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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

Man who attacked harbour master jailed for three and a half years

The Magistrate's Court building

A 44-YEAR-OLD man, who inflicted grievous bodily harm on harbour master Captain Chad Murray, has been sent to prison for three and a half years.

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Was never his house either.... fact


I said "house" not "home" - keep up!

Christmas campaign urges support for local retailers


ISLANDERS are being urged to show support for Guernsey shops and think first before buying presents online this Christmas.

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Trevor, are you sure that co op are selling at cost or less? Or, are you assuming that they have the same deal with their supplier as you?

I think you will find that with their 4/5 sites they are sel...

None local,local


You have all the figures on prices! but you don't go around comparing? bit of contradiction if you ask me??

Trevor Hockey


Thank you for that link to the past, we were indeed at war with Braye Road Garage at the time so not sure where Ted gets his idea of "a special arrangement". We got out alive because we buil...

‘States could run a lifeline ferry service if Condor goes’


THE States of Guernsey could potentially make money if it was to take over the island’s lifeline sea links, according to a senior States member.

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Cher Eugene

Master B,

We will have to agree to differ. I cannot remember ever buying a flexible ticket for an outward journey, only, on rare occasions, for the return in case a meeting ran on too late to catch t...

Master B


Thanks for that. It's good we agree. It must be very difficult financially for many many people. It's a shame it's like that.

Dave Jones


I am not arguing with you my son has made the same point to me on a number of occasions and their is five of them in his family the costs to get to the UK are quite ridiculous and they hav...

Stricter law on milk imports is ready


A NEW law to allow tighter control of milk importation has been drafted, Commerce and Employment has said.

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Because guernsey milk is so drained of everything that used to be so good about it that now it tastes wet and dead, worn out and lifeless. How do I know this.? I drank a glass of milk in the UK last...


I don't honestly think anybody could tell the difference between Guernsey skimmed & semi-skimmed milk with that produced anywhere else. But I am happy to pay more for the Guernsey product to pres...

Master B

There is no finer milk than Guernsey milk, why would anyone want to drink anything other than Guernsey milk!!!

Taxi drivers unhappy at permits for drug convicts


THERE is growing unease among taxi drivers that Environment’s political board is granting taxi driving permits to people with serious drug-related convictions.

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Bill Maguire

Not being able to drive due to a recent Birmingham Hip Resurface, I used a taxi from town to St Martins to visit my friendly dentist. £6 each way. Fair IMO. The guy has his expenses to cover, pay tax...

Trevor Hockey

Donkey Boiler

I have to agree, I would take taxis far more often if their fares were more realistic. Perhaps time to bring back mini cabs to have some price competition.?

Surely better to be dri...

Donkey Boiler

Surely having criminals driving taxis is most appropriate, after all their fares are daylight robbery.

Shops are ready for Black Friday


LOCAL retailers are encouraging islanders to ‘Shop On The Rock’ during today’s so-called Black Friday shopping bonanza.

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Trevor Hockey


Had a critical illness insurance payout as Mrs. H. has joined the Pink Ladies. Early diagnosis and great treatment meant that the outlook is positive. No woman should ignore the breast can...


Trevor Hockey. Splashing out a bit aren't you? .Could have watched t v down at Wheadon House free of charge or tax payers expense.

Viewed that expensive portrait hanging on wall above Gavin St Pier...

Bill Maguire

I was a great fan of Rizla Liquorice papers dontcare&neverwillcare. Probably get shot for saying this but the trick was to roll a thin (student days) one while driving down a deserted motorway (45...

Hotelier wants airport runway lengthened


GUERNSEY needs to lengthen its airport runway to attract a budget airline, a hotelier has said.

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Yesterday I was offered 2 weeks in the Red Sea from Gatwick, full board, full watersports package, for only £600 per person. Can't see us competing with that. (Not in Sharm.)

Nick Le P

Simon V

You're wrong to suggest that its flight prices keeping people away. On Wednesday I booked a return from Gatwick for yesterday/today for £130, I don't think that is expensive and had I book...

Justice minister rejects call for Sark inquiry

Picture By Stacey Upson. 22-07-15 Sark seigneurie gardens and Charles Maitland.

UK JUSTICE minister Lord Faulks has rejected a call from 22 prominent Channel Islanders for a Royal Commission-type inquiry into Sark.

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Tony Webber

It is good that some discussion will take place, so that is positive in respect of all those involved.

However, in order for discussions to be really meaningful, it is the States of Guernsey who shou...


Taking sides is the only thing they could do about the situation other than complain about it and they wont. Correct response

Airline can’t keep costing millions

JUST what is the point of Aurigny? It is a question that occupied States members again yesterday as they contemplated paying off the airline’s considerable debts.

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Tony Webber

Very sound Editorial.

However, Aurigny is absolutely vital to the economic prosperity of Guernsey, so it needs to have the taxpayers' investment.

We have all seen what has been happening with Condor...

Waste strategy advisers to be paid almost £2m.


CONSULTANTS will earn almost £2m. from the waste strategy by the end of 2018, Public Services has revealed.

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Cher Eugene

Agreed, LoG,

It is the senior civil servants that demand the use of consultants so that the consultants can be blamed if thing go wrong but, of course, ignored if things go well so the CS's get the p...

Bill Maguire

Until the electorate demand the CS is open to scrutiny by publishing wages & job titles Dave, it really makes little odds pursuing their friends, the consultants, who view public funds are there ...


They are probably right regarding the scrubbers and fillters, but steam will be generated so that would blow inland.