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IWV: four-district option is favourite


AN ISLAND-WIDE voting referendum could happen as early as September.

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Let Goubert

Nothing murky in the last few states. 330million bond taken out when all the candidates said "no way I would vote for that"

14 million for doing bond. What about 2.4 millio...

Matt Fallaize

Mr Gorvel,

I'm sure you appreciate that it is impracticable for all 40 States' members at all times to have intimate knowledge of the fine details of every 0.05% of annual expenditure. Even you, s...

Matt Fallaize

Mr Gorvel,

The different approach was of course entirely vindicated: whereas the 1998-2002 panel saw most of its proposals rejected [and then we ended up with about the most incoherent set of arra...

Tourism may see budget reduced

Picture Supplied. 21-10-16 Visit Guernsey are having their budget cut.

VISIT GUERNSEY’S marketing budget could be cut next year as Economic Development looks to make savings.

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I supplied work services to Tourism since 1999. The old Tourist Board would sit and debate colours of brochures for hours - I had to sit an watch it, it was pathetic.

When the old Committee...

Matt Fallaize


That's not quite right. Debate about the legitimacy of what the former C&E called its 'tourism strategy' goes quite a way beyond Deputy Merrett's interview on the wireless.

The ca...



My sentiments entirely to blame Brexit is ludicrous if anything it should have helped tourism with the pound low against the Euro.

It is now the perfect time to cut expenditure and face reali...

Split Education gives States secondary choice


THE split in Education, Sport & Culture over secondary education should be resolved by the States next month.

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@ Futu

You raise/make some interesting points. It would be useful to see a more comprehensive breakdown of all schools, but I am presuming they wouldn't fit the agenda of the ED, so therefore we a...


@ Matt

It seems you are changing your tune slightly. In previous posts you have stated that the new propsed comprehensive system isn't a replica of that used in the UK. Now you say that we "should...


Rob B

Correct the Colleges do ask students to leave -they turn up at the Grammar School Sixth Form

‘Intolerable’ levels of poverty warning


HUNDREDS of people and their children will suffer ‘intolerable’ levels of poverty next year through a delay of major social welfare reforms, Employment & Social Security has warned.

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Banned again!

Matt Fallaize

What exactly is being done with regard to civil service reform, especially overall control, responsibility, accountability, & clarity as viewed by those that pay their wages... the ...

Matt Fallaize

Banned again,

That is the clear expectation and I don't think the States of Deliberation (i.e. the elected members) could have been any clearer in setting it. My personal view is that there is no ...

Banned again!

Stuff that you two, you've let Matt Fallaize off the hook.

Matt Fallaize will you respond to my latest comment, if you've got the "sand" that is!

Video promotes living and working here


LOCATE GUERNSEY and Guernsey Finance have worked together on a new promotional video for the island showcasing business and lifestyle in the island.

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Don't think the campaign is aimed at 5 year licence holders. Guernsey needs to attract high net worth individuals wealth creators who will in the majority move into the open market which is open to yo...

Medium G

The video looks great, is well made and the actors and actresses look the part. Octopus looks excellent, as well!

Sure, there are continuity errors, like getting out of a private plane and coming o...


Why doesn't the video advise their target audience that once you have moved to the island, settled into your job, home, schools for the kids, made friends and a nice life, that you then have to leave ...

Warnings over social welfare reforms delay

_MH34520.jpg_effected (1)

OLD age pensioners will ‘feel the pinch’ once again with a delay to major social welfare reforms, the chairman of Age Concern has warned.

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I agree too...If we have "Intolerable poverty" on this island then stop all aid until we have sorted out our own people.

Lets get off the aid roundabout for a while, because as President Le ...


Completely agree on Utilities particularly Gas. Their brazen approach to offering a realistic unit price compared to anywhere else is to raise standing charges to £750 p.a. Where were the Deputies to...

Intelligent Local

Well said, Jasperino. I agree with you entirely, but your suggestion would never be implemented. Many deputies believe our Overseas Aid contribution is extremely underfunded (I understand the UN sug...

GST at 27% ‘could replace income tax’


A HIGHER level of net migration is needed in Guernsey to ensure there is a sufficient working population, the Annual Independent Fiscal Policy Review has indicated.

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Torteval voice of reason

Of course nothing like this is ever going to be brought in - but could we please stop wasting money on consultants employed to carry out utterly pointless reviews and concluding them with either comp...


Rupert, there are some "obvious" retorts to your last post, but I'll play nicely.....

The tax cap will not be the sole factor determining whether any individual who is fortunate enough to benefit f...

Rupert Walthumstow

Thanks for stating the obvious McTavish. I would have thought it pretty obvious that one factor is not the sole differentiator in these matters, but apparently some people feel the need to emphasis th...

Last cruise ship of island’s 'most successful season'


AS THE last cruise ship of the season docked in Guernsey yesterday, latest statistics revealed the island had its most successful year to date.

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Torteval Voice of Reason (and others)

I have spent two seasons as a tour guide. I have been paid well and tipped well. This is subject to both ETI and SI deductions. This applies to all the many ot...

Torteval voice of reason

Whey hey what a successful season - the island positively awash with cash and tax revenues from the self loading freight that came ashore - beyond clogging up the Guernsey Vaeux (I can't spell or say ...


How is success defined? The number of ships? The number of passengers that actually came ashore?

If it is judged by the inconvenience factor of shutting down half the pet, then yes - I suppose i...

‘Cheaper tickets, improved reliability with longer runway’


ECONOMIC growth and job creation come with a longer runway, the Chamber of Commerce has said.

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Rosie, don't hide behind that tired old cliche, just state your views. You will not 'be damned' for venting your customary spleen regarding 21st century modes of transport. How could anybody be vitr...

Nearly Local

There is no doubt Aurigny is not being run correctly but is it all their fault ?

The fact that they are running several different planes for the different routes they offer must make it so expensive ...

Guernsey cgull

Let's build a longer runway for 30 million smackers.

We gave plenty of money to spend out of that 300 million we borrowed !

Bigger planes will come, with more people than ever.

The reality, last...

‘Elephant Man’ out to raise awareness of ivory trade

Above: One of the elephant sculptures in the island, this one at Albecq headland.

TWO mysterious elephant statues are part of a drive to raise global awareness about the ivory trade.

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Well, I would say to Dominic Snow that his campaign, certainly here has failed, if he "installed" these statues in the summer and it has taken various queries from a number of people and an investigat...


I seem to remember that not so long ago, a family was told to remove a 'memorial' from a grave of their loved-one.

A case of one rule for one and another for everyone else? Would a local get away w...


I don't think they're meant to be permanent.