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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

£190m. to update harbour

harbour review_900

NEARLY £190m. needs to be found to overhaul the facilities at the harbour and bring them into the 21st century, the team behind a 10-year vision for the project says.

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they will tax they soon


How do you think all your food and large luxury good gets here? yep via the Harbour, so it affects us all really not just Boat owners who already contribute.

Billy the fish


The Harbours generate £7 MILLION pounds a year and spend £5 million. Would that not suggest to you that it's activities need to be "directed"? Certainly I'm not aware of any private comp...

Campaign against foie gras about cruelty, not anti-meat


VIOLENT torture, cage entrapment and frequent suffocation is the reality for birds reared to produce the fine dining delicacy foie gras, but enough is enough, according to one local animal welfare campaigner.

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Billy - Have you noticed how some charity's ask for Just £2.00 to help a child yet £5 to help a dog seems unbalanced to me!

Billy the fish

See, that’s what I love about this forum. Make a well meaning post, which contains no name calling, stays sensible and actually makes pretty much the same point in one paragraph that Futu La makes ...


Have you finished??

Increase in dedicated 999 staff in control centre

combined control room_900

A GREATER number of operators will be solely dedicated to answering 999 calls under Guernsey’s new joint emergency services control centre.

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Island Wide Voting


I hope yours is the correct version,and if it is how the hell did my 12 bob Press get it so pathetically wrong?


The article is slightly misleading as they are not there purely to just "answer 999 calls". They are there for the command and control purposes for the Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

If you d...

Nick Le P

It seems apparent from your comment that you actually have no idea how to run a shift operation 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Assuming that you need 3 operators available to work in 8 hour shift...

States capital projects ‘pot’ could be empty by 2016

prof wood_900

GUERNSEY must control its spending and continue ‘steady’ taxation to stop its depleted funds from running completely dry for multimillion-pound capital projects, an independent economist warned yesterday.

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Poppies ??

Bill Maguire

"NEARLY £190m. needs to be found to overhaul the facilities at the harbour"...Yawn...."States capital projects ‘pot’ could be empty by 2016"...Yawn...."We're All Doomed"......Now I've an idea wha...


Yes... this guy should be on Mastermind. Total genius. Full marks for the blinking obvious !

No money, so Anthony, 9, could lose leg

ian McMahon_900

A NINE-YEAR-OLD who dreams of becoming a professional footballer is facing  having a leg amputated after his parents were refused funding for his treatment.

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HSSD are to be congratulated for funding the successful reconstruction of Anthony's right leg. I can only presume they did so after a proper clinical cost/benefit analysis of his condition.

Since, ...

Bill Maguire

I'd love to have sight of the amount spent on management in HSSD.

Perhaps opening up the management posts & salaries could be a 2016 election winner.

So this young lad could have 80 years of...

John Mauger

It seems that an £80,000 operation + aftercare will give Anthony the chance of a normal, active life.

Or, amputate his leg, save £80,000 and leave him with a lifetime of prosthetic legs (how much...

Minister backs campaign to free Marine A


A SENIOR politician has lobbied David Cameron as part of a campaign to free a Royal Marine jailed for killing a Taliban insurgent.

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As long as he didn't send the letter on States of Guernsey headed paper what does it matter he is entitled to his opinion.


"Err, anybody want to do first aid on this idiot? No?


"Could put one in his head if you want? Take your pick.”


"Not in his head because that will be f---ing obvious.”



I believe so but I'm not too sure he wants to go back.

Ambulance service spent over £1m. from reserves


ST JOHN Ambulance and Rescue exhausted more than £1m. of its reserves to keep the service on the roads, it has revealed.

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Why do the police seem to get whatever they want while the ambulance struggle? They are equally as important and therefore the funding should be shared equally between all the emergency services.


I would defer judgement until we saw their report and accounts if they ever become available. It would show where and why these reserves were spent and how they got themselves in this financial posit...

Guernsey Proud

Isn't that what reserves are for????

The Press and Government really need to stop critising St Johns, they do a fantastic job, save countless lives or get people to medical help that they require.


Sewage strike called off


A SEWAGE strike has been averted after States Works agreed to pay truck drivers their owed bonuses.

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Thank goodness they called it off that's another load of my mind!!


Oh i see, So that,s why I see the trucks lined up at Vazon


KEITH What a joke,Mr Lanning says,Quote"What you have to remember is that these are some of the lowest paid people in the States "unquote,I am surprised that other states employees who deserve more m...

Minimum age for benefit claimants to rise to 18


GUERNSEY’S minimum age for claiming supplementary benefit is being raised to 18 under tougher new rules being introduced by Social Security.

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Sarnia Expat

When people call their benefits their "wages", and are so "entitled" that they sneer at the rest of us who work all the hours so that we can have the moral upperhand, that is where the problem starts....

Andythe UKhater

Okay, it seems I have hit a nerve. I just find the constant comparisons with the UK to be divisive, a case of "we are better than you attitude"

Why do we have to compare ?, with ......anyone else. ...

Futu La

errrr, what part of the comment wasn't simply a statement of fact, Andy...?

Don't you read the news….?

And more importantly, how is an observation about what the UK are doing with their social...

‘Plans are no Gucci wish list’ – harbour master


PLANS to upgrade the harbour are the bare essentials and not the ‘Gucci wish list’, the harbour master has said.

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Not very subtle, we all know where you're trying to get that money from; the tax payer again. Well here's an idea; pay for it yourself.