With its unrivalled depth of circulation, The Guernsey Press and Star provides advertisers with the best possible means to communicate messages and influence consumer decisions.

"It is the first choice medium for jobs, leisure and entertainment, news about Guernsey, property information and cars for sale, according to the NOP readership survey conducted for the newspaper in May 1999"NOP Consumer Media Readership Profile:

64% of readers are A, B, C1

Age 15-24 17% 25-34 16% 35-64 46% 65+ 21%

The Guernsey Press and Star provides an extremely attractive audience to advertisers. Advertising is well received as part of the daily news and information package. It is permanent and is delivered to suit the reader.Specialist features and pages add reader value and readers display great loyalty.The Guernsey Press and Star newspaper enjoys high community access, influencing key consumer decisions: change of job, car purchase or house move, choosing holiday destination or deciding where to eat.Total islands coverage is achieved with just one newspaper. The Guernsey Press and Star has more than four times the readership of the best selling national daily and 30% more readers than all of the dailies combined."The Guernsey Press and Star is an outstanding local newspaper . . . read by 8 out of 10 of the population."