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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

‘Transport carrots need to be paid for’

enough is enough protester

STATES members want the transport strategy ‘carrots’ but do not want to pay for them, the Environment minister has concluded.

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Oh my gache

Ironically, I have an issue with carrots anyway. Most seem to go rotten in a couple of days especially the chilled ones.

Good analogy? Rotten bus proposals and rotten carrots!


jjlehto. Okay.. so maybe you have a system where you can buy an £8 card that lasts you for a year or you could just pay £1 per trip. Would you say that that would be better? Trouble is, what t...


Rosie, I find your views on the Parish 'Ghost' Bus quite incredible, or to be more accurate, non-credible. If you are not interested, why are you trying to shove a crappy bus service virtually nobody...

Environment to hold emergency talks with Treasury after width and emissions is scrapped

transport protestors_900

URGENT talks are being planned between Environment and Treasury after width and emissions taxes were dumped by the States, leaving a multi-million pound black hole in its transport strategy.

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Dave Jones


The motorist has already paid to park.

15million is gleaned from vehicle owners of which 4 million is spent on maintaining the roads.

Which means 11 million goes into general revenue for ot...


Rosie... you are not listening...

New cars on the island should be encouraged and not discouraged - as new cars produce less harmful emissions than old ones. When people give up their old cars for ...

Common sense

Ms Burford you answer clearly shows that given the choice you still opt for using a private car rather than public transport.

Your actions speak far louder than any words

HSSD considers raising cash via ethical investors


PRIVATE funding could be used by Health and Social Services to bring world-leading care developments to the island.

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SHE'S NOT A DOCTOR (in the medical sense of the word)

Why does she hold herself out as medically qualified? (Unless the GP is to blame not understanding the difference)

Bill Maguire

Time to join the EU to prepare for help with a bailout?

Forewarned is forearmed remember!

Dr.of pencil sharpenings will be long gone when the shavings hit the fan.


Why do HSSD not look at the haemorrhaging of money which is the SAPS system (no longer used by Education or Jersey), when staff have to wait up to 6 months from interview to start date for a contract...

Deputies say no to extra Liberation Day

lib day_900

THERE will be no extra bank holiday this year to mark Liberation Day, deputies have decided.

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As I am an OAP would I be able to claim an extra days pension.

Trevor Hockey

Jamie B,

I wish your colleague a speedy recovery but at least she is alive and able to look forward to future holidays. Some people who have a blood clot don't even make it to hospital.

In the c...

Dave Jones

Jamie B

I was stating a fact, about CS contracts and I would not campaign to have the practice extended as I don't agree with it, just as I don't agree with paternity leave for husbands or partners...

Sunday trading: ‘give retailer the choice whether to open’

Tony Rowbotham

RETAILERS should have the choice to open on a Sunday and it is time to give them the chance, the Chamber of Commerce president has said.

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Sara Thompson

All pubs, as far as I am aware, are able to open on a Sunday.

Many choose not to.

Many also choose not to open on a Monday.

SAome also choose not to open on a Tuesday.

Note the important word - ch...


Opinion. God created woman with smaller feet than men as to fit closer to the kitchen sink. Until woman realised that they could fit into men`s trousers and share the roles of equality.

Freedom of ...


Now when we look back it seems ludicrous that shopkeepers used to close at lunchtimes. Must have been when women did all the shopping and only the men went to work.

One day we will look back and it...

Width and emission taxes pulled


WIDTH and emissions taxes have been withdrawn.

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Steve. For goodness sake. Where does it say that we are selling 'our' incinerator? It doesn't because we weren't! The word they use is 'proposal', and even that we weren't 'selling', we were just '...



Bill Maguire. I think that we figured that out a long time ago.

Which just goes to prove that much of the campaign against the W&E tax was fought on a false premise. Less to do with afforda...

Alderney echoes to sound of jet pursuit

RAF Typhoon escorts a Russian Bear Bomber out of UK airspace in September.

ALDERNEY felt the effects of an international incident being played out thousands of feet above it this week.

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A bit of supposition here, Russia is probably flexing its muscles in the face of the West imposing sanctions on it over the Ukraine affair. Britain, the rest of the EU and US have chosen to sideline R...


Your not suggesting the UK Government would open fire on them are you? Blair isn`t in office anymore did you know? :)


A very serious matter,just one mistake and we would have WW3 around our necks!The Russians are pushing their luck - why?

Increased vigilance at ports in wake of Paris attacks

Charlie Hebdo magazine shooting

THERE is increased vigilance at the harbour and airport in the wake of the terrorist attacks in France.

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Andy Evans

Silly me I was thinking that perhaps there was a religious connection to the recent terrorist activities.


Where do terrorists hide their money? Off shore financial centers all over the world. So Guernsey is one of the safe places to live in. Terrorists don't poo where they place their nest eggs.

No to sewage treatment as outfall plans passed


CALLS to re-investigate full sewage treatment were dumped once more by the States yesterday, as deputies voted in favour of adding another £1.3m. to Public Services’ outfall project bill.

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Some places that use sewage treatment, also recycle the water and use for drinking water,does Deputy De Lisle want us to do that too?


Those awful smells that blow in from the sea says it all!


Correct Trevor, but a screen has now been fitted.

Swimarathon boost for CI Air Search


CHANNEL Islands Air Search is within reach of its £800,000 target for a replacement aircraft after it received a big funding boost from the 2014 Skipton Swimarathon.

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Bill Maguire

I felt sorry for the old boy. From memory, he admitted he was passed his sell by date. If he had rode Nortons, Triumphs etc. like the rest of us in the 60's he would have automatically looked for the ...


Shouldn't the incompetent pilot whom forgot to turn the fuel on be paying for this ?