Sark seeks Guernsey Police help on guns

CONCERNS over the ability of Sark constables to deal with serious gun crime has led the island’s Firearms Committee to seek a memorandum of understanding with Guernsey Police.

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CONCERNS over the ability of Sark constables to deal with serious gun crime has led the island’s Firearms Committee to seek a memorandum of understanding with Guernsey Police.

It follows an incident in which a threat was made to shoot Sark Newsletter editor Kevin Delaney in the legs.

The proposition, put forward by committee chairman Conseiller Richard Dewe, will be discussed at a meeting of Chief Pleas on 16 January.

‘In light of a recent incident with the possible illegal use of firearms by a certificate holder and the mental state of another holder, the committee is concerned that the constables do not have the expertise to deal with a more serious situation where the services of fully trained specialist police firearms officers might be required,’ he said.

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Does anybody know where to buy a horse drawn tank?


Perfect timing for Chief Rice to say we need an armoured gunboat to go along with our armoured Landrover

Herbert Roth

Here it is, the perfect excuse to get that quick response [assault] helicopter! Patrick Rice must be rubbing his hands in anticipation.


So is this implying "there may be a state of frustration such that even formerly reasonable citizens are being provoked to the point where they take leave of their senses and feel they have no alternative but contemplate direct action" ...?

I wonder how that came about?

Tractor driver

Do Massey Ferguson or John Deere make an armoured version? I bet Mr Rice will be first in the queue if they do.


UK politicians have actually been the biggest threat to the safety of UK police and citizens by successively provoking foreign terrorists when invading their homelands; and then allowing the nationals of provoked nations easy access to domicile in the UK. Doh...


Interestingly, although virtually all countries require background evaluation of applicants, one of the few countries in the world with even tighter firearms control than the UK, is China.

And there is no country with more CCTV surveillance in the world than the UK.

This increasingly paranoid "surveillance" atmosphere means that the tactics of UK police when faced with allegedly armed suspects has been a tendency to shoot first second and third etc - and ask questions later.

But let's remember that Sark has been subject to invasion by a bloke armed with an assault rifle. The question of having some form of on-island armed response is not fanciful in these times of modern piracy.

And what arms exist under the control of the SEM and Brecqhou? Are those canons really just for blanks and confetti?


Larky, sounds like u are a bitter victim of CCTV or UK police!

But rest of post is good

Type of weapons on Sark + nearby island should be limited to those shooting vermin! (SEM started this) He is not vermin, just a sick person. The sooner our Brecqhou lads get rid the better.


Soph, the awful reality is that ANYONE who has passed through a UK border has been "surveilled" to an extent that exceeds almost anywhere else on the planet. GCHQ probably knows your brand of underwear and perfume.

And please don't try the old "what have you got to hide?" argument.

The emerging revelations where the Downing Street police (for heavens sake!) are having to answer to suspicions of a conspiracy that stitched up a UK Government Minister in pursuit of a political vendetta OUGHT to send the wake-up shiver of all time, down any sentient subject's spine.

It is perfectly reasonable to ask both who is watching the watchers - and why should our now apparently politicised police force be the only ones able to own firearms in the land?

Paddy Rices everywhere do not need any more state-funded winged or wheeled instruments of mass suppression until the police can be trusted once again. A constable in 15th century armour on horse patrol on Sark would also be a considerable tourist attraction.


Remind me, who was it who bought a landing craft and named it the Brecqhou Warrior?


After watching the Panorama programme and witnessing what goes on in Sark, I would think the meeting at chief Pleas was to discuss why such threats had not been acted upon? There really are some un pleasnt humans in this world.


Passports and customs documents to enter Sark waters now Guernsey have full control under Chief of Police.

Gun laws implimented by a newly elected mounted local Sark Police officer.

A larger prison for all unlawful Sarkies and unaurthorised citizens

Digimap of Sark waters

ta ta

Errr, newsflash! From 1st Jan there is no "Chief of Police!"


How many times have we heard loose/pub talk where people announce they'd like to do do serious harm to someone they feel has wronged them?

How many times has this sort of loose talk been taken as a real 'threat,' been reported to the Police and taken seriously by them, resulting in a lot of costly man hours/time/changes in legislation dedicated to it?

How many of these 'threats' have ever been actually carried out?

How many times over the past 100 years in Sark has there been a serious GBH or murder?, that castle really does have a lot of people in high places under it's spell, doesn't it?

SO glad that Guernsey's rolling in cash and we can afford all this very necessary Police work...!


Do the 40 Tenements still have to provide Men-at-Arms as an obligation of their Tenancy?


Here's useful insight into the state of UK policing from Delaney's employers’ "proper" newspaper:

Which includes the prime observation:

"Elections tend to be fought on the odd assumption that the effectiveness of a police force is measured by the number of people it employs."

Sark knows this very well. The best policing arises from the common-sense consensus of a community where everyone knows and trusts - or otherwise - everyone else.

No wonder some Sark residents are concerned that their shabby reputations precede them in the judgement of the close-knit Sark community - and maybe hope that plod from across the water can be more easily confused by brass-necked distraction and bluster.