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Tougher controls on dog fouling ‘need not be complicated’


DOG fouling legislation is ‘limited’ and ‘difficult to implement’, States vet David Chamberlain has said, describing the problem as a ‘serious health hazard’.

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Compared with France or Spain, I don't think it is. Nevertheless it is disgusting, dangerous and symptomatic of a lack of pride and discipline. There is no excuse for behaving worse than pigs.


You "find yourself confined to a few (not majority) of beaches"? Last time I looked there were only bans on 7 beaches - this is not a majority on an island with 30 different bays.

And by the way i...

Traffic section charged with displaying electric motorbike

Tim Prout from the Active Travel Unit tries out a Zero S electric motorbike, on loan from its Jersey owner.(Picture by Adrian Miller, 15690653)

AN ELECTRIC motorcycle, which costs just £1.30 to charge, is in the island with the anticipation that electric scooters will become a popular addition to Guernsey roads within the next few years.

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Island Wide Voting

The written Press says £7,500

0-60 in 3.5 seconds

Top speed 100mph

Average of 100 miles per full charge ... but it's made in California with no local agent


everybody needs to see it and try it first, armchair critics! This bike will blow your mind without blowing your ear drums. Not for nothing e-bikes have their own class at the TT Isle of Man!


So. Emission free and no pollution. Unlike the generation of the electric needed to charge it?

Voting is now open for Pride of Guernsey 2016


TODAY is the day you can help us find the Pride of Guernsey 2016.

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Ted Striker

Think there's an element of damned if they do, damned if they don't here.

Press gets criticised for only being interested in negatives, and when they come up with something positive they're ridicul...

100% Carre.

What started off as a good idea soon got very inundated with absolute garbage.

Let's not go there again please.


Now, I thought Pride of Guernsey was the winner for best cow in the West show 2009? Are we voting for best Guernsey cow of the year, or have I got the wrong end of the conger again?

Union boss: bus drivers could take strike action


BUS drivers could once again take strike action, a union representative has warned, as drivers are unhappy with working conditions, including some 13-hour shifts.

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Bob's just had a diary reminder to cause some trouble and we're back to the buses this time.



Yes, I thought this old rabble rouser had been a bit quiet lately. I suppose he needs to stir up something to justify his big fat pay packet.

Sara Thompson

Is there a new Jurassic Park film out? I see the union dinosaur is roaring again, keeping himself in a job.

Islands call for action on inter-island flights


DELAYS to inter-island flights have led to a call for urgent talks to take place.

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I see the main problem (apart from fog) as being not enough suitable aircraft and not enough pilots! The other principle problem is pricing; the overall operating cost of a flight is almost exactly th...


Essential Services: -

Air Links - GCI to JER, ACI, LGW, SOU, MAN and possibly AMS/DUB.

Hub and spoke all ACI services via GCI as per the Sottish Islands and run through to JER - Dornier

SOU for pat...

Simon V

Guern. Abroad

Delighted to see some of your suggestions and Mark Bs on another thread about Alderney and Aurigny.

Well when Malcolm Hart operated Aurigny ,we didn't experience these problems with ...

Save Our Lane petition over storage yards plan


A PETITION has been started by Epinelle Lane residents to try and prevent a vinery being converted into storage yards.

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Runs with Scissors


I wouldn't be so sure about the site being relatively quiet if used for storage as requested. Having lived near a similar site for five years, we have had to put up with:

Scrap metal being...


Ross Le Brun

The Island plan review is out on Monday next week so we will have to wait and see if the forward planning Department have taken notice of all representations regarding land use

It is m...

Ross Le Brun

Problem is mash all existing deputies from the previous term had the chance to do something about this. Also, other sites which would be ideal for storage like Bel Greve were identified as areas that ...

June bus passenger figures show 4.81% increase over last year


THE first phase of the bus replacement programme has nearly been finalised, Traffic and Highway Services has said.

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I am sure we have 4 or 5 millions spare, so we can give you some more buses fot around the island.

If not perhaps cutting heath budget to have all these needed routes, so as more can travel at the ta...


All the way around the island - charge for the out and the return at least (£2). Have to say really appreciate the evening buses - they really should catch on a bit better.Still Need more across isl...

Island Wide Voting

Our Scrutiny panel is supposed to have been fitted with a set of teeth this term

How long would it take for them to double check that the tax payers are not being fed the usual hogwash and spin? Yo...

States will fund kerbside recycling to end of 2017

Money raised by tipping charges at Mont Cuet will be used to help fund the kerbside recycling scheme until the end of 2017.

UP TO £1.3M. has been secured to safeguard kerbside recycling until the end of next year, ending the ‘uncertainty’ hanging over the scheme.

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Absolute waste of money. Very little improvement in volume of recycling since they ditched the bring banks which cost very little. If recycled materials were actually worth anything the whole thing ...


Surely this is just delaying the inevitable?

Delight for campaigners as war memorial plans pulled


A CONTROVERSIAL planning application to move the Smith Street war memorial and create a piazza at the Sunken Gardens has been withdrawn by the Education, Sport & Culture committee, after politicians decided they did not have enough information about the project and that it was beyond their remit.

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You are getting confused. You clearly inferred that people wishing to enjoy an oasis of greenery in Town could always visit the green and beautiful Candie Gardens. My point was that the gr...



I didn't say that i would have preferred to see it @ the Candies gardens?... I said it would be better housed within the sunken gardens.



With respect I think you are clouding the issue. It is the proposed moving of the Memorial which has caused most concern. In the view of many, its position is sacrosanct. To consider movin...

Longue Hougue waste facilities approved

longue hougue_900

PLANS for waste facilities at Longue Hougue have been approved by the Development and Planning Authority.

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The Longue Hogue waste facilities is only one of the uses that this site was planed for

The site was supposed to have a mixed industrial use and the waste management was only one of the uses that wo...