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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Island housing crisis is a myth, says developer


HOUSING targets are based on nothing more than a wish list, according to a leading developer.

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Question: Why should it be only PO to help First Time buyers? Why not a duel approach of supporting First Time buyers with some limited 15% mortgage guarantees?

No cash needed. The defaul...


I think it is unarguable that the Housing Department under the control of both Deputy Jones and his predecessor Deputy Flouquet have done a good job through the GHA of building more houses. Prior to...


Guilthead your point on building costs is very apposite.

The RICS publish building cost indices showing current costs and regional variations I enclose here below these BCIS tender price studie...

Let some refugees in, says Bridge2 founder


AN APPEAL to show Guernsey’s response to the escalating refugee crisis in Europe has been launched by Bridge2 founder Sarah Griffith, who believes a few of the ‘most vulnerable’ refugees fleeeing Syria should be allowed to seek safety in Guernsey.

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Well Madame Bridge is at it again. Surely enough is enough. Has she completed her "charity work" in Sri Lanka, Haiti, The Phillipines and Nepal. If so, could the public be provided with completed A...


Alderney born people are not allowed in ...why should anyone else be welcomed so readily?


What's missing from every news story is any thought as to why there is any form of 'migrant issue'. The crux of the matter is there are simply too many human beings on the planet and something needs ...

Education review finds communication weakness


EDUCATION is under pressure to improve its communication and consultation with parents as well as its approach to ensuring all children and young people are included, in an external report released today.

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IO, are you saying there is enough spare capacity in the states schools to take all the pupils from Blancheland, Ladies College and Elisabeth College? I don't think that is true.

Wings: If the Sta...

Mr Billet


But the comprehensive system would be in a much better position in terms of cohort and resources to deliver education services on a par with the private colleges instead of the inequality o...

Mr Billet


Guernsey has always done better than the UK in outcomes and still does!

Also the UK has advantages over Guernsey in many ways.

Former States members say they will stand in by-election


A CONTEST will take place to decide who takes the vacant seat in St Peter Port North.

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You want a former candidate of a racist party to be elected?

You want a supporter of GST elected?

Tony Webber


It is absolute nonsense to say I have not been living in the Island for a few years.

I do spend a lot of time in the UK, like many Guernsey people, as I have friends and family off the Is...

Seafront traffic back to two lanes


SOUTHBOUND traffic is back to two lanes along The Quay from this morning

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Yvonne Burford


The bus lay-by change was not part of the changes to the Town Quay and was nothing to do with the workstream to make the Quay crossing safer and to potentially reclaim part of the public re...

Yvonne Burford

Hi markcoley,

There was a fault on the sensors on the Town Church lights which I understand has been fixed by engineers today.

Some of the other lights were adjusted a little while ago to make t...

Island Wide Voting

There is a letter in the Press today from an Envo spokesperson (Their replies seem to be getting shirtier but who can blame them I suppose .. at least they do reply,unlike Law Enforcement who's standa...

Quieter fans at chip shop should keep planners happy


A MORE powerful and less noisy extractor fan is set to end long-running planning problems for New Kingfisher Fish and Chip Shop owner Alan Opie.

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Shane Langlois


Do not worry, 'interpretation' is not a concern in this case. The sale of meals or refreshments is exempt from the Sunday Trading Ordinance.


Guernsey Ted I thank you for picking me up on spelling mistake.

The problem for residents near the kingfisher is that the smell of the fat goes right through their houses, into their wardrobes and ...

guernsey ted

One final thing, this Guy has tried his best to keep everyone happy at enormous expense, hope you remember that the next time you go to buy fish & chips, probably the cheapest on the Island, leave...

Islanders embrace Cycle to Work Day


BIKE racks across Town were full to the brim yesterday as islanders embraced National Cycle to Work Day.

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Why was back to school day chosen as cycle to work day?

To cause extra congestion perhaps?

YB, your pushang is electric so far as I am aware, so do not compare your speed with the alleged speed of...


He's got a pretty decent racing bike by the looks of it and is a regular cyclist so is probably in good physical shape. Looking at average cycling speeds online, averaging just over 17mph on a racing...

Yvonne Burford

Can he average 17mph? Possibly - I average 14mph on mine and I can't begin to keep up with some cyclists on lightweight bikes.

I'm sorry to hear about your father's problem, but overall the evidenc...

‘Fix bathing pools’ urge La Vallette swimmers


REGULAR users of the La Vallette Bathing Pools say the whole area needs updating and that some of the crumbling steps are a safety risk to children.

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Margaret Le Page

Such a shame reading this article, I remember spending hours at the Pools, diving and swimming and entering school races there and also swimming from the pools to Castle Cornet. A great place to learn...

Island Wide Voting

From the Culture & Leisure mandate ....

Leisure Services is committed to providing high-quality services and facilities for the sites under its control. Accessibility is a key issue to the Depa...

GFC fan

Dear states,

Get them fixed, please.

‘States wrong with first-time buyer plan’


REJECTING financial help schemes for first-time house buyers in Guernsey is the wrong decision, a lender has warned, as he suggested such a scheme combined with developing affordable housing would be a better option.

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Tony Webber

Dave J


Do you have a record of who supported your requete to save me asking the Greffe ?

I think there is a place for the Homes for Workers Loans fund as well as partial ownership scheme.


Dave Jones


During your time in the States there were at least to votes of "no confidence" in the Housing Authority.

Remind me if you supported my Requete on Housing issues at the beginning of 2000, it wa...

Tony Webber

Dave J

Thanks for re-iterating what you have done.

I have nothing but praise for any such achievements.

My point was what still needs to be done, and whilst I referred to your watch, I also was q...

First-time buyers’ report ‘ignores crisis evidence’


A JOINT report by Treasury and Resources in conjunction with the Housing Department on first-time buyers ‘completely misses the point’, ‘ignores evidence’ and takes an ‘illogical standpoint’, according to one deputy.

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Here we are unable to help GUERNSEY youngsters on the ladder of property ownership, and we have do goodies wanting to bring some of the refugees to live here.

Where will they live who will pay for it...

Dave Jones


It is a a question of scale and finite land resources.

Dave Jones


Also the properties cannot be extended putting them out of reach, another major plus is that the tenant/owner has a guaranteed buyer.

This equity is not supposed to be enough to purchase a ho...