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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

‘Report criminal damage – no matter how minor’

police report_900

CRIMINAL damage will not be tolerated, no matter how minor, the chief of Guernsey Police has said.

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Deputy Dave Jones. Yes prevention is better than cure. What can be prevented is people coming into this island with criminal records and unrecorded.

Yes we in Guernsey applying for a job need a pol...


DJ: "...we already know the Channel Islands have appeared on lists seized in raids in the UK and these islands were listed as potential soft targets."

Do we? This seems very convenient. Since the...

Dave Jones

The report is what it is and I think it reflects a fair picture of what is happening in the community.

If I have one concern it would be the number of cases of vandalism and criminal damage. I am als...

Frustration over long closure of Petit Port steps

Petit Port_900

ENVIRONMENT has been accused of being a ‘nanny state’ after St Martin’s parish officials continue to face setbacks in attempts to get Petit Port steps reopened.

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Trevor Hockey

I believe that an awful lot of money was spent making the current steps only a few years ago, so why are we abandoning them now.? I am informed that the capital costs of the steps are included in Env...


What an ideal opportunity for someone to start up a small business with a small ferry, to Fermain using the landing steps and go on around to Petit Port and use an old style Fermain Beach style landi...


And where should the money come from, sounds like it will cost quite a lot..

Protection of bass stocks ‘under review’


BASS stocks are declining locally, mirroring national trends, Commerce and Employment has said.

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@Devil's Advocate

Although the lobster size limit may have helped you will more than likely find the the increase in lobster is due to the lack of large predatory fish. This has been proven in areas ...


The Bass has now officially joined the Red Bream, Spider Crab, Ormer, Conger, Plaice and Pollack on the long list of over-exploited species in Guernsey waters.

The Guernsey Sea Fisheries are to blam...


Apparently catching tonnes of spawning bass is ok by rod and line. However removing the same tonnage by other means is unsustainable.

If a fisherman lands fish that are milting in their death thro...

‘Fuel cost has little impact on car use’ - Environment minister


ENVIRONMENT’S transport strategy needed to focus on other measures to reduce car use because changes in fuel prices have little impact, the minister has said.

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Devil's Advocate

I can't believe a childseat is wider than a human, but even if it was you just put one in the front seat and one each side in the back.


And what about the new 'Parish Bus'? How much fuel is that burning as it trundles around always EMPTY?


go for a whole week doing all the jobs that need to be done and then tell us we do not need our cars. you will find you need your car more than you think. the modern pace of life here has made the car...

Protestors lobby deputies ahead of vehicle taxes debate


‘THROW it out’ was the message delivered by hundreds of protesters as deputies headed into today’s States meeting to decide whether to delay debate on a controversial width and emissions tax.

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There are two sorts of politicians: those who can talk nonsense on any subject under the sun, and those who don`t need a subject.


Jjlehto.....are you really suggesting that some roads are a complete deterrent to pedestrians? Just look at some arterial roads. The Coutanchez is a prime example, No Pavement, blind corners, conceale...


There is an apparent attitude problem displayed by many drivers of large cars.

An awareness campaign reminding people of the pavement surfing rules would be useful.

There needs to be a crack dow...

CCTV shows defendant collecting drugs parcel


A 31-YEAR-OLD father has been sent to prison for two-and-a-half-years after being involved in the importation of cannabis.

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Who do you buy from? I don't smoke anymore but I know people who still do and it seems £20-£30 a gram is the going rate.. Street value is the RRP not the trade price ;)


good points Beanjar ...the law is the law whether you like it or not.


It seems to me he has got off quite lightly really. Half a kilo is an awful lot for personal consumption and they didn't prosecute him for 'intent to supply' or whatever they call it. If people don'...

New width and emissions tax proposals expected by the end of the month


ENVIRONMENT minister Yvonne Burford hopes to publish amended First Registration Tax proposals by the end of the month, she has said.

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Trevor Hockey

I have a brilliant idea. All would be politicians should have to sit a "common sense" exam before being allowed to put their names forward. This would weed out those who may be academically brilliant ...

Island Wide Voting


No I missed that.Was Mr Brehaut trying to justify his opposition to Sunday Trading after having been 'caught' at Le Friquet a couple of Sundays ago?


The only reason that commercial vehicles have been made exempt from these proposed taxes is to dilute the opposition, i.e. restrict it to private motorists.

In reality commercial vehicles are a far...

‘Landslide’ vote over States pension offer

bob lanning_900

A LANDSLIDE vote has been recorded by one of the unions balloting hundreds of States workers on the contentious post-mediation pension settlement.

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Simply it was suppose to be 90% by the request of the States and they agreed to pick up the short fall e.g. 10%. I would assume because they know NOT everyone will draw their pension to the intended d...


So what is well within acceptable guidelines for funding?


So all we got yesterday is a summary but it reflects that the fund is meeting expectations with a slight improvement in the funding level.

"In respect of the main section of the Fund (the Combined...

Launch of 4G ‘most exciting’ project for JT in 27 years

JT 4G_900

THE development of 4G services in the islands is the most exciting project JT’s head of mobile has been involved with in 27 years in the industry.

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Panic Stations

If 3g is anything to go by I dread to think how poor this new service is going to be.


Wow, 4G when the island isn't even covered fully with a 3G service. Take a drive along the central corridor from the North to the South of the island and see how long your 3G signal lasts.

Why can't ...

Winning ticket revealed in record breaking Christmas lottery

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TICKET number 2431108 has scooped the record breaking top prize of £1.22m. in this year’s Channel Islands Christmas Lottery.

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Island Wide Voting

The exciting 'reveal' in Church Square was once again done via opening a couple of golden envelopes and an assorted group of bystanders revealing the main prize number on pre-prepared cards

The act...