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P&R condemns four-year tax plan to raise an extra £63m


DEPUTIES lining up a tax bombshell of an extra £63m. over the next four years have been condemned by Policy & Resources.

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jjlehto,If its only a small amount makes it easier to take the risk ,and those that remain will pay a fair amount ,plus Guernsey will never be accused of pandering to the rich,so its a win win.Charity...

Island Wide Voting

Clearly the man's manifesto is nothing but a fraud as are so many others and it is compounded by the fact that he is a 'referendum denier' having voted against trusting the electorate to vote correctl...

Rupert Walthumstow

I am somewhat ashamed to say I voted for Deputy Prow and I must apologise to all for this error.

The first thing he's done of note (that I can recall) entirely goes back on this manifesto. Quote b...

Our ‘Man in Westminster’ takes a personal interest


GUERNSEY’S new ‘Man in Westminster’ has stated that he will manage personally the relationship between the UK and the Crown Dependencies.

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It seems that my comment was removed. I think I know why, so I'll re-word it.

Lidington looked a complete waste of space on Question Time a couple of nights ago. Avoided all the awkward questions a...


Lidington looked a complete waste of space on Question Time a couple of nights ago. Avoided all the awkward questions and was totally outclassed by all the other panellists. Even the Nazi from the Dai...


Cue a taxpayers jolly, to Westminster, for Gav and Co, for a meet and greet.

Condor is to blame for lack of day trips

WITH reference to the letter in the Guernsey Press of 8 June, I must take issue with the response from Condor’s spin doctor Helen Day regarding the problems surrounding day trips between the islands. Ms Day states that an inter-island passenger-only ferry was unable to happen due to ‘reasons outside of our control’. I’m sorry, but from where I’m looking from, the reasons day trips are few and far between nowadays are entirely down to Condor.

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100% Carre.

What day trips ???????

As Beanjar says the timetable is absolutely awful overnight stays add up and cancellations if there's a technical fault or a bit of wind or the tide in jersey is not right add ...


Very good point

Common sense

Unfortunately the environment department's desire to reduce parking in St PP resulted in the decision to give the extra space in North Beach to Condor thus allowing them to buy the liberation, prior t...

Roaming charges must go – but obstacles remain


ABOLISHING roaming charges for mobile data will be the long-term goal for the Channel Islands telecoms providers, the chief executive of the regulator, has said.

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well if most service providers see us as UK then we should be able to get a SIM card in say Spain using the number here and not paying anything additional which is more than likely cheaper than what w...


Arn't you lucky - you can still rip off the customer!

Deputies explain vote against binding referendum result


CONCERNS over the electorate not getting their favoured choice or a weak result were two of the reasons given by deputies who opposed making the island-wide voting referendum politically binding.

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Orson Carter

If the people of Guernsey don't have a mandatory power to determine how their representatives are selected, any image painted of "democracy" is a facade, a construct.

The attitudes of politicians a...

100% Carre.

Well there's three names that might as well clear their desks. 16 more to go eh.

You have no reason to go against the public outcome do you feel that insecure in life that you crave power. They don't...

Independent report finds savings of £1.5m. at Education and Home


MAJOR savings can be made at both Education and Home, independent consultants have said.

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An AI Forever

15 years ago no one cared about fees or costs, now the gravy train is over,peeps are looking for excuses instead of looking at their own business model

Time to suck eggs

guernsey greed has now h...

guern abroad

Perhaps ironically because they can't speak French so always look to the UK.


That looks suspiciously like 25%, is this another one of the dodgy '% of savings' deals where their definition of 'savings' is nothing like that in common usage? And if our overpaid, over-pensioned c...

Cour du Parc tower cladding ‘was tested with a blowtorch’


THE materials used in cladding fitted to Cour du Parc flats a few years ago was tested to make sure it was not flammable, the chief executive of the Guernsey Housing Association has said.

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An AI Forever

Id guess the insulation is a more important factor then the actual cladding

Island Wide Voting

RG Falla carried out the refurbishment of Cour du Parc using Trespa cladding

see …

Trespa® is a high pressure compact panel (HPL), based on thermosetti...

guern abroad

That will probably be to soon and not give them a chance to digest the reports and then check the findings against this building. The cladding was only one element of the fire. Though a thorough revie...

Update Fire in Houmet Lane started in garage


FIREFIGHTERS have now put out a large fire that had broken out in a property in Houmet Lane in the Vale.

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I'm more concerned about the Hospital and some of the schools.


Not only Cour du Parc but also some of the other GHA building should be checked to make sure they comply with building regulations.

Some of them like Bouet and Roseville do not appear to be very well...


Meant to say on opening line on previous post:- is the cladding on Cour du Parc being checked as we speak?

Island-wide voting referendum backed but will not be binding

Island wide voting graphic for politics.

Islanders will be polled in a five option referendum to help decide whether island-wide voting should be introduced, the States has decided.

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Election Issues

7.3 SACC's objective is 'genuinely' to 'empower' the people of Gsy to determine their future electoral system - and the Committee believes this objective is shared by the majority of States' Member...

Island Wide Voting

I really hope so Shane. SACC can look to the European Union for tips on how to go about it

Island Wide Voting

Rather than boycotting the June 2018 referendum,if the travesty of it not being binding is not reversed,it might make more of an impact if several hundred of the taken for granted electorate turn up a...