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Drug importer nearly died after swallowing cannabis


DRUG importer Dene Le Prevost could have died, the Royal Court heard, after cannabis resin he concealed internally aggravated an existing medical condition.

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I thought 'mules' were those who worked for smugglers - either for money or through coercion. Unless he can prove to the contrary, this moron is a fully fledged drug smuggler. Albeit, not a very bri...


Was this mule's smuggling funded from from Social Security hand-outs?

No mention has been made that this particular pile of smuggled contraband would probably also have had the taste/smell/health r...


Finally, I found one bit I agreed with amongst the lies, misinformation and propaganda in your 'comment' - "Good Grief - A 3 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE". Yes, that really is a very light sentence for someb...

‘Island should separate from UK more to protect rights’


JERSEY, Guernsey and the Isle of Man should consider more independence from the UK to ensure that their citizens’ rights are secured post-Brexit, an international human rights lawyer has said.

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Devil's Advocate

Isn't it because many of the laws are written in French and thus the advocates need to understand it?


What protection?

Let's face it, the UK has not really done much for the islands for a very long time!

Let's face it, we were singled out for the removal of LVCR on goods to UK whereas other coun...


Le Goubert

Trust me, their out-of-court work generates far bigger fee income than what they charge when they are in court. Being able to appear in court is not the carrot. Becoming a partner in ...

Expats apprehensive as Trump is sworn in

US Inauguration 163656

APPREHENSION and the unknown lie ahead as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th US president yesterday, Guernsey expats have said.

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Rupert Walthumstow

Don't forget about home as well. Our "leader" was voted for by 1,543 people and was only the fourth most popular politician in his home district!

That's less than 44% of people who turned out in hi...


asdfgn, I don't remember you being all that bothered about the American election process before the election? So what if their process is not based on the total number of votes cast? Many aren't, in...


I may not like Trump but let's look positively at the attributes which have put him into the office of Presudent.

1 He is an alpha male

2 He understands the American voter whom the system has fai...

Jersey deputy to talk on democracy


A JERSEY deputy who told his fellow States members that the island’s political system was ‘a complete and utter shambles’ is to hold meetings in Guernsey, Alderney and Sark to talk about democracy in the Bailiwick.

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One other thing to add he is a great fan of Jeremy Corbyn the man that would like to see the downfall of our Islands.


I believe give any body a chance but this man's politics are against his Island and backing people like RIchard Murphy, John Christensen and ATTAC who would like to see the end of the Finance Industry...


So many people on here winge and complain about the younger generation. Here we have a young man who contributes to his society and makes an effort to represent his generation and what us 'old has bee...

Deputies raise concerns over waste cost and food disposal


EXPORT of food waste, free recycling bags and the total cost to householders of the new waste strategy are concerning deputies.

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"Deputies raise concerns over waste cost and food disposal".



Where have all the anti incinerator minority gone? Not a peep about our rubbish being burnt somewhere else.

Build the composter and right next to it build an incinerator this will generate electr...


If there are countries like Sweden that are able to recycle at virtually 100% then should we not be researching how they do it and whether we can scale down the infrastructure to island size?

An id...

Uber-style inter-island air service months away


INTER-ISLAND air travel seems set for a revolution through a new service being launched from Guernsey over the next few months.

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At long last something really positive and the only voices against are those who have been using outdated systems. Derek Coates would do well to surround himself with half the airline experience Nick...

Don Tramp

Great idea Im in.



A very interesting read. I just wish there was a twin-engine option.....

Waste strategy cost up £2m. a year to £364 for average home


GUERNSEY’S new waste strategy will cost £2m. more a year than originally expected – something that will be covered by increased waste charges.

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Smart Alec!

Banned again!

You spout pure carp Alec.

My figures have been in the public domain & have been uncontested for at least 9 months.

They date from 2014.

Place your figures in the public domain, here will be fin...


Q: How do you know when bunch of Guernseymen land in your country?

A: when the pilot switches the engines off - the whining doesn't stop.

Further talks planned over bus driver concerns


A POSSIBLE bus drivers strike on Monday has been ruled out by union reps.

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Would you rather have a strike and a more exciting headline?

I remember watching the news with my mum when I was little. The main local news story was the new speed bumps that had been put in at th...


Um, so it's a complete no story.

No strike makes the headlines.

P&R considering innovation fund despite Jersey scheme failings


LAUNCHING a Guernsey innovation fund is still under consideration, despite one in Jersey coming under fire for a catalogue of failings.

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Island Wide Voting

But wait!

Trott was on the wireless this morning saying that 200M of the unspent bond money is tucked away earning us 8% interest

Dunno if that includes the circa 7.5% management fees


It would make more sense to substantially reduce the size our Civil Service and start with those managers who fail to supply reports within an acceptable timescale. How many laws, reports, etc etc ...

Rupert Walthumstow

No InteresTed, you are the one who does not understand.

If you have perfect foresight - which you don't by the way - then great go ahead and punt on those currency moves. If you don't (which I don'...

Waste strategy numbers add up – Environment president


THE cost of the waste strategy plans may have increased dramatically since they were approved but as they stand ‘the numbers add up’, Environment & Infrastructure president Barry Brehaut has said.

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Devil's Advocate

I doubt it would be better given the years (if not decades) of them being an appalling neighbour. They've only recently tidied up their act under threat of being shut down.

Trevor Hockey

And the States still haven't spoken to Island Waste, who almost certainly could run the whole thing cheaper and better, no States pensions, no long term sickies etc.

Election Issues

Shock and awe...

Operating and capital costs for the waste strategy have increased by more than £44 million in past 3 years and by £118 million since 2012.

And .....not only is this waste stra...