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Education will bring back proposals to close one school and end selection


EDUCATION, Sport & Culture president Deputy Paul Le Pelley has announced his committee will draw-up proposals to close a secondary school and abolish the 11-plus.

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No, it's certainly not as simple as that.

They needed time to review and digest the various reports which had been received, and they agreed to listen to what headteachers and teachers had ...

Interested Observer

But the previous policy had been passed on they were tasked to go away and implement.

Ok, they didn't want to do that, then go back to the stats straight away, not 4 months later.

It's a mess a...

Interested Observer

And there has also been report that was released this week saying otherwise:

Pre-school owners welcome Education’s change of heart


REVISIONS to pre-school entitlement plans have been greeted with enthusiasm by private providers, who said Education had given them ‘renewed hope after all their hopes had been dashed’.

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Grumpy Guern

I suppose Candy, you can make anything sound sinister with the correct wording can't you!

Grumpy Guern

And to answer your comment re; the very few providers that opted in.. What would you have done in their situation?? Opt in to a scheme that is potentially financially and logistically devastatingly th...

States to have education choice


EDUCATION is going to ask the States to back the decision of the previous Assembly on secondary education or give it a new mandate.

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Trevor Hockey

John Mauger

I failed the 11+ but have been running my own little business for 35 years. I can read, write legibly, spell, my grammar is o.k. and I can count without a calculator.

However, many ...

John Mauger

The pro-selection deputies will also base their arguments on nostalgia for their days at Elizabeth College or anecdotes about people they once knew who failed the 11+ but are now running multi-nationa...

Matt Fallaize


Although in a way it makes debate less useful than it would be otherwise, I do appreciate there are good reasons why some people choose to post anonymously and I don't for one minute think that...

Les Blanches ‘completely the wrong place to build housing’


PRIME agricultural land, a home to wildlife and some of the island’s best soil is no place for development, Les Blanches residents have said.

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Devil's Advocate

I think the deciding factor is where the Blanches field is - adjacent to existing development.


Growbags came near the end of the tomato growing era and pots were rarely used. Most crops were grown in the ground, hence the massive steaming industry.

Devil's Advocate

Not really - the soil on the southern plateau is much better than that in the north, the north just had flat land with easy access to town where things could be grown more economically in Pots/growbag...

AO Hall completes Walkers’ CI jigsaw

Ingrid Pierce

ESTABLISHING a presence in Guernsey has enabled law firm Walkers to complete its offering presence in the Channel Islands.

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WOW things have changed for the better !

Education and staff row over secondary policy


A SERIOUS breakdown in the relationship between politicians and staff at Education, Sport & Culture has triggered a review into what is going wrong.

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This is Boring

An interesting metaphor except CS are paid to be neutral and impartiaL

If the navigators and officers set the route to be directly opposite the captains orders then they are as li...



Irrespective of tgem views and knowledge, they maybe educationalists but they are paid to be Civil Servants. CS are paid to be impartial and to do as instructed by the Deputies.

If they...



The fact is only about 10 Tory politicians have been vocal about increasing the number of Grammar Schools. The mainstream media have been surprised that it wasn't more. Many Tory politicians h...

National Coding Week co-founder visits

Richard Rolfe of Codex DLD. Picture: JON GUEGAN

AS NATIONAL Coding Week gets under way, the initiative’s co-founder visited Guernsey to attend some of the local events taking place.

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Cher Eugene

What the heck is "National Coding Week" about? Is it another euphemism for computer-speak? Or another excuse for employing more over-paid staff on the Government payroll?

Education is ‘weak, a shambles and lacking leadership’


EDUCATION’S political committee has been accused of being ‘weak, a shambles and lacking leadership’ for now leaving it up to the States to ‘pick up the pieces’ and make a decision over secondary education policy.

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Billy the fish

Would this be the same "experts" who, over the last 20 years have:

- overseen a consistent decline in exam difficulty;

- resulting in an all but meaningless pass rate of nearly 100% making it vi...


Guernsey Deputies CPD for future education debate

Dear Deputies

Why not prepare yourself for the planned future debate on education by reading the most up to date educational research? I would u...

Domaille comes to GFC's rescue


AFTER 13 away defeats in a row, the Green Lions finally stopped the rot on the road at Morden last night against the table-toppers.

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Well done GFC - great work rate and refusal to give in!

Planners’ refusal not enough, fears Epinelle site neighbour


PLANNERS have rejected a controversial planning application to convert a glasshouse site into industrial storage.

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Devil's Advocate

Yes, because the latter means it will be used as storage, maybe composting a bit. It's essentially a light industrial use.


Gardening/Growing, does it really make that much difference?

It seems as though a lot of people just want to make life difficult for anybody not working in an office.