So who will be chief?

WHILE some deputies-elect celebrated the triumphant close of their campaigns others began a new election charge as the spotlight moved to the role of chief minister.

Deputy Lyndon Trott.

WHILE some deputies-elect celebrated the triumphant close of their campaigns others began a new election charge as the spotlight moved to the role of chief minister.

Several candidates have already expressed an interest in the top job. Who gets it  will be decided by the States on 1 May.

And behind the scenes some of those in the running were yesterday looking to secure support with the promise of their backing for ministerial positions should they be elected.

Speaking after Wednesday's result Lyndon Trott said he was ready to stand for a second term as 'head of the States'.

But also expected to throw their hats into the ring are Jonathan Le Tocq and Mark Dorey. And it's rumoured that Hunter Adam and Mary Lowe may put themselves forward too.

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Get rid of trott, can't stand the man.

Carol Hughes

I second that!


he says the same thing about you.


Not Globe-Trott again please!

Nor Hunter-money-is-no-object-Adam either!

Jonathan Le Tocq has not served in the newly constituted state - so this time round might be a bit premature....

So that leaves Mark Dorey or Mary, Mr Dorey it is then....


As much as I would like to see Trott replaced I genuinely don't know who would be a viable alternative.

I like Le Tocq but his last stint in the states he had a poor voting record.

Mark Dorey or Mary Lowe..... What background does Dorey have? I really don't see a non-finance background candidate should go for it.


Jeff -

Interested in your "poor voting record" comment with ref to JLT.

I wasn't on the island then, can you fill me in?



J le T, had a very bad attendance, it seems outside committments were more important than States work, I'm not sure, without finding the records, but I think his was the worst attendance record.


@Whatnot, @Sam is correct although I wouldn't have put it in that negative light, certainly after hearing what I heard on Sunday.

Both Jon's parents were seriously ill (died not long after his last term) and his daughters were getting bullied because of his position in the States.

In his interview on Sunday (22nd April) with Andy Hislop's breakfast show, Jon explained that it were these circumstances that led to him not standing again and also not being able to perform his duties at the level he wanted.

All I can say is it's best to get our facts straight before we say things (myself included). Too many keyboard warriors these days with some uninformed things to say.

Out of Trott and Le Tocq I would choose Le Tocq every time.


Jeff, Sam -

Thanks for the clarification.

What makes you say you'd choose him, Jeff? What sort of politician was he?


Not Mr Globe Trott lets have a new Chief Minister.

Stunned Guern

No disrespect to the other potential candidates intended as they each bring their own skill set but it's hard to see a viable alternative to Lyndon.

c. 40% of Guernsey's GDP is generated from the finance industry, its vital that whomever is selected must have a fundamental understanding of Guernsey's core industry and be able to competently negotiate our position.

Stunned Guern

By other potential candidates I meant those mentioned in the article above not the States as a whole.


@ Stunned Guen

"must have a fundamental understanding of Guernsey’s core industry and be able to competently negotiate our position".

That's Trott out of it then.


Once again an opportunity has been missed to split the role into two.

1. Chairman of the Policy Council, which opens it up to anybody with strong leadership skills but who isn't able to take on the external relations role with all the travelling.

2. Foreign/External Relations Minister, which even his biggest critics would struggle to say isn't ideal for Lyndon Trott.

Job done.


Makes sense to me.

I wonder about if the foreign minister should be a civil service position instead of a political role. Like an ambassador? It seems you build up contacts and knowledge for 4 years then have to leave, all that is lost and someone is just pushed straight into it probably wondering where the hell to start. Its not something they can be eased into an continuity, experience is very important. We need someone who really knows what they are doing as they represent us abroad.


Matt Fallaize

Mary Lowe

Two very good level headed choices for CM


Are you suggesting that the baby of the house and the mother of the house make an obvious pair?

Mary doesn't even mention business in her manifesto.




Really? On the international stage? Can you see either of them wanting the burden of all the travel required? I wouldn't view them as being remotely of leadership calibre either. Marginally better suited than John Gollop perhaps, but its only marginal.


Jones - you are having a laff!

its the way you tell them

(martino - over to you)


Matt some time in the future maybe (certainly not now) but Mary never!


As Lowe is now the official Mother of the House I believe she should henceforth be known as Holy Mary

PS Keep demanding recorded votes Holy Mary and after six or nine months when the naysayers are really fed up, bring in a requete to introduce electronic voting



A different Jones I think



Our LT defence man is back again

offshore observer

The new prime minister should be selected from one of the powerful women who topped the polls. If I were a male member of the house I would be quaking in my shoes at the prospect of working with the women who have been selected.


She would have to be a freemason!


you lot have got a short memory.

Wasn't it Mary Lowe who lead a requette to stop Lyndon Trott and his cohortes from getting thier hands on some of our pension pot.

