baby (to w...

‘Horrified’ at Albert Pier landing situation

Saga Sapphire passengers arrive at the new Albert Pier pontoon. A shore excursion manager was ‘horrified’ at the new landing arrangements which at low tide require passengers to make a steep climb up a ramp. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 7526511)

A CRUISE operator’s excursion manager has said new berthing arrangements for ships’ tenders are ‘horrifying’.

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Neil Forman

Futu La

I can assure you that she won't back pedal out of this one. When it all goes horribly wrong (next week), or even better on the 17th April, I will make sure the truth comes out.

I have b...


It's quite simple when you look at it, the harbour does not have the proper facilities for cruise liners, nor does it have the room to accommodate building them, it's already full.

All this moving f...

Charlie G

Trevor....and yet another un necessary new addition to find money for!

Nanny state Health and Safety policies,are less concerned with the welfare and Safety of its citizens,but more with the preven...

‘Rebuild La Mare – but close secondary school’


ONE of the four States secondary schools should be closed, an independent review panel has said, but it still wants La Mare High rebuilt.

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Interested Observer

You suggested there was no evidence that high achievers would continue to do so in a comp set up. You also went on to suggest that a grammar school A may end up being a high school B, where did you g...


Interested Observer

Where are my stats on what? What am I presuming?

Yes, it needs more than just teachers. A whole new culture of learning and disciplinary standards is needed, along with far...

Interested Observer

And where are your stats on this being the case, you are presuming.

I would love to see grades improve in the high schools but I see them remaining the same, even with different teachers being intr...

Jungle House bans St Sampson’s pupils

jungle house_900

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour and social media slurs have led a local children’s activity area to ban St Sampson’s High pupils during their break times.

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Trevor, I can only speak as I find. We took an early decision to take our 3 children out of States school because of disruption. It wasn't easy but the education and discipline was far superior at the...


And there are those who still wonder why parents are so desperate to send their children to the Colleges or the Grammar.

The high schools and Education Department need to demonstrate that they can ...

Taxpayers to pay double for deputies’ pensions


TAXPAYERS’ contributions to the deputies’ pension scheme will double for the next 25 years, under proposals from Treasury and Resources.

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Maybe but it doesn't make him a woman.

Trevor Hockey


The very same Peter Bougourd who was responsible for closing down market square, robbing us of lots of valuable short term parking all for some second rate u.k. sports shop who probably pa...


I think it was Deputy Peter Bougourd who bought the busses and I don't think he was/is a woman.

We cannot afford to keep funding repairs to Petit Port steps, says Environment minister

petit port_900

INSTALLATION of a new rock-catch fence has delayed the re-opening of the Petit Port steps until after Easter.

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Yvonne Burford


You are right. However this year is year 10 of an annual inspection and descaling contract (by definition entered into 10 years ago, when the States had an annual budget surplus).

That is ...


Oh Environment and Ms. Burford, they spew out unwanted, unasked for projects, spending money on unnecessary things, like water running through their fingers. Just what is their problem. Petit Port i...

John R Andiwale

I remember well that around 16 or 17 years ago a former teacher of physics at the Grammar School who is a geologist told me that all "repairs" there are totally futile (sounds like foutu) and that h...

GST debate hangs in the balance

Richard Conder

A PLAN to rule out GST as a potential revenue-raiser hangs in the balance today, after battlelines were drawn over a tax dubbed both ‘regressive’ and potentially the most ‘valuable tool’.

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Yvonne Burford

I voted for the Conder amendment (against GST), but to be fair to the Joint Boards, the idea was that GST would replace other taxes, not that it would be additional to them.

guern abroad

I may well have got this wrong but 50 million from 5% GST a year suggests expected public spending of 1 billion, hello is that a correct calculation.

Really glad that GST was not voted through. Thank...


Where can I view who voted and which way? The page seems a bit out of date.

‘Keeping staff and patients safe is going to cost millions’


MILLIONS of pounds of extra funding is urgently needed by Health and Social Services, its minister Paul Luxon warned yesterday, as he sent the stark message that patient and staff safety must be its number one priority.

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As posted on another post, Managers I had spoken too in HSSD said they had budgets for staff, but the SAPS system causes them untold problems in recruiting, with posts taking up to 6 months from inter...


Why tell the public this? Just to worry us, presumably. Its not as if we have any control over the spendthrift morons who rule us. Is it our fault they have just committed to throwing £30m at the ...


Mike. Deputy Luxon is only taking advice from his many managers at HSSD.

Same as was at the Harbours when he was Minister for PSD.

Undersea power and communications cable proposed for Sark


AN UNDERSEA cable could soon be supplying power and high speed broadband to Sark, under proposals by the island’s Electricity Policy Development Team.

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John R Andiwale

Generate your own with a tide mill you sillies.


is this cable via Brechou?


Could Guernsey's next undersea cable to France be routed via Herm and Sark?

Hermites and Sarkies could then pay their respective shares of any additional cost for the diverted cable, as a premium p...