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States votes to scrap 11-Plus

States building generic

STATES members have this morning voted to scrap the 11-Plus and move to having all-ability secondary schools.

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John Mauger

The Grammar School won't be destroyed. In fact I think it will go from strength to strength and will have a key role in developing a fairer and more equitable system.

I speak as a parent who had t...


Don't know enough about the subject to form an opinion so I am seeking information.

At present, entrance to universities is via Elizabeth College and the Grammar School, by providing such further edu...

Election Issues

Yes Belvoir, you are right. Unfortunately, it is now the only option.

Salerie changes cost £130k

Was it really necessary for the work at Salerie Corner to take so long and cost so much? (Picture by Steve Sarre, 16691071)

CYCLISTS and pedestrian safety measures at Salerie Corner have seen the budget-busted to the tune of £80,000.

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I blame the St Peter Port electorate for being daft enough to vote deputy Baz back in, whilst those out west saw sense and got rid of Burford.

He was on the radio earlier, didn't apologise for the ...


He has to be held accountable for this surely - no quote - just an open cheque book.


Baz, don't get to comfy in your office chair at environment.

Pillars in lane anger parish


PARISH officials are objecting to granite pillars being put at the base of a historic earth bank in a narrow St Martin’s lane.

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'careless driving'?

Pull the other one Trevor!

If that is the case why does only one side get clouted?

This appears to be an attempted case of money talks, and needs to be resisted by the con...


There have been a lot of changes in the lane since the current owners bought the property - it was once a magical lane but now is bare and bland.

The owners have apologised for not getting permissi...


The hedge has been there for a very long time and it was only when all the ground cover was taken away and the bank made bare. That this slipping started and the granite sets where put in.

Governance professionals ‘fulfil an essential role’


GOVERNANCE professionals play a vital role in preserving Guernsey’s global reputation as a leading international finance centre, according to the president of the local branch of ICSA, the Governance Institute.

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Sorry, I've just been corrected - the charter was given 125 years ago in 1891


And Paul - are you saying that the Queen isn't one of the brightest stars?


It was chartered in 1898 and the Queen is its patron. Somehow, Trevor, I don't think the Queen would want to be associated with your group of international conmen and silly arses - unless you know so...

Twelve job losses as local building firm set to close

ISLAND Construction Ltd is set to close down in January, with professionals expressing concerns over the industry’s ever-worsening employment climate.

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John Mauger

I always research very carefully but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Even Mr Trevor Hockey who knows everything about everything seems to be let down.


It would help if Building Control enforced the regulations instead of turning a blind eye to breaches.

Trevor Hockey

Devil's Advocate

One of my customers had trouble with a big local firm, in fact they think he was a bit of a cad.!

Education seeks to bring secondary clarity with its amendment


EDUCATION has been forced to lay an amendment to its secondary education report to simplify and bring clarity to the debate on selection.

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John Mauger

Best decision the States has ever made. The Grammar School will now go from strength to strength. It won't in any way be reduced if children outside the precious 25% are admitted. It will be enrich...

Trevor Hockey

Island Wide Voting

Worst States ever..!!

Socialists, Lefties, Tree Huggers, all giving 100% to destroying something that isn't broken, so little Johnny or Sarah don't get all upset at failing an...

Election Issues

Comprehensives are a different type of school?


How many of the Deputies voting will put their own children in this 'different type of school'?

The very fact that the Vice Presiden...

Building industry ‘not at bottom’


CONSTRUCTION in the island is ‘yet to hit rock bottom’, according to the Economic Development president, as professionals said it was in ‘the quietest period in living memory’.

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So says a man who earns more in an hour, than most of the people he's talking about, do in a week


Well said 100%.

100% Donkey

PF - we are nowhere near rock bottom.

This isn't about the States spreading out projects just to accommodate the local building industry, it's about economics.

What the likes of RG Falla need to...

College duo win legal argument


A SERIES of mock trials have given budding lawyers a flavour of the courtroom in a school competition run by Collas Crill.

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Island Wide Voting

Jersey TV news at 6pm today

Press jobs in Guernsey and Jersey are in danger

Devil's Advocate

Don't be silly Paul, the Press wouldn't know what investigative & follow-up journalism were if they hit them in the face.


Come on GP you're journalists, answer your own question and see if any previous winners have gone on to a career in law. Many stories you run would benefit from a conclusion.

Tougher air pollution rules are proposed

Pic by Adrian Miller 11-05-16Bonfires might soon be bannedenvironment

DARK SMOKE emissions could be banned and bonfires restricted to just dry garden waste in a bid to improve air quality in the island.

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Leave the Liberation out of it?

It is not Condor's fault as the boat is fit for purpose.


Good. Perhaps we should also do something about poorly maintained vehicles spewing forth clouds of sooty diesel fumes.

Water wheel will soon be turning again


A RARE water wheel will soon be turning again after undergoing restoration.

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Hello the new wheel looks great. I am renovating an old watermill back into a working mill in France with the help of French volunteers.

Would you be interested in so...