Also when Dave Trott, sorry I mean Dave Jones, goes on about the finacial ills of the U.K. he forgets to mention we've used 50% of our rainy day fund equavelent to the U.K.selling off 50% of thier gold reserves. Dave Jones according to you Lyndon Trott got a mandate from St. Sampsons (always been nutty voters) to be C.M. I suppose that does not apply to Mary Lowe who got a lot more votes?


I think Peter Harwood would be the obvious choice myself..

Jersey Joe

Roger Perrot would be a good Chief Minister. He would certainly not be afraid of asserting Guernsey's continuing self-governing independence and telling Westminster and Brussels: Don't call us. We will call you". .


Jersey Joe

And in the process alienating the very people who we have to get on with in the meantime, like your man Bailhache? Is that really in our best interests? I think I would get out to Singapore pretty quickly to avoid getting trampled in the rush with the rest of the Guernsey finance industry.


...well it gives me no pleasure to find that the options of potential CM lie between a right wing Machavellian Mason and a Fundamentalist preacher...strange how a whole population of Guernsey adults simmer down to two such reduced choices...enough to make you believe in God. What you say Paul Le P? Church or Wizard for chief?

Paul Le Page

Well Vic - you've left me a tough choice indeed! In true statesmanlike fashion it's only right I declare my interests first before responding: I am a churchgoer.

That leaves me in a quandary. I can't really say church as it would be seen as nepotism, however I'm no great fan of the lodge either.

The way I see it, that leaves me with only one choice, and as bending the rules is en vogue at the moment, I propose Vic Gamble for CM!

Fred Whalley

We need a man of Few Words! A man with the utmost intelligence! Somebody who has no need to make a name for himself. We need to stop telling the UK they could have been more painful to us, (indirectly)! Lindon and every other person asked for an opinion always responded - It Could Have Been Worse. We need somebody who can speak and gain instant respect. Most of all we need the person who really does know all the in's and out's of our relationship with the UK and Europe. Only one choice I think, Roger!



Fred Whalley

He's not eligible.


Matt Fallaize for DCM.

grumpy teacher


He failed us all in his four years on Education then jumped ship to save his own skin.


Maybe when he is old enough to start shaving and confident enough to stop sitting on his hands like he did on Education, he might be suitable. Unfortunately that episode will probably set him back by at least 4 years.


It could've happened to anyone. DCM would be ideal who is there better? I'm struggling to think of anyone else and for CM there is no one in the running I would be happy with.


I would suggest that Lyndon continue for the next term and then Peter Harwood for the following term. I think it will be best for continuity and I also think that Peter, Roger and Gavin St Pier, along with a few others may direct him a little more. I believe that Guernsey have and are learning a great deal about the UK and EU lately and that it is time to stop thinking naively that the UK are our friends. We need to be stronger and maybe not quite so "open". I believe in our Island. And I think we all need to pull together - come on, let's talk our island up and believe in ourselves. We can and will diversify. Things will be tough but we are a very resilient people.


Peter Harwood would be my first choice . he is a man who knows what he is taking about and a leader .

Jon Le T is also a very good man but had a very poor attendance record last time in office

Linden has had his turn

we have a new states so lets keep it new !

Peter Harwood is a hard worker and has written so many reports for us all ,he know what he is talking about and in a very nice gentleman who will do us proud .

He has also been a Douzeneir for a few year and has worked at all levels, even clearing a school with myself and others to ge tit ready for Floral Guernsey .So he is not scared of working with a team at any level!


Peter Harwood is an extremely hard working person, and highly intelligent.

I think he'd be far more effective than Trotty in the role, and I hope the rules are suspended to allow a proper contest, Le Tocq surely couldn't cut the mustard.


So now we know. The constitutional rule governing the admissibility of a deputy to election as a Chief Minister can be invoked to block candidate X, and suspended to admit candidate Y. It may be legal, but I do not consider it principled.


Interesting interview with JLT on Andy Hislops BBC Guernsey breakfast show on Sunday which fully explains his poor attendance record due to the health issues of both his parents.

Some may argue that this shouldn't have effected his performance as a deputy but given the fact he has come out and said this and knowing the demands ill parents can have, I completely understand.

Peter Harwood may be the best choice but depends if he can get his way with suspending the current rule.

vic gamble

...Paul, bending the rules as in a circus strong man bending an iron bar...if I was CM I'd be as popular as a certain Mr. Webber...and my delicate constitution just could not handle that style of popularity.

But thanks for the's another notch in my world of fantasy and foibles.!

tortevite against toilet closure

Despite the best efforts of the previous buffoons to gerrymander the election of future chief ministers there really is only one credible candidate, with the gravitas, education, and experience to take the islands forward at this critical stage. Peter Harwood it is! If the president chief minister finds himself at a loose end he could always become minister for public conveniences!