Cyclists urged to keep off reservoir's Millennium Walk

CYCLISTS need to find somewhere else to practise their sport, according to Guernsey Water's Andrew Redhead.

Guernsey Water does not want to introduce legislation to control the use of the Millennium Walk around the reservoir, but might have to do so if cyclists continue to ignore warning signs and ride on it, endangering walkers. (Picture by Amber Moxom, 1331012)
Guernsey Water does not want to introduce legislation to control the use of the Millennium Walk around the reservoir, but might have to do so if cyclists continue to ignore warning signs and ride on it, endangering walkers. (Picture by Amber Moxom, 1331012)

CYCLISTS need to find somewhere else to practise their sport, according to Guernsey Water's Andrew Redhead.

The 3km-long Millennium Walk nature trail opened in 2001 and, for the first time, allowed people to walk around the reservoir.

Recently, however, cyclists have taken to using the path, potentially putting walkers at risk, said Mr Redhead, the director of water services.

'People are taking mountain bikes around the trail and my concern is the pedestrians. It is a windy, narrow track - which they often do at speed - and there have been a few near misses.'

While there is no law against cycling on the track, there is a sign asking people not to do so.

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Island Wide Voting

Bloody cyclists!


Cycles in general are a pain on this island.

Rollo de Sausmarez

If Andrew Redhead and Guernsey water want to keep this path cycle fee, cyclists should respect that.

I and many others would like to see more places on the island where cyclists can go "offroad" without breaking the rules, without offending walkers. Many other places manage dual use trails by using clever design features and split sections for walkers and cyclists. Maybe this is something that could be considered for the future, especially if cyclists where to help implement and maintain them with landowners.

For what its worth, it seems that Andrew was misquoted somewhat in the full version of this article when it suggested a link between cyclists and vandalism. He's confirmed to me that that its not what he meant, and not what he thinks...


Given the fact it is not against the law then how do you stop cyclists using path. Also given the fact that a few are ignoring the signs what makes people think that they are going to stop if made against the law.

The speed limit is 35 and yet in the press you get constant people ignoring the fact. I was nearly knocked off west coast path by an unseen runner should they be told to only walk.

Perhaps better to work with cyclists to find a compromise to see if anything can be done to provide a path for cyclists and right of way for walkers. Too quickly on this island we threaten legislation rather than actually speaking to all parties concerned.


Well done, Rollo.

If there is no law against it, they are not doing anything illegal.

This island needs to do more to get people out of Bloody cars and enjoying the countryside. they are very good at stopping you from doing something and very poor at promoting considerate use by all.

Gsy anarchist

Damned if we do, damned if we don't.... either way a change is needed in the island but people are too scared of change. Guess one day I will be fined and publicly stoned for daring to enjoy mountain biking...

I don't condone or ride the reserviour but yes I do ride elsewhere on the island.

Funny thing is that our sister island Jersey, doesn't have these issues but then again its the Guernsey way to moan I guess!

Responsible Cyclist

There seems to be a very narrow minded view on this island when it comes to cycling and particularly off-road cycling (and a lot of other new activities). For the majority I'm sure it is simply a misunderstanding of the sport and those who do it. It isn't helped by articles like this. It's a simple case of Perception vs reality.

On the whole us Mountain bikers are a responsible group who like nothing more than enjoying the island along side other trail users. On the whole when we come across other users, we exchange friendly words and go on our way. It shows we can use some areas along side eachother. The Reservior i agree may not be the place for this but if a ban needs to be brought in, it needs to be done for the right reasons with cyclists being involved in discussions. It needs to be done the right way, not the easy way.


In my mid seventies, and not a cyclist, I nevertheless have to say that in my estimation there is nothing wrong whatsoever with cycles or with being a cyclist. In fact, cycling ( and walking) is probably the healthiest way to go for people and for the island ( except when sucking in auto pollution - so wear a face mask please)

What is truly wrong is that a path of any kind has ever been permitted around the perimeter of the islands 'fresh drinking water' reservoir.

Umpteen walkers hike the reservoir pathway daily, many with their dogs, and we all know what dogs have to do, and do do. Humans have to do do too, and do do do

Walkers also carry unacceptable material, including Fido's do do, onto the reservoir pathway on the soles of their footwear. Much of this 'material' is left on the pathway or on adjacent area's.

Eventually, down comes the rain and together with Incy Wincy washes all of the above mentioned into the reservoir.

One way or another increased air traffic also pollutes the air over Guernsey, much of which falls onto the reservoir water. ( thankfully the aircrafts accumulated do do goes into holding tanks (hope) and not onto the reservoir).

In all, a very unhealthy situation for all islanders rich and not so rich regardless of how much 'disinfacting' and ' sanitizing' with evil chemicals the authorities do to the islands drinking water.

Indeed, without fresh drinking water we would all be dead with three days. Drinking water that is polluted allows us to live just a little bit longer. So please close the reservoir path. Make it off limits to all and sundry,period, including Fido and any possible overhead aircraft flights. Thankyou.


Dog poo is probably the last thing you need to worry about, considering animals die and decompose in the water every single day.


Fish poo as well! ;-)


they make love in it too!


Sorry....I missed out a do...that should have been '...Humans have to do do do too and do do do.'



...darn it...just spotted another boo boo! In my previous comment that followed my comment previous to that I said 'disinfaction'. But as we all know there is no such word as disinfaction; I should have said




Whoever has been riding this trail please stop now. I'm sure its a fun trail to ride but you are not permitted to.

Negative headlines like this about 'cyclists' do damage to the image of cycling and no doubt have an affect on how some drivers behave around people riding bikes on the roads. Think about that for a minute.

These incidents have nothing to do with everyday cyclists, yet the association is implied and I'm sure the Guernsey Press enjoy doing that.


I love a bit of mountain biking but get very frustrated at the lack of places to be able to enjoy it in Guernsey. The reservoir trail looks like a fun ride, and now that I know its legal I might give it a try (responsibly).


Given there's a limited number of places for recreation in Guernsey generally, and we have to share, how about coming up with some kind of sharing agreement, a little like the voluntary Snowdon bridleway cycling agreement?

For example, after discussing it with user groups and agreeing, putting up signs at access points saying "voluntary cycle access scheme: bicycles may use this path Saturdays and Sundays after 12 noon".

That way everyone can have recreational usage and show consideration for one another.