Drastic measures see operations postponed

PATIENTS were yesterday being informed that surgical procedures scheduled for as early as next Monday had been postponed.

PEH, Princess Elizabeth Hospital,

PATIENTS were yesterday being informed that surgical procedures scheduled for as early as next Monday had been postponed.

And Health and Social Services chief officer Mark Cooke has said there were no guarantees that deferred appointments would take place in January.

The department has announced that all non-emergency and non-urgent off-island treatment and on-island elective surgery in December will be postponed until January in an effort to restrain a predicted £2.5m. overspend.

‘There are 150 people scheduled for off-island surgery. Appointments are currently being reviewed by a specialist to confirm which of those should continue,’ said Mr Cooke.

‘That is being done on a case-by-case process. Anyone affected next week will know by tomorrow.’

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So the 2.5 million is then added onto next year then? Not counting the overtime, as the staff try to catch up with the backlog.Fantastic! Where is the common sense?


Dear Patient

You are expecting to come into hospital shortly, you have arranged time off/people to help with your young family in your absence/someone to keep an eye on your old folks/feed the cat/geared yourself up for a hospital stay/put in place help, for when you are discharged.

In an effort, coupled with intense need to save face and massage our budget figures so that they look good/better for our much more important than you, end of year figures, you are summarily dismissed until further notice.

Any current treatment/medication/home care that you require in the interim, as a result of our strategic/panic stance, will of course, be chargeable to you.



In the event of a complaint please leave a message on our answer phone, we may or may not get back to you, since we are very busy putting up dept decorations, attending our Dept's free breakfast/lunch and opening tins of chocolates kindly donated from the Patients Comfort Fund.


Old Hunter who can't be bothered to swing the axe at his massive top heavy management, sitting in their offices. Hope he isn't taken badly before next years cash arrives!

Ali M

you have just had a clinical block built which is 1/3 of the size of the hospital but you have not allowed for staffing, cleaning etc in your budget. Of course you need to increase your budget each year not try and save or decrease it esp when you add to your existing building. You can see straight away what the problem is and its not rockets science. You are trying to maintain the same budget but not taken into account what else you have done. You need to increase your budget accordingly to accommodate what you have built and what is required to maintain it. Also technology changes and if you need to keep up with the changes then again this needs to be budgeted.


Thank goodness they did not show these shambles on tv island hospital. HSSD are a joke and how can they get away with this.


@ Steve

Don't hold your breath, with recent island prominence, especially on the 'aren't we tops' health front, some paid by newspapers' hacks will no doubt get onto this.

B Wildered

Millions to spend on infrastructure but no cash to utilise it ... I don't understand.


They gave it all to the police to build an army, in the mean time we shut half of the hospital.....