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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Weak air links are damaging business – Giba

peter mills_900

GUERNSEY’S finance industry is losing out because of weak air links to the island, the Guernsey International Business Association’s former chairman has claimed.

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….lack of whatever it is you're smoking may have hindered that particular train of thought entering our local politicos head's, no1native…….

that said, bearing in mind some of their latest st...


Just a thought...

It has been well documented that Alderney airport runs at a great loss to the tax payer and that Guernsey airport can't get the variaty of air carriers to land due to the short leng...


Certain influential people get extremely twitchy about negative comments on these boards regarding politicians, Vivica, so I guess I'll just have to say, 'errrrrr, oh YES, ABSOLUTELY!!'…….LOL!!!!!...

Kerbside recycling drives 800-ton drop in rubbish


THE household recycling rate is higher than ever, but still not reaching the target set in the waste strategy.

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Not reached target yet in waste strategy?

No and not likely to either if his idea of removing bring banks and charging for recycling bags etc in 2016

Dave Jones


That should read

Dave Jones


This is a question best directed at Deputy Ogier

His e-mail address is

Driving theory test is expanded


QUESTIONS about French roads and filter- in-turns are included in the first expansion to the Guernsey driving theory test.

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The courtesy crossing is part of a long term traffic strategy planned well in advance by Environment.

The Albert Pier works were sprung on everybody ( Environment included ) in December

So well ...

Dave Jones


My experience of marine civil Eng projects over 37 years is that Dredgers are a lot more than £1200 per day, it would be more like 7 to10 thousand per day and certainly if it is nor working...

Island Wide Voting

No, no a thousand times no

Well at least not before a requete / vote of no confidence in Envo

Unions’ offer of pension talks fails at 11th hour

Picture By Peter Frankland. 13-03-15 Martin MacIntyre of Prospect Union.

A LAST-ditch bid to re-ignite public sector pension talks was rejected by the Policy Council, unions have said, ahead of today’s mass protest march and rally.

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Sara Thompson

The unions' continued desire for talks indicates one thing to me - if this does go to the courts they know they haven't got much chance.

There have been lots of comments on social media about yesterd...

Trevor Hockey

I agree that 7k is not a lot but averages can be deceptive. If you have one foot in boiling water and one in freezing on average you should be comfortable.!

I am aware of senior civil servants on p...

Donkey Boiler

How much they retire on is immaterial. The fact is that these pensions are subsidised by workers in the private sector, who often cannot afford to provide themselves with any pension, and do not have ...

‘Hideous, cheap and tacky’ Town planters cost £30,000

trevor mahy_900

NEW plastic planters around Albert Pier have been branded hideous, cheap-looking and tacky by business owners in the area.

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Trevor Hockey


So, the cruise liner passengers can use the nice clean toilets provided for the yachtsmen but us stupid pleb taxpayers will have to make do with the ones that are smelly and often dirty with ha...

Trevor Hockey

I have always had some customers bleating about Guernsey going to the dogs, down the pan and suchlike comments but I can honestly say that there has never been so much public discontent with the State...

Election Issues


Yes, you're absolutely right. Brilliant!

'They' have already thought about the covered walkways. With shaded areas, so that will be the marquee, a gazebo, awnings and a few jaunty umbrella...

Anger as cars doused in salt water on board Condor ferry

condor open deck car salt_9

VEHICLES should not be parked on Condor Liberation’s open deck, passengers have said, after they watched as salt water covered their cars.

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Harriet, I'm guessing when you were a child a cars electrics were not as comprehensive as they are now? Salt in the electronics of a car will render that car unusable. Your mums car probably had carbu...


Where do isle of wight ferrys go? Oh yes, little short trips along the english coast not crossing the channel for hours!

If you think travelling on those little hops across ports ferry was rough tr...

Earl Godwin

Ferryfan the vehicles on the IOW ferries are only exposed on a deck for 45 mins tops and a top speed of 13 knots. If your lucky..... And that's long enough...

Condor liberation is exposing vehicles...

Mariners voice concerns over ports operations

Barry Paint

FORMER harbour masters and marine pilots have united to voice concerns over the way that the island’s commercial ports are being run.

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Trevor Hockey


Wouldn't be anything to do with a rumoured affair between someone on the harbour staff and a politician would it.? - No conflict of interest there then. Wonder what the pillow talk involved ...

guernsey donkey nearly

The Harbour Authority had an English expert advise them about the use of the IIQ for landing cruise passengers and the decision was there were to many people.

This Pontoon system on the IIQ took the ...

Town planters ‘look like Lego bricks’


DEPUTIES and members of the public have branded new plastic planters along Albert Pier as ‘Lego-like’, ‘ugly’ and ‘out of touch’ with the St Peter Port theme.

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I live in St Peter Port and I cannot believe that not one sitting deputy, to my knowledge, has publicly questioned what is going on in our Parish. Accepting salary increases without serving the voting...


As always Deputy Jones you think like most of us. The question is then who has come up with these ideas and how have they seemingly been able in the most part to circumnavigate the various checks and ...

Dave Jones


If the original problem down at the White Rock was passengers at risk from freight traffic, which was the fault of the Harbour authorities by taking over the top end of the NB car park and m...

Education is accused of letting La Mare crumble

Do we have enough pupils to warrant four state senior schools? The debate over La Mare de Carteret School’s redevelopment continues. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 8200531)

CLAIMS that Education has underspent potentially millions in maintenance funding have drawn fresh battlelines over the rebuild of the crumbling and creaking La Mare schools.

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Trevor Hockey

What would be the effect on the financials if students were allowed to leave school at 15, provided that they had full time employment to go to.?

Would we still need as many schools.? How much les...


Guern abroad

Not quite the same as Starbucks are actively "playing the game". The likes of Boots and Next haven't had to do any planning as they are simply not taxable here, and overall are no bet...

guern abroad

Thank you.

When you put it like that does make sense, bit like Starbucks avoiding paying UK tax even though they trade in the UK and take money from the UK population.

All the more reason to shop l...

Tomorrow's Liberation cancelled due to weather


POOR weather conditions has led to the cancellation of tomorrow's [18 April] Condor Liberation service. 

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Trevor Hockey

Spoke to someone yesterday (25th) who was on the maiden empty voyage to Jersey, boat went around Corbiere, really smooth ride but as soon as it was loaded it rolled like a pig and he described it as a...

Earl Godwin

Here's my advice ....

Buy a stainless steel car...

Buy some zinc blocks and hot dip galvanise your electric cables... Hopefully it might start.....

Fingers crossed it doesn't start to rust...



I agree, but would add this facility should be available in Guernsey and Jersey too. Wouldn't take much would it.