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The most recent comments posted to stories on our site will appear here.

I will lose my business over time – milkman


MILKMEN and women face losing their livelihoods over time, one devastated delivery man said yesterday as the States agreed to allow shops and supermarkets to deal directly with Guernsey Dairy.

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Dave Jones


I am not telling anyone what to do

I am saying what I believe is worth preserving, the States as a whole decide what will happen in this island.


Dave Jones might not be a true lifelong local but at least he has the working class islanders best interests at heart which is more than can be said for the vast majority of our deputies.


Drivel, but carry on anyway.

Sunday trading vote ‘absolutely wrong’

Photo BY Steve Sarre 10-06-14 Top of Smith Street The constables are installing flower boxes to stop people from speeding down smith street Town Constable Dennis Le Moignan

A DECISION to approve total deregulation of Sunday trading was made with a ‘complete lack of consideration’, one parish constable has claimed.

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Trevor Hockey - would you agree that Guernsey is a much better place now that pictures and films of naked women are readily available? Have families got stronger? Has it done a lot to bring down paedo...


sorry terry, but I'm so surprised how you are going on about this, you usually say things that make lots of sense to me, but you and Beanjar are just going on and on about this! Please let's just tr...


I like the way Dennis refers to the 'we' as if he is representing a whole swathe of the population or a Union representative with a mandate for thousands of people. As far I can tell, the 'we' is mere...

Fuel up, other rises to spend more on health


FUEL duty will be hiked, personal income tax allowances frozen and large retailers hit by tax increases, under a string of proposals in the 2016 Budget, to help cover a rising health budget.

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I totally agree, but there is no backbone there at all.


Bill Maguire

If the Deputies really had backbone GM, they would tell StPier to stuff his budget & Whitfield to do his job & trim the fat from his empire or he'll be clearing his desk by next April. Results...

Bill Maguire

Who the heck is running the show Dave. OMG its him! 10 years of tax rises, 10 years of expanding CS, 10 years of more directors, assistant directors, information officers, harbour masters & guess ...

Shops still to decide about opening doors on a Sunday


UNCERTAINTY has greeted the States’ move to deregulate Sunday trading.

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Those in favour of Sunday opening have failed to take into account what you write.

In the UK, village shops have been closing down for a while now, leaving some villages without any at all, (includin...


Well, my memory is not fantastic either. But I honestly don't remember people saying that selling petrol and alcohol would be the end of the world. I thought it was a popular move and overdue. I kno...


Spot on again Terry.

B&Q here will take no more money opening 7 days a week over 6. From a profit point of view they'll have less on the bottom line.

Be interesting to see how this pans out....

Sunday trading laws axed


SUNDAY trading is to be deregulated.

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well, to be fair, not really, but whatever butters your loaf ;)


According to you in your world, Querty, absolutely nothing.

The rest of the world, when arguing about 'fairness and equality for all' (especially the lower paid), may disagree with your interesting...


Something wrong with my statement?

Foreign workers come here to rake in the cash to take back home. They don't bring their families here for a weekend jolly around town.

Oh and the adult student...

Leopardess survey ‘must be impartial’


MARINE traders and experts have applauded States members for using their ‘common sense’ in delaying debate on the replacement for the Leopardess, but they have warned that a survey of the fisheries protection vessel has to be totally independent.

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Election Issues

"soon-to-be-housing site at the Pont Vaillant"

Really? This is a joke right?????

Herbert Roth

But I thought she's worn blind numerous times that she isn't a property developer & did not buy that site with a view to profiting from rezoning for housing!

Bill Maguire

"that it was more cost effective to trade-in and replace"

I am unaware Will that the Leopardness refit was ever costed? It doesn't appear in the Billet if it was.

Key projects delayed as States runs low on cash

College of Further Education

CAPITAL projects worth £120m. which this States had promised to deliver, are being put on the back burner as it runs short of money.

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Will have to sell off a load of your fixed assets [civil servants] to give you more buying power before the 2016 election are upon us and not to embarrass newly elected candidates of importing into th...


To the guy at the end of the Pier....before you jump, just consider a small teeny weeny bit of have f'd up...we know you have, you know you have, but heavens knows if the victims know you ...

Booked early for ‘cheap fares’

I HOPE your readers will forgive another letter about our local airline, but I felt compelled to put pen to paper. We are travelling to Paris in eight months’ time and I recently went online to book our flights. For three adults, one child and one infant flying with easyJet on a one-hour and 20-minute flight from Gatwick cost £460. There was no charge for the infant.

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Allez Les States

The lack of seats on Saturday was due to dozens of islanders going over to attend the England v Australia Rugby World Cup match on Saturday night. Also, Guernsey FC and Guernsey ru...


£540 for 4 people seems pretty good value to me. Please also note Gatwick-Paris doesn't take 1hr 20, much the same as Gatwick-Guernsey doesn't take 30 mins.

I think sometimes the Aurigny flight co...


The other week I booked flights GCI to LGW and LGW to Tenerife (a 4 hour journey). Guess which cost more? Take a bow, Aurigny. But of course comparisons with other airlines are never appropriate, sa...

Advocate swims the Channel in less than 12 hours, beating his target

Channel swimmer Paul Nettleship

ADVOCATE Paul Nettleship, pictured, beat his original target time when he swam the Channel yesterday.

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Any relation to David?


Well done Paul.

Calais venture will ‘incite immigrants’

I WRITE in response to Martin Gavet’s lengthy reply (Guernsey Press, 22 September) to my letter printed the same day concerning the possible impending action of Guernsey Bridge2Calais. On reading his carefully selected comments, taking up virtually a full page of the Guernsey Press, it would appear that all that he had written was and is readily available to the general public, all of whom are no doubt aware of the humanitarian crisis now unfolding.

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I don't often agree but Tony, you are right.


Do the States of Guernsey know how many illegal workers on the island at present or is this present foreign workers bringing friends and family into the island and sending them down to SSD to give the...

Tony Webber

Should read we should not take any migrants