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Education committee to push for La Mare rebuild


LA MARE DE CARTERET will be rebuilt if Education committee members get their way, they have said as they make a firm commitment to push through plans.

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Island Wide Voting


Yes,that Noel-Baker school is well worth looking up.Sports Hall looks top notch even without 500 retractable spectator seats

Couldn't find any reference to a suite of rooms for euchre / shove...

Island Wide Voting

The old Board was'disgraced' by the fact that Conder and Sherbourne jumped ship,Sillars and Hadley were sacked by their electorate (7th and 9th out of 13) and survivor Green wanted nothing more to do ...

Interested Observer

That is unless you don't want the new school to have sports facilities at all which would save 8 Million.

But surely people don't think that is an option................

‘Fuel security is our number one priority’


A BUSINESS case for a deep water berth that will ensure the security of fuel supplies will be put to Policy & Resources.

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Trevor Hockey

Island Wide Voting

I wasn't insinuating that she was a witch.! But seriously, we have too many airy fairy Deputies in our States who seem to have little or no grasp of reality or the problems bein...

Ross Le Brun

A more flexible attitude towards changing usage is whats needed. These use classes are treated like commandments carved in stone to the normal working person here.

I get so frustrated at how little...


Wouldn't take too much to extend a spit from the bottom corner of Longue Hougue south to Vivian, then (optionally) also to the SE or SW. Tankers could berth either side depending on wind / sea condit...

Big education debate will have to wait

Paul Le Pelley

REBUILDING La Mare de Carteret High School and the future of secondary education might not come back to the States this year, its committee president has revealed.

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Interested Observer

No you are correct, Deputy Le Pelley didn't take this decision, Deputies Trott and Ferbrache did on his behalf.

How you can say that the electorate has spoken and given a clear mandate when there ...

Interested Observer

Not ignored, they looked at the facts and came back with a solution, one you don't like as it takes everyone into account not just a select few.

If there were two Grammar Schools, I have no doubt t...


Is it "awful" because you can't get your head around the concept? It's not that hard to understand.

Perhaps for 50% of the children neither a Grammar education or a Comprehensive education is suit...

Admiral Park plans approved

Plans to develop this area of Admiral Park have been approved by planners, and now need political backing before they can go ahead.

APPROVAL has been given to the multi-million pound development at Admiral Park.

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GSY Fred

CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS! - So excited!! - I love developmental work is - I don't know what a crèche is but the rest sounds nice - since I WORK in an OFFICE - I sell things for a livin'! Then John West ...

100% Carre.

I agree at last the island is moving in the right direction on both decisions


Excellent news, wonder how long before we see the much awaited Cinema..

‘The island needs affordable first-time buyer homes like this’


A HOTEL in St Peter Port could be transformed into 17 first-time buyer homes, under fresh plans from developers, with them being potentially priced from around £200,000.

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Can a covenant be put in place that limits ownership to first time owner occupiers ?

Devil's Advocate

Sorry, didn't read your post properly. The problem is enforcing subsequent sales are made to FTBs, and I don't think that's possible :-(.

Runs with Scissors

But that's what I'm trying to say DA, if there is some way of offering an incentive to keep the properties with the FTB chain that has to be the way forward.

Or alternatively levying punitive doc d...

‘Sick to death’ of littering of street


A CLIFTON resident is ‘sick to death’ of rubbish being left out on the wrong days and having to sweep up other people’s litter.

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Panic Stations

This is an issue facing both ends of Les Canichers (opposite the Swan and at the top of Bosq Lane) there was even a house appliance propped up against the public bin the other day, its absolutely disg...

GSY Fred

Surely I'm in the majority in saying AND stating that hourly pick ups are the best idea. I do like Sarnia Expat's idea of larger bins in the house hold(remember to keep them upright!) that way everyo...

Sarnia Expat

I too spend a good deal of my time clearing up other peoples rubbish from this particular site. Quite often bags are left out way before the sun sets and I can see the gulls circling and know that wh...

Crabs under threat from Asian invader


GUERNSEY’S shore crabs will now be monitored more closely following the invasion of an aggressive crustacean in Jersey, which is thought to be a threat to native crab species.

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We could fit the Police's armoured landrover with a snorkel exhaust and send that out squash them, or fit depth charges to the Leopardess and use that!

Devil's Advocate

Surely the best thing to do is to distribute ID guides to the angling clubs / angling forums / tackle shops / facebook groups and get them to give feedback and destroy them when they find them? This i...

GSY Fred

they sound asian

Backing for Leale’s Yard, Admiral Park projects

An artist’s impression of new plans for the development of Leale’s Yard released earlier this year. Plans have been given the go-ahead, subject to political approval.

TWO major developments have taken a step closer to reality after planners gave their support.

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Devil's Advocate

Well said Trevor, but with one caveat - industry in the island is generally uncompetitive with that in mainland UK or Europe due to high costs here, so new industry is unlikely to set up here. Local ...

Devil's Advocate

That way of thinking does have merit though - commuting is such a waste of time and resources.


Interesting article on the issues of home ownership in Australia:

Leale’s Yard and Admiral Park builds ‘to benefit all’

How it might look inside the new development, which will be focused on residential units rather than retail.

PLANNERS’ provisional approval for two multi-million pound developments at Leale’s Yard and Admiral Park is ‘the best news the construction industry has heard in a while’, according to the president of its trade association.

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Devil's Advocate

Spain's economy hasn't tanked due to housing, it's tanked due to other things. The housing 'crash' is a symptom, not a cause.

We don't want 'booming' anything, we want things to be steady - it's much...


IWV- you may well be right, The Manor Hotel next?

Business demand prompts Guernsey-based bank idea

Geoff Miller FFG

DEMAND from the island's business community is one major reason why the prospect of a new Guernsey-based bank is being investigated by a locally-based entrepreneur.

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yes good point Gustaflepelly,


Where does it say they want a guarantee from taxpayers? Calm down and give credit to entrepreneurs giving things a go. You do realise your bank deposits are guaranteed by the states (to a point) anywa...


There's no detail on the business 'demand'.

No Guernsey taxpayer guarantees thank you. Your bank, your risk