No resignations as some off-island ops are saved

UNDER-PRESSURE Health and Social Services board members yesterday refused to resign despite accusations that they are ‘politically inept’.

HSSD board member David Inglis arrives late for yesterday’s meeting at the Duchess of Kent House and parks in a space reserved for disabled drivers before walking away from his car and attending yesterday’s crisis board meeting. ‘I couldn’t find a parking space and it was very important that I made the meeting,’ he said.
HSSD board member David Inglis arrives late for yesterday’s meeting at the Duchess of Kent House and parks in a space reserved for disabled drivers before walking away from his car and attending yesterday’s crisis board meeting. ‘I couldn’t find a parking space and it was very important that I made the meeting,’ he said.

UNDER-PRESSURE Health and Social Services board members yesterday refused to resign despite accusations that they are ‘politically inept’.

The criticism came on the same day that the department announced a U-turn on last week’s short-notice decision to postpone all off-island elective and non-urgent surgical procedures in December.

It disclosed yesterday that it had struck a discount deal with University Hospital Southampton, which had not been available a few days ago when the emergency measures to keep within a predicted £2.5m. overspend were released.

The development means that 180 operations can now go ahead. However, operations in other off-island hospitals and non-urgent on-island treatment will still be postponed indefinitely.

HSSD deputy minister Barry Brehaut said a vote of no confidence debate, which is now certain, would give members the opportunity to debate the challenges the department was facing.

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If this board meeting was so crucial he should have been on time, early even and could have found another parking space.

theres a surprise

Nice to see the emotional blackmail working to its fullest, I wouldnt be surprised if after the debate HSSD come out with a nice fat budget and can get back to wasting our money again!!! they think we are that stupid!!

You cant just get to December and suddenly say, ooo we've run out of money, I know what we should do....close some wards!

If there are only two accountants at HSSD Mr Adams, one being the CO (which I thought was appointed because he could add 2+2 together and get close to 4), then why didnt you ask T & R if they could look over the books each quarter.



Mr Inglis should be ashamed.

My father is disbled and too often disabled parking spaces are taken by perfectly able people.

At Waitrose, Admiral Park too many people park in the disbled spaces so they can nip in or use the cash point. They are too lazy to use spaces that are free some 20 yards away.

Mr Inglis should be made to apologise. If he knows it is a difficult place to park he should have got there earlier or found a space futher away and walked in>

Disgusting for a Deputy to behave in this way


I wouldn't be adverse to people getting fined for parking in handicapped spaces when their not.

Disabled spaces should be for disabled people.


For someone who should know better its disgusting that this man could be thoughtless as to take up some disabled persons space. There is NO excuse for this



His excuse seemed to be "when you're as important as I am it's ok to park in disabled spaces".

Based on this photographic and anecdotel evidence I assume he will be prosecuted for the offence and, if not, why not?



Not entirely sure but like Waitrose and other private areas perhaps this particular space is not covered within the public roads / places traffic laws


Quite right Ray, however I think the 'penalty' this chap will receive in terms of embarrassment is quite fitting.

Very poor show Mr Inglis, I thought better of you in the past, but maybe you've just been caught on a bad day:-)


the world must be baffled,here we are an island branded as a tax haven,awash with money and it takes another hospital in the uk to offer cut price medical care to islanders so guernsey can carry on spending on things other than care for their own people.sounds like a tinpot dictator in charge of a third world country.


Disgraceful behaviour from David Inglis.


at least they now know the real price to pay for Southampton operations.

Negotiate to keep it at the discount rate for next year and bingo you have an instant saving, otherwise go and shop for a new hospital.

I am betting there are plenty in the UK that would like to pick up our business ...

David Inglis - shame on you there are plenty of spaces in the main PEH carparks only 2 minutes walk from the Corporate Headquarters building.


It could be that historically there was no cancellation penalty clause and the discount is a desperate attempt by Southhampton to keep some revenue flow.

However I would bet any new contract will make it impossible for HSSD to pull a similar stunt without financial penalty.

One dreads to think of the possible damage wrought in the relationships with our health trading partners by this fiasco.


As a full-time driver and have to abide by the law this action by Inglis is a insult.

A rule for this kind of person and a rule for jo public.

Keep the disable bays for the people who really do need them.

Ignorance and the highest level.


HSSD member David Inglis, should be disciplined by the states for his deliberate flouting of the disabled sign for 2.5 hrs.

He is a disgrace and an embarassment to the States and has set the worst type of example possible to other members of the public.


