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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Aurigny to offer flights to Barcelona


A DIRECT flight to Barcelona will be a first for Guernsey as Aurigny launches its new summer route.

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RWS, I doubt the elderly or infirm would agree with you, or anyone traveling with children, or anyone with a long-haul connection on a plane that can fit regular-sized cabin baggage.

Wheely bags ar...


I expect there will be very few sales to the Spanish, so the returning flight on the first week will probably be virtually empty, as will the outbound flight on the fourth (last week).

The flight tim...


Yes Simon... my favourite word : code-share.

But not with Easyjet as they will not do it. But British Airways.

Deputy seeks 11-plus delay, but to decide on La Mare

Pic by Adrian Miller 28-10-15Royal CourtsStates meetingdeputiesMary Lowe

A BID will be made to delay a decision on radical changes to the island’s secondary education system.

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Island Wide Voting

To borrow Smith's very amusing regular input 'another Guernsey shambles' ( except that it's way past its amusing sell by date and he usually puts a small g for guernsey)

I do hope that Paul 'ten ye...


Seems to be a daft place to build a school, high costs due to the water and will only get worse if the sea level rises as some predict.

We now have a vacant site which is more central to the island...

Trevor Hockey


You are 100% spot on, I hear that the local big boys are on the bones of their @rse and looking at taking on jobs they would not even have tendered for a while ago. Goodness knows how Educat...

Chief minister apologises for 'Islamophobic' comment


CHIEF Minister Jonathan Le Tocq has apologised for saying Guernsey is 'Islamophobic' as one of the reasons for the island not accepting Syrian refugees.

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Island Wide Voting

Today's news.... Tourism figures are down .... so it's started already!

Matt Fallaize


I'm afraid I can't recall all of those quoted, but the point is there were some.

Puchaing Le Page

Heggarty the following is a quote from JLT in the guardian.

"We need to have open, public dialogue with all sides speaking, not just those who speak with vitriol. Those of us who think differently ...

Renewed calls for public apology over Pfos case


POLITICAL calls have been made for a public apology over the collapse of the Pfos case and for transparency in an upcoming review, after deputies were briefed yesterday by the Public Services Department.

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A farce of Deputies.

100% Carre.

Mark B

I'm not sure what a group of clowns are called but that's the one. It seems by the picture they have already purchased the red noses .

‘Unlicensed taxis are unsafe and are probably uninsured’


UNLICENSED taxis need to be stopped before something serious happens, the president of the Guernsey Taxi Owners’ Federation has warned.

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Perhaps the background checks only weed out those with current driving offences. 'Spent' convictions for drug offences don't seem to bar people, not sure about violence or sex offenders. http://guer...


Sorry, meant to say £3.5 MILLION.

Trevor Hockey

I don't want to offend the taxi drivers who buy my fuel but I use taxis as little as possible because they are so expensive. If they were better value I would use them more but at twenty quid or so th...

‘Joined-up plan’ called for on Town seafront


PRIORITIES to help transform the Town seafront and harbour are being drawn up to address issues such as infrastructure, parking, future uses and development.

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Common sense

Any decision process should involve public consultation from the start, have a transparent approach which includes listing all finance required, how it is raised and how it is to be spent (that includ...

Terry Langlois

It's not strange at all. Do you think that descendents must inevitably follow on the consequences of their ancestors? No scope for people to set their own course in life?


We used to refer to it as the "Triple B Principle" ("Bull**** Baffles Brains").

Or - if you prefer - "T*rd Polishing".

‘Island-wide poll could cost extra £400,000’


INTRODUCING the latest island-wide voting proposals could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra election and referendum costs, it has been warned.

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For some of your current compadres, Matt, being a 'career politician' isn't A choice, it's the ONLY choice, as they are otherwise utterly unemployable.


IF this means that we will get some decent politicians who don't lose over £2 mill in a simple fraud scam that my granny could have sussed out or £8 mill pursuing a court case that was already lost ...

Dave Jones


You are right I should have checked the spelling

Guernsey rules out housing Syrian refugees

refugee camp for displaced syrians

GUERNSEY will not take any Syrian refugees, the Policy Council has announced.

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good post

Trevor Hockey

Island Wide Voting

My father used to say "I was in Baghdad when you were in dad's bag". He spent time in the Middle East, I wonder what he would say if he were still alive.? I seemed to remember h...


Those were the halcyon days when everyone trusted the States, foreign travel was a trip to Torteval and we weren't drowning under reams of bureaucracy and legislation.

Comments undermine sensible discussion of refugee decision


Use of the word ‘Islamophobia’ by the chief minister last week has instigated a slew of coverage in the national media and attracted the attention of a few far-right groups. But if there are sound reasons for the island not to take in Syrian refugees any debate on the issue is now going to be difficult following his ill-thought-out comments...

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Tony Webber

What an excellent Editorial.

It sums up the situation perfectly.

As we effectively made a joint announcement with Jersey's Chief Minister to approach the UK government on taking Syrian refugees, it ...


The "Islamophobic" comment was taken out of context and it was pretty clear to me he wasn't talking about the whole island. Fact is, if the BBC interview hadn't been twisted and spun by the media Nic...

Minimal pollution damage at La Grande Mare after pumping station failure

Photo By Steve Sarre 10-02-16Vason wast water pumping station generic pic

POLLUTION damage appears to be negligible at La Grande Mare following Tuesday’s pumping station failure.

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That's good news, otherwise someone would kick up a stink.