Police investigation carries on, but does not relate to hate crime

A CRIMINAL investigation is ongoing despite a children's entertainer withdrawing claims that her dog had been hit with a hammer as part of a homophobic attack, Guernsey Police has confirmed.

A CRIMINAL investigation is ongoing despite a children's entertainer withdrawing claims that her dog had been hit with a hammer as part of a homophobic attack, Guernsey Police has confirmed.

In an interview with the Guernsey Press this morning, Detective Inspector Richard Medhurst said officers were still investigating matters surrounding the claims. His comments come after the force confirmed it was no longer looking for anyone in relation to the alleged hate crime.

'We are still conducting a criminal investigation but the matter we are investigating does not relate to a homophobic hate crime,' he said.

Jenny Harding's dog Alice lost her eye as a result of injuries she received last week.

DI Medhurst said it was unclear how Alice received her injuries, but there was no evidence she had been attacked by someone.

There has been public speculation that the dog might have been attacked by an animal.

He added that the dog had been handed over to the police, with Ms Harding's permission, for it to receive further medical treatment.

'There is no evidence to suggest there is someone out there committing homophobic hate crimes,' he said.

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Given the huge public outcry over the original reported crime and assault I really do think that the public should be kept informed of exactly what the police believe has occurred.

How did the dog get injured and who sprayed homophobic graffiti on Ms Harding's van.

Guernsey has been castigating itself for having homophobic attitudes and yet it would appear this was never the case.

Has somebody been wasting police time?


Well put Sir! i agree.


Oh dear... My original suspicions may appear to be correct. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this and what action is taken. I wonder if anyone was arrested on suspicion of carrying out the hate crimes and whether they will receive an apology.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a super Christmas and New Year. Enjoy!!!


I said from the start , I think someone was looking for a

Bit of attention . I would not like to be in her shoes,,


I hope that Ms Harding receives all the help required in addressing what may be a mental health issue. No need for a prison sentence or community service. She will I am sure regret her actions. Lets remember we are dealing with a human being here.


Well said Pete.

There has been speculation and accusation through social media today, and I for one think this woman should not be tried by public knee jerk reaction and judgement. Let the police carry out and finish the investigation and what will be will be. If indeed what has happened has not involved any other person then yes she needs help and not undue punishment. As Pete says, we are dealing with a human being and we all make mistakes in our life and we should all be afforded the opportunity to make amends and carry on with our lives. Too many people Judge and judge harshly with compassion or empathy. Not just in this instance but in life generally let us forgive and live and let live.


I don't think the outcome should get shoved under the carpet. A defenceless animal has been nearly killed and had an eye destroyed, a lot of police time has been wasted and then there is Guernsey's reputation which has been dragged through the muck.


get a grip BJ.'Guernsey’s reputation which has been dragged through the muck'. One member of our community suffering with alleged mental health issues is not a threat to Guernsey reputation abroad. No wonder those in our community suffering with mental health issues are repressed and victimised with such disgraceful attitudes displayed by the likes of you. I'm surprised you and your blinkered supporters are not protesting outside the Police Station asking for the death penalty for Ms Harding or anyone with a mental illness just in case they allegedly attack an animal. before using the animal cruelty card. Are you a vegan BJ if not, please consider the inhuman methods carried out in slaughterhouses and many other barbaric places where animals are routinely killed to put meat, eggs etc on your dinner plate.


You are being very judgmental, aren't you pete? Even if you are a fully qualified psychiatrist who has examined this lady I'm surprised TIG has allowed you to talk such nonsense on a public forum.

Island Wide Voting


I'm sure Beanjar will be on here in a flash to defend himself but I read into his comment about dragging the island through the muck to mean that it was being broadcast (this stuff can be read in Matabeleland you know)that there was a homophobic maniac on the loose rather than a lack of compassion for a person in need of,and who will no doubt receive,the necessary help


The good news is that i) Guernsey does not appear to have a homophobic vandal on the loose and ii) When it looked as though we did the condemnation of such action was swift and pretty much universal - so were anyone to think this sort of behaviour might be ok they have probably slunk further back into the corner of the closet they almost certainly inhabit.

The bad news is that a dog has been injured and the police appear to have wasted their time investigating an attack that may not have happened.

Bean jar

I think you might need to talk to somebody, Pete, what bought that lot on?


pete, that is just hysterical soapbox nonsense and does not relate to any comments I have made. You definitely need to 'get a grip' yourself.


BJ, far from being on my 'hysterical soapbox' I was putting my point of view across in response to your original post. This is after all a public forum and not 'BJ's' Forum.

Oh Dear

Pete, you silly fool. No opinion matters more than Beanjar's. Everything that he's ever posted makes perfect sense. He never gets overly defenceless or insulting if someone posts their own opinion.


Any news on the title of this story? Anything on the continuing police investigation?

Irons rock

Apparently it is on a facebook website. It seems that the dog might be back with the girl.

Irons rock

Local is fairly up to date on what is happening, read his post elsewhere.

It is not very good news for animals.