Man urinated in cabin on Aurigny flight

AURIGNY will try to recover its costs from a London man who urinated in the cabin of one of its aircraft on a flight to Gatwick on Monday evening.


He was given a fixed penalty fine by Sussex Police, but Aurigny CEO Mark Darby, who said he was in total shock at the incident, said the airline could take it further.

‘We incurred large extension fees from the airport and also have to pay overtime for quite a number of staff,’ he said.

‘It cost us a lot of money and we will be considering our options to see if we may pursue him to recover our money.’

The man, who was apprehended by Sussex Police upon the aircraft’s arrival at Gatwick, has not been named, but has been banned for life from travelling with Aurigny.

Sussex Police said it removed the man from the aircraft after he had urinated in the cabin on the flight’s approach.

‘Police were asked to meet the Aurigny flight from Guernsey when it was a few minutes from landing at around 7pm on Monday,’ it said.

‘Other passengers were held on the plane while officers boarded and removed the 32-year-old man from Camden, London.

‘He was later given a fixed penalty for a public order-related offence and released.’

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Name and shame him !

GSY Fred

Fair enough I say - he probably needed to go to the toilet enough that he had to go so much he went!


Perhaps he left it too late - the plane was preparing to land and the toilet was out of use. But that's not an excuse. He deserves the lifetime ban - though the airline could offer to carry him in a cage like an animal next time. That would be one way of making money when you hear how much it can cost for a dog to be transported by air.

concerned guern

someone should have rub his nose in it


O.K. then GSY Fred, tell us 'where you live, so that we can 'all have a pee 'on you' as it were, when 'we also need to go.! "Fair enough" ?

guern abroad

As long as this was a genuine disrespectful act rather than a person with a disability caught out. Facts not reaction.


A bit of an overreaction by Mark Darby to be "in total shock" over's not like someone tried to open the emergency exit in mid-air or threatened to hijack up the plane. It's a disgusting thing to do and I can see why he'd be peed off about it but let's have some perspective, please.


Do they serve alcohol at the airport and on these planes as it is a known diuretic ...


That's what I call "Taking the P-ss"!


Honestly, what has 'gone wrong' with the alternative transport possibilities to Guernsey now. ? It seems to be a choice between 'Condor Liberation', or attempting to 'dodge the pee spray' if you risk air travel with Aurigny. ? I wonder why tourism is 'on the decline'.?


Can aurigny give out the seat number for future preferential booking reference. Thinking it could be a smelly place.