Annual Events

Although Guernsey is generally a quiet place, several times a year the islanders let their collective hair down to enjoy a variety of special events.

During the summer hardly a week goes by without something happening that is designed to appeal to both visitors and locals alike, from the fun and games of the Rocquaine and North Regattas, to the organised spectacle of the Battle of Flowers.

The Battle is the highlight of the North Show, one of three two-day events that are held during August. Its sister events are the South and West Shows, each of which has its own brand of entertainment provided by visiting artistes and enthusiastic islanders. All three are a 'must' if you happen to be around at the right time.

Then there are the somewhat quieter events, like the Floral Guernsey Show and the Viaer Marchi, both of which focus on different aspects of life in the island, with the latter giving people a taste of what life was like in the 'good old days'.

Floral Guernsey is the youngster among the well-established annual activities, but it has rapidly built up a reputation for providing a unique day out and a colourful snapshot of the island's floral beauty.

The only annual event that is also a public holiday is Liberation Day which continues to be celebrated more than half a century after the island was freed from German occupation.

The St Peter Port seafront is closed off for the day which, as well as a funfair and service of remembrance, features a wide variety of street entertainment and events throughout the afternoon.