Guernsey Press and Star and Weekly Press subscriptions are organised on a per issue basis and must be pre-paid, up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

Please send your remittance and details of which paper you require and which day to:

The Subscriptions Department,

The Guernsey Press Co. Ltd.

PO Box 57,

Braye Rd,



GY1 3BW.

Tel. +44 (0) 1481 240206.

(Any increase in subscription rates is to be implemented at the time the subscription is paid for).

Online edition:

Click here to subscribe online or to view a free demonstration. There is also an app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, available from the iTunes store.

Guernsey Press and Star

United Kingdom: £1.95 per copy per day, £11.70 per week

Europe: £2.95 per copy per day, £17.70 per week

One copy every day (i.e. six days)

United Kingdom Europe
13 weeks£152.1013 weeks£230.10
26 weeks£304.2026 weeks£460.60
39 weeks£456.3039 weeks£690.30
52 weeks£608.4052 weeks£920.40
One copy every week (Day can be specified)
United Kingdom Europe
13 weeks£25.3513 weeks£38.35
26 weeks£50.7026 weeks£76.70
39 weeks£76.0539 weeks£115.05
52 weeks£101.4052 weeks£153.40

Guernsey Weekly Press

Guernsey: £1.35 per copy

United Kingdom: £1.50 per copy

Europe: £1.90 per copy

Zone 2: £3.00 per copy

United Kingdom Europe
13 weeks£19.5013 weeks£24.70
26 weeks£3926 weeks£49.40
39 weeks£58.5039 weeks£74.10
52 weeks£7852 weeks£98.80