Members’ Conduct

3. The primary duty of Members is to act in the public interest. In so doing Members have a duty on all occasions to act in accordance with their oaths, and in accordance with the public trust placed in them.

8. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which will tend to maintain and strengthen the public‟s trust and confidence in the integrity of the States of Deliberation and never undertake any action which would bring the States, or its Members generally, into disrepute.

He has clearly, badly broken the rules. Now is the States strong enough to take action or are they so week that they are not sure what to do next.


"Disabled Parking Permits

The Environment Department operates a Disabled Badge Scheme for people who, because of age, illness, or disability have difficulty walking any distance, or are blind and require assistance in walking. The Badge permits the driver of a vehicle carrying a disabled person to park for up to two hours in half-hour and one-hour disc parking spaces, and to use special spaces allocated for disabled parking for unlimited periods"

No where does it mention these permits are issued to deputies on importants States Buiseness ..


Unfortunately Bill, the permits only apply to public parking areas, not private as is the case here. However, the PEH do have Special Constables who have the power I believe to enforce such infractions and I wonder why no such action was taken. Try stopping outside of the airport terminal building for more than 20 seconds and you'll see what action can be taken against you by 'Specials'.

Maybe the relevant authority would like to comment on this particular event... I won't hold my breath though waiting for an answer to that one !


I hope Deputy John Gollop takes Deputy Inglis to task over this. This to me just demonstrates the lack of common courtesy shown throughout all the recent events involving HSSD, one minute they appear not to give a hoot for waiting patients and the next they are taking the limited disabled bays away from the most needy amongst us. Disgraceful and inexcusable, if the meeting was so important allow more time to get there, arrogance does not win the hearts and minds of the voters. Time for that vote of no confidence or is that competence.


Arrogance of the highest degree. There again I didn't realize that Mr. Inglis was so important. Obviously he thinks so.


It seems to me that David Inglis must be disabled immediatly, as a Deputy and chosen representative. His thoughtless and self important attitude demonstrates a total lack of understanding and credibility as both a member of the House and, the Board he currently sits on.

I hope Deputy John Gollop will post his views.


Banana Republic without the bananas.

Roll on 21st Dec.


The last Assembly worked very hard to justify the title 'worst States ever", much of this due to the outright arrogance of some deputies. Although some notable culprits either decided not to stand for re-election or were voted out by the long suffering public, it was not a total clean sweep. However it was hoped that a clutch of new deputies, voted in on the basis of their humble manifestos and their apparent desire to serve the electors, would make some difference. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case, either by the wilful decision of HSSD to make cuts in the services to the public rather than address their own incompetence, by the patronising and arrogant remarks of some members, and untimately by the front page news of Deputy Inglis who thinks he and his meeting are far too important to be subjected to rules intended for the common public.

3.5 years to go for this lot then, but will there be any improvement next time ? Only if the Guernsey taxpayers, fed up with paying a starting wage of 650.00 per week for a part time job, will vigorously question their individual deputies, and will keep questioning until some action or answers occur



It'll be island wide voting next time ... won't it?


What happened to, " I can serve with integrity,

honesty and most of all a firm belief and desire to deliver a positive contribution to all within our community." mr Inglis???


How can anyone this low be sitting on this board?, if he can't turn up on time for a crisis meeting what chance is there of him turning up on time for a normal meeting?,

what will be more amazing is when we learn he is keeping his job!.


Does anyone know what is happening about ops in Exeter? My dad (who is 86) is awaiting major spinal surgery in Exeter and the expected wait time is 9 months as it is, without any added delays...

Les Pets

The HSSD haven't done anything special to sort out off island ops. They were told that any op already booked had to be honoured if not they would still be charged. This is stuff they don't tell the public . Trying to make themselves look careing . NOT. Sack the incompetants and employ private parties.


That's a question which should be raised in next Wednesday's debate

island girl

Another cover up then!


So many threads to put my views in so opted for this one.

This news has come as no surprise to me as I have had a 3 year “battle” with the HSSD department over the treatment of my wife. The short version is that I have tried all the official routes and would have to employ the services of an advocate (which I cannot afford). Or place our story in the press and suffer the personal intrusion but possibly gain the “power of the people” (bring back Citizen Smith) like Mr Brooks has done.

As this “snowball” gets bigger maybe it is time for ALL the Guernsey people to get together that have Laughed whilst watching Island Hospital knowing that the “Hollywood” version is good for the tourist trade but still leaves many of us suffering for the incompetence that is wide spread through the HSSD department.