‘Social media presence appeals to young voters’

HAVING a strong presence on social media with policies that appeal to young people is something Guernsey’s government could learn from the UK election, according to one student.


Adam Sparkes, 17, sits on the Youth Forum and felt the Labour Party was very proactive in seizing young people’s votes at last week’s General Election.

The Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party are still in discussions over a possible ‘confidence and supply’ deal to secure support for a minority Tory government.

Mr Sparkes felt more people were seeing the impact that young people can have on politics.

‘It was clear Labour were trying to pitch themselves to young people with the policies they pursued,’ he said.

‘They took it upon themselves to take the initiative with certain policies, such as scrapping tuition fees. Maybe that is something politicians could do in Guernsey, to create policies that would appeal to young people.

‘They also put social media to good use and were trending on Twitter and I even think they had a Snapchat filter.

‘It is the nature of Guernsey that it is very different. You can’t really align yourself with a party, but it is more about personal interaction with different politicians.

‘I don’t think Guernsey could pursue the same things, but a presence on social media is really the only way to get young people’s votes in my opinion.’

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