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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Cigarette butt sparks row with minister

Richard Lord, left, confronted Commerce and Employment Minister Kevin Stewart after spotting him putting a cigarette butt down a drain. He has challenged him to front a campaign to promote responsible disposal of butts, an offer which was declined. (Montage by Peter Frankland, 6294970)

DEPUTY KEVIN STEWART has defended how he disposes of cigarettes after being accused of going about it the wrong way.

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I'm pleased to put on record that I was never tempted to partake of a fag even when I was at Eton


Good tip Soph.

I only smoke after sex, so I haven't had a fag in 20 years.


So you don't use the loo then?

Firework complaints on first day on sale

A campaign has been launched calling for the greater regulation of fireworks.

FIREWORK complaints were received the day they went on sale, Guernsey Police have said.

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The celebrations are actually in honour of the fact that Guy Fawkes was stopped, hung and that parliament was protected.

But of course it is much more fun to imagine the houses of parliament going ...


Have you ever had to deal with animals who are so traumatised by the constant explosions outside that they shake un-controllably or excessively pant to the point of hyperventilation? Forgive me but if...


I've been living at the northern end of Town for the last 8 months or so, and even with most of my windows cracked open all summer long i've only actually been able to hear fireworks twice... Once at ...

Putting the bins out will come at a cost

Generic pins pic (Shutterstock)

THROWING away rubbish will cost three or four times more than it will to recycle, under Public Services Department plans unveiled today.

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I suppose that if we are too lazy to take our recycling to the bins provided around the island, we can only expect to pay if a contractor has to go door to door to collect it.

I am one of the first...


The funds raised by this scheme are simply to cover the costs of kerbside collection - no benefits otherwise!

Having listened on Radio Donkey this morning to the hot air and ramblings of the deputy who is largely responsible for getting the Island into this ridiculous situation, I was amazed to hear that his ...

New motor tax could be in operation by January


A NEW motor tax will be introduced from January if the States backs the law.

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Bill Maguire

First they came for the New Cars Dealers, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not in the market for a new car.

Then they came for the Second Hand Car Dealers, and I did not speak out—


Top Banana

I can understand this charge in relation to "luxury " vehicles. A Vauxhall Astra 1.6 5 door which is essentially a medium size family car would attract a registration fee of £2000 (£1200 width + £8...


What a ridiculous idea, although shocked I am not! Width tax would be funny if it were not a genuine proposal!! Why a width tax? Is it to decrease the volume of 4x4s on our roads? Are they rea...

Traffic hit squad will target law breakers


HOTSPOTS for speeding and other traffic offences can now be reported to a new-look Roads Policing Unit as part of a crackdown on offending motorists.

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Interestingly, RTA fatalities are down from 1930.

Bearing in mind the population and vehicle ownership, that is quite remarkable.


These "silly cars" are safer at 50mph than your Morris Minor was at 30mph. The brakes, suspension, and tyres are not even close to the sensible Morris.

I have not been to these car parks, but I wou...

Island Wide Voting

Why go that far? Lots of people seem to do 50MPH along North Side all night. Where's that police dog when you need him?

Planners back 45m Castel mast

The existing TV mast at Route de L’Eglise, Castel. It will be rebuilt 80m south west of its current site, if the Environment Department agrees with planners. (6291112)

A 45-METRE high lattice tower is likely to be built in the Castel after planners gave it the thumbs up, despite objections from neighbours.

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Island Wide Voting

My Vale father used to go shooting with a 12-bore,even after he got mistakenly shot by someone who thought he was a rabbit in a bush at Chouet!I was only about four at the time and I remember asking m...


IWV. Did your Grandparents not go rabbiting before TV was discovered?

Island Wide Voting

I hope that's not a euphemism for something very rude

Airport legal battle cost £500k

The Guernsey Airport terminal building under construction in 2003. The project ended up going nearly £7m. over budget, leading to a long battle by the States to try to get compensation. (Picture by Brian Green, 6307152)

AN UNSUCCESSFUL legal battle attempting to claw back money from the airport terminal overspend has cost the States nearly £500,000.

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And on the same day we have an article about taxing people for black bags and recycling.

The States should be ashamed of the utter mess they have made of another project.

Cant wait to see the oversp...

Nice One

Not to mention wasting another half a million pound afterwards trying to get it back - beyond belief...


Why do I get the impression that Guernsey is an easy target for people to get rich at the expense of the taxpayers of the island ? And not just anybody, but predominantly people from off the island.


‘GST? Just look at what it did for Jersey’

dave beausire

GUERNSEY has only to look across the water to see the potential damage that a goods and services tax could cause locally, the Guernsey Motor Trades’ Association president has warned.

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GST will case car sales to decline ?

Oh, jolly good ! Why don't you say that before !

So now I am suddenly a big fan of GST ! Bring it in immediately at 20 % so we can have much less new cars on...


But fewer cars on the roads is a GOOD thing Dave. Think you're just selfishly just thinking of your own interests and profit margins......


The reliance on income tax is exactly why GSP et al are proponents of GST. GST gets paid by everyone, visitors, retirees, workers etc.

‘Guernsey way’ must not hinder safety

HSSD held a press conference yesterday at which it apologised for failings in the maternity service highlighted in a report from the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Left to right, chief officer Dr Carol Tozer, Health minister Paul Luxon and Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 6302974)

PATIENT safety came behind all other concerns in maternity services, the Nursing and Midwifery Council chief executive has said.

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vic gamble

...interesting trio...a Doctor, but not of medicine,as I am lead to believe, a layman with no medical qualifications and a guy who believes the world was created last Wednesday.....what hope for mere ...


'The guernsey way' really??? so once a midwife has completed their training and achieved the national standard they return to sunny old guernsey & are presumably told forget everything you have ju...

Fans mob visiting YouTube sensation

KSI, Christian Kehoe and Michael Truelove

ONE of the world’s most popular and influential young internet stars was hunted down by hordes of local gamers at the weekend when he made an unexpected visit to Guernsey.

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Adopted Guern

I think the premise is...although don't quote me as I too am old and don't 'get it'...they upload videos to You Tube, they get a certain number of views and then a certain number of followers.


Billy the fish

I'd love some help on this one. I actually looked up the Guernsey lad on YouTube. The videos mainly are of him playing and losing mostly at FIFA games online, and swearing at the screen, throwing cha...