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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

WATCH - Should ‘corkscrewing’ ferry have sailed? ask passengers

condor rough weather_900

PASSENGERS onboard Monday’s Condor Liberation’s crossings have questioned if it was safe for the vessel to travel after rough seas saw it ‘corkscrewing around the ocean like there was no tomorrow’.

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Earl Godwin

#"The Joke That Floats" Strikes again........

Perhaps COMEDY FERRIES can comment....... They are very good at replying on Trip Advisor...... Let's see what Enid Blyton story they can come out with on...


Kev keeping his head down :)

Donkey Boiler


Good idea regarding financing a locally owned ferry company. I believe the Isle of Man Steam Packet has a similar structure.

States calls in Condor bosses for urgent talks

Screen grab from Condor sailing video. Condor liberation sailing in rough seas.

CONDOR’S senior management has been asked to attend an emergency meeting with the External Transport Group.

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Reading that was just like being a fly on the wall!

Sceptic Reader

There is another way of looking at this. Everyone say OMG they have spent £50m (not so in fact it is £34m from reported Autralian Dollar figures). But think about it - with the connections of Condor...

Charlie G

...refer back to past months of comments and predictions regarding this utter shameful sham,regarding the fast ferry side of our sea links,primarily on the UK route.

The blue touch paper is burning o...

Cruise coaches moved to Albert Pier


COACHES will pick up cruise line passengers from Albert Pier after the States decided to change its new arrangements just weeks into the new season.

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This is the first post from you that I have considered ill considered and hasty (i think you mean UK nationals not resident) and not up to your usual standard.

Whether or not his parents...


Amazing how all this nonsense doesn't require planning permission or other sort of approval (or if it does it is just nodded through). If the man on the street wants to replace a bit of wall of the li...


Nice to see the buses full today.........with cruise passengers each enjoying their £2 subsidy from the Guernsey taxpayer!

Jo aims to get more cyclists wearing helmets

Jo Watts helmet_900

CYCLIST Jo Watts has launched a safety campaign to get more people to wear cycle helmets after being severely injured in a training ride crash.

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While we are all pleased that Jo is recovering, and that her helmet saved her from worse injuries, and her safety campaign is to be applauded, I can't help wondering how safe it is for those riders ou...


As a pedestrian I've almost been knocked over by lycra warriors going far too fast along lower speed roads when I have been crossing.



Tim - did I say there was a desperate need to overtake? No. However, the speed limit is 35 and when safe to do so I like to go that "fast".

A car is not a lethal weapon - you seem to have been enve...

Treasury moves to reduce number of secondary schools


TREASURY wants Education to reduce the number of secondary schools before deciding how big the new La Mare de Carteret should be.

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You are back! I was starting to worry you had turned into Xeno.


Politicians, that's who.

Not teachers. But then what do teachers know about education!?


Those who attend LMDC are devastated, stressed and at the point of chucking in attending school altogether ... if they haven't already.

Those at Beaucamp and St Sampsons are beginning to get equal...

‘Rebuilding of unfit La Mare High School cannot wait’

rob sillers_900

IF LA Mare de Carteret High School was fit for purpose its rebuild could be delayed for a review of secondary education, but it is not, the Education minister has said.

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I do think a Guernsey version of the comprehensive system could be developed. Maybe we could follow Finland, or less radically Scotland rather than England. The liklihood of our tiny wester...


Do we really need to squash more housing into that small space??

Why not leave them where they are..... and give them no maintenance fund.....

They should be last in line for new offices


@ Xenmorph

Even if the UK comprehensive system was brilliant and well worth following, do you really believe our Education department would be able to copy it? My biggest fear is that results won't...

Peninsula Hotel acts quickly to contain Norovirus bug

Pic by Adrian Miller 19-05-15Norovirus outbreak at Peninsula Hotel Vale

THE Peninsula Hotel will remain closed until the weekend  following an outbreak of Norovirus.

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Fig Tree

IWV, the comment you made that I made the above comment on has been removed ! So now I look mad. Thanks GP.


Check this out

Its more than likely down to people with poor personal hygeiene not clea...

Andythe UKhater

Sorry forgot to add where info is from.

Fellow shooters told police of illegal guns


FELLOW shooters tipped off police about a 74-year-old man’s unlicensed firearms and ammunition, the Magistrate’s Court was told yesterday.

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I still would have thought that having not renewed his licence, checks would have been carried out to establish if there were any problems (home check/search) to ensure no guns where in his possession...


Surely a doctor must approve a firearms request? If not that is an incredibly naive system.

If they do then surely as soon as a doctor sees any mental health issues the license must be revoked imme...

Island Wide Voting

Quick answer - Perhaps the gentleman wasn't born with mental health issues

Islanders among 8,000 at Queen’s garden party

buckingham garden party_900

A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity that they will never forget – Guernsey’s chief minister and fellow islanders got the royal seal of approval as they attended one of the Queen’s prestigious garden parties.

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Dave Jones


Most certainly Not, he would have paid for the trip himself and the invite would have been for him and his wife.


I assume the taxpayer paid for Deputy Le Tocq's flight and accommodation? And that of his wife as well no doubt.

Pension talks kept under wraps

States bulding generic

LAST-DITCH pension talks between the States and employees have started, it is understood.

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Is Deputy Trott taking part in these talks?