‘Fontaine businesses will not be welcome here’

NEIGHBOURS of Extension Vinery are concerned that relocating Fontaine Vinery users to the new site would cause too much congestion on Route Militaire and St Clair Hill.


The site is currently earmarked, along with Pulias Vinery, next to the Pulias pond, as one of two potential replacements for Fontaine, which has to be vacated.

Extension Vinery owner Martyn Loveridge has amended his original change of use application which will now go to an open planning meeting on Wednesday, which some residents suggested meant the States were pursuing his offer.

Dave Domaille, 70, has lived on the same piece of land near which Extension Vinery is located for 35 years.

‘I spoke to [Martyn] yesterday and he didn’t give me much of an update,’ he said.

‘I am really against it, and if I can stop the change going ahead, I will.’

Mr Domaille said his main issue with the development, alongside the ‘noise and the dirt’, would be the road and the access.

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The traffic at St Clair Hill every morning, 8-9 am is pretty much bumper to bumper as it is. I seriously think this is not the best place for the relocation?


Agreed, this is not nimbyism, the traffic is already appalling. Can only assume black jake has no knowledge of this area at rush hour.


Wherever it goes it will add to the traffic! Its got to go somewhere.


This guy says they won't be welcome here what's he gonna do throw stones at them.


This site is a stones throw from the old Fontaine Vinery site and therefore will have no effect whatsoever on the traffic flow (which is appalling by the way) in the area.



Raise the clameur , may delay any plans , but even if it doesn't it will p--s someone off , which is a beautiful thing

Island Wide Voting

The rents are going to have to be high in order to cover the initial site clearance costs


Sounds like 'gridlock in Guernsey 'all over again. ? Why continue with the policy of 'more and yet more 'people in the parish of St Sampson's when there are already too many of them now.??