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Island-wide voting rejected by the States


VOTERS will elect deputies on a district basis in 2016 after a bid to introduce island-wide voting failed this morning.

Matt Fallaize


A problem with purposely spoiling one's ballot paper is that those candidates elected don't know why the ballot paper has been spoiled. It might have been because of the electoral system but i...

Matt Fallaize


There is a review going on in this States' term. A first report was approved earlier this month. There will be a second report with further proposals early in 2015.

With regard to the e...

Matt Fallaize


Such a leaflet was distributed to all households in 2010.

Teacher recruitment 'three times slower than in UK'

denis Mulkerrin

EDUCATION must radically change its recruitment process to compete with the quickfire power of UK secondary head teachers, former board member Denis Mulkerrin warned yesterday.

Stephen John

The Truth

So, I don't know how recruitment works in education and when staff have to be appointed by.

If you look at my reply to GM of 1.47pm today you will see I set out the notice requirements...


And as far as criticism is concerned, it is sometimes necessary to be cruel to be kind. Though I dispute he was being unkind.


When it comes to the track record of Education, to speak out against them you have to be anonymous or in a position to take the consequences.

As far as appointments are concerned cutting the appro...

Road is busy enough without 51 more homes, say residents


TRAFFIC is bad enough without building more houses, people living near a planned major new development have said.


Are they going to put in a seperate lane on the road for zimmer frames & mobility scooters ?

P B Falla

The population isnt a problem

Education Department review 'won't be soft option'


A THOROUGH investigation of the entire Education Department will take place at the start of next year, but a body has not yet been appointed to carry out that work, Minister Robert Sillars told the States yesterday.


The last department which should be trusted with setting up the review is the Education Department. What about the PAC fixing it up?

The Truth

The Education Board know only what the Education Department tell them, the Education department Chief Officer is not an educationalist and again knows only what the Education department tell him. The ...

Island Wide Voting

You may as well come right out and admit it now


'Cyclists need safe routes'


CYCLISTS are not being protected by Guernsey’s justice system, the chairman of a pro-cycling group said yesterday.


Whilst I "hear what you say" and symethise to an extent I still feel that "innocent until proven..." is the soundest philosophy


brycet. The problem with our existing law is that it treats all road users as equals, when in terms of inherent risk they are quite obviously not. To claim compensation, the burden of proof falls on ...


The cycle path is completely unfit for purpose, sections are not wide enough, it's permeated by bus laybys and the situation around the Salarie corner entrances is as has been tragically proven danger...

Supermarkets look to claim for losses


INSURANCE claims are to be made following ongoing stock disruption since the Commodore Clipper scraped the seabed of the Little Russel.



sandwich making mmm...... requires maybe the highest and most stringent food hygiene standards out there except for fresh cream item production maybe. positive air pressure, supplier auditing...

Charlie G

Heavens,we realy have got ourselves into a sorry sad state on this Island .Not that i am a fan of the present ferry server,but certainly comes to something when local business,supermarkets etc find a ...


Why??..... Money Money money!!! But you could also say M&S are supporting third world countries by buying their products

PAC wants to be in on HSSD funding probe


A REQUEST for the Public Accounts Committee to join a probe into why a Health and Social Services ICT project needed an extra £600,000 to stop it stalling has been put forward by its chairwoman.

Young Guern

8 years??? i have utterly given up with our civil service?? talk about keeping yourself in a job! more use of my favorite strapline WASTE WASTE WASTE. there is no way that this project has saved any m...


8 years?! 8 years????!!! Even allowing for the usual SoG nonsense this is utterly staggering.

How about a full PAC report into the whole project. Total costs (including staff time), benefits predi...


Looks like another SOG IT failure

This is news?

Cicra customer survey criticises Sure and JT


MORE than a third of islanders want to ditch Sure as their fixed phone line provider, a survey by the competition regulator has said.


Telco's and utilities are generally disliked. I'm sure if you asked Guernsey Electricity, Gas and Water customers if they'd like to switch you'd get plenty, although there's no one to switch to.


Young Guern

so a third are unhappy and want to change? nothing like creative journolism!! what you could say is 66% happy with sures services!!

Both are pretty bad and i real step up in quality is required! so...

John West

Doesn't bode well really does it, 37% of Jersey customers are unhappy with JT compared to 52% with Sure in Guernsey (if I recall the headline on the radio). Better the devil and all that!

JT reall...

Judge slams fuel firm's 'gross incompetence'


BREACHING health and safety laws, including carrying 5,000 litres of petrol on the road in a former sewage truck, has cost a haulage firm £12,000 in fines.


The article does not detail the exact offences but the law provides for fines of up to £20,000 on summary conviction; individuals may be imprisoned for up to two years if convicted on indictment for ...


Where was H&S.

Was this vehicle insured covering flammable loads?

Are they still operating??

Guernsey Laws let us down!!!

Bloney Oh Dear Eh?

I agree with Gusta.

They clearly have no respect for their employees or the general public. If I were employed by them I'd leave, very quickly.

A 12k fine isn't as much as I would expect for th...

Glasgow 2014 live


UPDATES from the GP team in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, sports editor Rob Batiste and photographer Ady Miller.


It's obvious ! :-)

Great Guernsey !



However I am still amused as to where the otherwise non existent second 'G' comes from.


Apparently GGY is the ISO [international organisation for standardisation] code for Guernsey but these codes have not been used for all entrants in the Games, as Jersey's ISO code is JEY and the Isle ...