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Dedicated small car parking at Salerie


SMALL car parking spaces are being introduced at Salerie car park.

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I don't object to the small parking spaces but get very annoyed when I see small cars in the larger car spaces when there are empty spaces in the small areas. An example is the Albert Pier - the smal...


And make garage owners rich!

Rupert Walthumstow

Alvin, have you been down north beach recently during the week? All the small car spaces are gone at exactly the same time as the "big car" spaces.

Police investigating lorry incident


A QUANTITY of wood fell off a Norman Piette lorry yesterday as it was driving around Salerie Corner just after 8.45am.

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But it's not a race track, it's a cycle path, with rumble strips designed to slow people down before the crossing. Most cyclists go at 10mph or slower along there, hardly fast (imagine if the road wa...



We don't know the facts at the moment, but people are very quick to blame the new layout which is hardly a tight bend. Of course we should be concerned with what happened, like we should be conc...


This is What happens when you let Health and Safety over ride common sense

Forming a race track for pushbikes on what has always been a difficult bend was always going to be a silly idea


‘Saying no to Trump and his views’


A DEFIANT stand against hatred and xenophobia was made by islanders yesterday as they came together for the ‘Stop Trump’ protest.

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Now I'm starting to get quite concerned that somebody with your slender grasp on reality, and possibly paranoia, is involved in any way with impressionable children.


I do keep up, very succinctly, with everyday events and otherwise.

I also have a firm grasp on reality, which, it is apparent, the 'protestors' do not.

I'll bet the majority of them probably got...

100% Carre.

John S

I am sure the island will participate in the tribute to Jo Cox . So please don't spout off on the back of a completely different thread. Let the appropriate people deal with tribute to this ho...

GHA to start work on building 90 affordable homes this year

Guelle Road properties re Guernsey Housing Association development.

WORK will start on more than 90 affordable homes this year, as the Guernsey Housing Association aims to meet ever-increasing demand.

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In my honest opinion steadily and modestly rising prices are the best for the island (that’s probably controversial). The squeeze on the middle of our society is ridiculous with things like social g...


Devil,s Advocate

Can not find the answers to my question there.


Even if people don't move on the increase in housing supply will help to bring down prices for everyone else, this is one of the most effective ways to bring down prices.

As for your comment about ...

‘Guernsey should put more into e-gaming’


GUERNSEY needs to up its game to support Alderney and its e-gaming industry, a local technology consultancy has warned.

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Rupert Walthumstow

Guernsey taxpayers contribute to the subsidised Aurigny flights back and forth to the tune of £25 per person per journey. Get over yourself.


Good morning

Gambling does divide opinion - I do not indulge other than place some bets at the polling station every four years - yet to pick a winner.

However - why is a well regulated, well ru...


Lets not be hypocritical here!

It was Alderney who evolved what is now recognised as a World Wide success in terms of strict regulation and certification.

It was Guernsey who refused to allow high s...

Market abuse: we have right to know

IT WAS interesting to listen to the chief executive of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities on BBC Guernsey radio on 2 February when he explained their function. He said that their purpose was to look out for consumers, to be an economic regulator and to have a reactive role towards the competition laws. He said they are an independent authority but answerable to the Economic Development committee. But I continue to be concerned since, on 29 March 2016, the Guernsey Press referred to Cicra’s involvement in an investigation into ‘significant market abuse’ in relation to a States contract, a potential breach in competition laws and material implications for islanders. It was later reported that this referred to a multimillion-pound States contract.

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One of the questions was how many times will you travel to and from the Island maybe Aurigny will benefit

Maybe they can start to pay back the loan from their income stream

Island Wide Voting

I wonder if sometimes the Yorkshire man in charge believes he is helping Visit Guernsey to top up their figures when he signs off on outsider tenders like this?



This will have to be dealt with not for this job as it is to late to backtrack they will have promised this work and would look more foolish than they do now

I must admit the fact that I was ...

Anti-Trump protest to be ‘family affair’


NEARLY 200 people have expressed an interest in the anti-Trump protest and it is hoped almost all of them will show up at the event on Monday.

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Good morning Rupert

Again - I am simply asking for an opinion on my estimates.

I merely think that increased interest / publicity / novelty will bring out more candidates.

A mere 1 person per...


Oh God, here he goes again like a broken record. Nobody gives a damn John, stick to the topic!


He's not a red, Beanjar, he's a whigger.

Business coup for Guernsey with first use of blockchain


THERE are hopes that Guernsey can become a world leader in a new financial services offering.

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Prospero - very good points there, and GM's view would be appreciated.


Good morning

On the surface Jar Jar Beans (nice name ! new ?) could be right but I suspect John West is nearer the mark.

This may not be as exciting as some might think - look at the quote from ...

John West

Same team as the ultra successful Image Rights?

Nothing to see here folks.

Break in at Halfway Dental Practice


Police are investigating a break in at the Halfway Dental Practice.

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Maybe its time to cap all this banter, we've go to the root of the problem


Just when an amalgam of incisive actions is required they will probably gum up the works and then to crown it all the armoured landrover will have the cheek to show up.

An Al Forever

The word on the street says it was polished job, lets hope the police get to the root of the crime, they dont have much else to do so i guess they will be just filling in their time.

World first for Guernsey's financial services sector


GUERNSEY has been revealed as the location for the first-ever commercial use of blockchain technology for the private equity market.

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but could put a lot of people out of work too, look out States social Security!!!

Devil's Advocate

Apparently there was quite a lot of government involvement on the legal and regulatory side of things so some credit is due to the States. The whole thing could have been set up elsewhere but NT chose...

Rocquaine Pirate

100% Donkey do not be a pessimist Brexit is a good thing, you just wait and see.