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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here. .

The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

La Mare rebuild may cost £60m.


DEPUTIES will be asked to approve spending nearly £60m. to rebuild La Mare de Carteret Primary and High Schools, Education minister Robert Sillars has confirmed.


@ Matt

No need to apologise..easy mistake to make!

But I'm not sure you are correct in your assumption that results shouldn't be too different. My children are in the state primary system (and I...


What has Derek Neale got to do with designing the proposed new School? Is he a qualified architect or helping the architect to design it for or on behalf of the Education at a price acceptable to acco...

Matt Fallaize

jjlehto, Young Guern etc.

Yes, in my earlier post I rather discounted children fee-paid through primary school. Silly error - apologies.

However, the point still stands in that:

a) there is ...

Commerce board member resigns over dairy report

Laurie Queripel

DEPUTY Laurie Queripel has resigned from Commerce and Employment amid concerns over the department’s dairy industry report and the impact it would have on milkmen.

Laurie Queripel

Sorry you feel that way Guernsey Fudge.

Hopefully you will take some comfort from some of the other comments I have posted here.

Laurie Queripel

Which clowns would you like to see in politics Disgruntled as it seems nearly everybody becomes one according to the likes of yourself once they are elected.

Could it not be that I have used whatev...

Hi milly

I'm not running for cover, that should be obvious by my comments in the article. Also please see my reply to soph below.

Parish right to sell off rectories may be blocked


CHURCH officials could be allowed to block ratepayers from selling rectories as part of proposed new legislation that has divided and angered some parishes.

Herbert Roth

That's often the problem with this kind of thing 'guern1'. To most of us the political intrigues and long-winded discussions are so boring that we ignore or lose interest in them. However, we must ove...


IWV, if it was left to me prisoners would be out in the community doing parish work,also baby machines would only be paid for the first two children. i cant understand why the states still pay for eve...


Hey Herbet, I think after reading two lines of this it makes you want to fall asleep, I think leaving these replies makes you realise there is some merit to it all

Ski boat pair branded as ‘idiots’

Incidents/ Private Motor Boats 2014

RESCUING ‘idiots’ means the lifeboat is not available for those in genuine trouble, its operations director has said, after the vessel was scrambled twice in 72 hours to rescue the same vessel, costing the charity nearly £2,000.


Should of sent the jersey lifeboat


Send them an invoice.


so after all this time we still do not have a law where a boat sailing in our waters must have an adequate radio or flares. it is no good condemning idiots for using boats without adequate equipment a...

£3.8m. for FTP advice is ‘value for money’


PAYMENT of £3.8m. to outside consultants Capita for its involvement in the States-wide efficiency drive represents value for money, Treasury minister Gavin St Pier said yesterday.


I suspect the problem is that the transaction meets the qualifying criteria as set out in a legally binding document, i.e. as Deputy St Pier has stated, the budget has reduced by this amount. If that ...

Stephen John

Deputy StPier

So you saved £650k from one account.

How much of this £650k was transferred to another account?

If moved as an expense or potential expense from one account to another, common...

Requete seeks to reverse ‘fake’ FTP saving decision


A POLITICAL move to overturn the Policy Council’s controversial decision to bank a ‘fake’ saving has been launched.

Matt Fallaize

Mr John,

There is no party line. I am working with several colleagues to draft a requete in an effort to reverse the Policy Council's silly decision.


With apologies, I'm not quite ...

Stephen John

No doubt the party line is keep quiet and it will go away, or something like that.

Island Wide Voting

"..... will become obvious will be when the accounts are produced for 2014....."

HAAAAR if you are referring to the States audited accounts!

Rumour has it that in 2012 a group of five highly rat...

Living wage ‘might not stop poverty’

MONEY Saving 1

POVERTY in the island remains a major concern but the living wage might not be the best way to tackle it.

Herbert Roth

A point well made IWV, thanks for the clarification. From that I can categorically say that absolute poverty should not be tolerated within a civilised society. Relative poverty, however, is a differe...

Island Wide Voting

I agree with Herbert Roth

I just wish that someone could come up with a definitive description of poverty suitable for use as a benchmark here.I don't think that the equation of earning less than 6...

Herbert Roth

Whenever I hear the 'poverty' word being bandied about I am always slightly wary, because some of these so-called poverty studies suggest that you are below the poverty line if you struggle to afford ...

‘No one works for just money’


SALARY is not the be-all and end-all of a job, business groups have said, following a deputy’s call for a wholesale review into how much they get paid.

That is not the way I look at tax at all. The government do not take anything away, the way I look at it is that whatever you are given due to the circumstances a society has provided you with, a port...

Yvonne Burford

Your little story presupposes that people are only motivated by extrinsic rewards (such as grades). What it leaves out is the human desire for intrinsic rewards (such as knowledge)

For example: ht...

Yvonne Burford


I should be grateful you were pressed for time and were not able to post the long answer ;-)

Christmas ice rink to return at new location – Le Friquet


AN ICE rink will return to Guernsey this winter at a new venue, it has been revealed.

GFC fan

Those in the market square should look to put in a decent little German market to make up for any loss in footfall due to the ice rink move (Mulled Wine etc).

They also should have followed Jersey'...


It's good that it'll be in a place with better parking etc now, but I can't help but think this will take some of the festive feeling out of town, especially on late night shopping days

GFC fan

Excellent news....serve some Mulled Wine too and I will be there.

Subsidising an elderly population

ARE we encouraging the ageing population in Guernsey?


Surely this would be an easy FTP win if a minimum contribution to social security was applied?

Also, is this subsidy means tested? Could a millionaire move into an open market property, live here f...