‘Social media presence appeals to young voters’

HAVING a strong presence on social media with policies that appeal to young people is something Guernsey’s government could learn from the UK election, according to one student.


Adam Sparkes, 17, sits on the Youth Forum and felt the Labour Party was very proactive in seizing young people’s votes at last week’s General Election.

The Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party are still in discussions over a possible ‘confidence and supply’ deal to secure support for a minority Tory government.

Mr Sparkes felt more people were seeing the impact that young people can have on politics.

‘It was clear Labour were trying to pitch themselves to young people with the policies they pursued,’ he said.

‘They took it upon themselves to take the initiative with certain policies, such as scrapping tuition fees. Maybe that is something politicians could do in Guernsey, to create policies that would appeal to young people.

‘They also put social media to good use and were trending on Twitter and I even think they had a Snapchat filter.

‘It is the nature of Guernsey that it is very different. You can’t really align yourself with a party, but it is more about personal interaction with different politicians.

‘I don’t think Guernsey could pursue the same things, but a presence on social media is really the only way to get young people’s votes in my opinion.’

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guern abroad

Making policies that appeal to what people want to hear is not good politics. There was no plan behind how it was all going to be paid for but let's make it sound good anyway the voters aren't going to check it so we can just press the buttons on what people want to hear.


I agree it's not good politics but that is the only politics that are employed. I cannot think of any politician that does not employ the tactic of just saying what people want to hear even if it is not possible. Unfortunately telling the truth does not get you votes and consequently all voters want is a lying politician but then proceed to moan when they are found to be lying!


This comment alone signifies the generation gap and apparent contempt some have for the young. I am no Corbyn fan but I feel compelled to play devils advocate here and say that the Labour manifesto was fully costed, unlike the Conservative manifesto, and had the backing of plenty of economists. Obviously I remain sceptical on the extent to which it would be successful if implemented. Good politics would see the elderly understanding why the young turned out in numbers and flipped seats like Canterbury and Portsmouth South. The Tories have ignored the young for too long and have taken multiple positions that do not run well with my generation. I'm glad the young fought back and at least attempted to control their own future rather than be dictated to by the Conservatives and the elderly. A good democracy would require people of all generations pulling together, but the Consetvatives have made it impossible to gain support of younger people. Going back to the article, I agree that social media is the way forward to engage younger voters.

Bloke A

"Making 'policies' that appeal to what people want to hear' and 'no plan behind how it was all going to be 'paid for'"..... sounds remarkably like the Brexit campaign.

£350 million a week for the NHS anyone?


I was going to put a top 3 recent fibs in my comment but took it out at the last moment, the £350 million to the NHS was going to make the top spot! Second was going to be Trump making Mexico pay for the wall and third was going to be the tories immigration control promises, at least Corbyn refused to make a promise that he might have had to break. Whether the promises he did make would have actually been implemented we will never know.

Common sense

There are positives and negatives to this concept

The outcome of the US election was influenced by fake news spread by Facebook, Twitter etc but the media very quickly became aware and now the impact of fake news has been limited as the media itself is very quick to pick up and expose lies and other media such as the BBC highlightimg false statements e.g. the side of Boris' bus.

The major positive is that all opinions can be aired and had a dramatic effect on the election as more young voters took part and received info from these kinds of media and limited the influence of Murdock and his tabloids even to the extent some of the front pages designed to discredit Corbin were retwetted and acrtually encouraged more people to vote for him.


And that 350 Million will not make a spot of difference to the NHS(if its true)


In all fairness leaving the EU might save the NHS 350 million due to lack of staff!

guern abroad

Making it necessary to have a degree to be able to train to be a nurse needs to go I think, bet that stifled nurse training recruitment it surely isn't necessary for all nurse positions and certainly wasn't needed to train to be a Nurse not that long ago. I doubt the countries nurse recruiting goes on in who pull them to the UK (inversely Guernsey too) do not insist their nurses have a degree before they are trained.

John West

No, promising the earth and not explaining how it will be paid for is what the youth were attracted to. With all due respect (and I’m sure this does not describe you Mr. Sparkes), most 17 year olds do not have the first clue about money management or the real working world as the Western educational system, and the bank of mom and dad, shield most from the real world realities.

So Mr Sparkes, how would you suggest the UK cover this cost if they had gotten into power? There is no money tree and any extra funding is only ever through cost cuts or increasing taxes – so what costs should be cut or which taxes should be increased?

Labour, by 'taking the initiative' and offering the right carrots for young people and not explaining the boring bits about how they would be saddled with the debt in a myriad of different ways, is what got them to the position they reached.

Let me further enlighten you – if Labour had won the election then all UK-based tax payers would have to fork the bill on these grandiose promises (most of which would likely never be kept), that bill will take UK taxpayers the rest of their working lives (and their children's lives) to pay.

Here’s a secret you may find out one day: Labour loves to spend the country to oblivion! The Conservatives, whilst far from perfect, whenever elected after a Labour term, are instantly the ‘bad guys in white collars’ but have no choice but being tasked to stem the tidal wave of the country’s indebtedness, all to the detriment of the poor working class (which generally are just as badly off, no matter who is in power). The truth is, Labour promised the earth to those with little understanding (or concern) as to how it would all be paid for – THIS is what attracted most youth voters - it even attracted many to such strong support that hundreds (most cleverly) admitted to voting more than once…. Superb!

I'm sure you are a worldly chap, knowing much that this left leaning, socialist biased educational system has instilled in you about our society but please let me enlighten you even further - if you end up working, it doesn’t even have to be in a well-paid job, but you look like a clever chap that will do well in life – please expect there to be wealth redistribution, i.e. State will take a tiny chunk of your money and give it to the rightfully needy (the few) and a large slice to the wilfully inept, with the remainder (biggest chunk) going on buoying up our overpaid Government and Civil Service and their fantasy that we need spend spend spend. The rest of your money will go on an overpaid home (if you’re fortunate enough to afford it) or high rents. If you are lucky to be a home owner, don’t expect it to be yours until you’re in your 70’s as increasingly more expensive mortgage as the children of the 80’s and 90’s have benefited from unbelievably low interest rates; you will also be having to pay more in taxes to cover the spiralling costs of elderly care and forced by Government to save more for your retirement as the money you pay in tax will most likely no longer cover much (if any) pension in retirement age… which will likely increase by the time you get there. Oh, and most likely you will have to forfeit personal assets to pay for your elderly care.

Welcome to the real world. It will be a bumpy and expensive ride.


Promising the earth is how every voter is attracted, it's a bit naive to think that that would only apply to 'the youth' and that they are so easily lead whilst older people are only attracted to cold hard facts. Also naive to think that older generations somehow instinctively know how to spot when a policy would cause economic hardship. Take brexit for example, a lot of people that voted brexit would say that the economy will be fine as xyz will happen and actually believe what they say. In all honesty they wouldn't have a clue! It's finger in the air, back of a fag packet guess work but it's what they want to believe so there's the conviction.

It's the same with campaigning for voters, lets say what they want to hear and let them base their evidence around the conclusion I have already given them. Then people go away and look at some information and think that they came up with the same conclusion and therefore aren't they smart. Taking what you said about the labour policies, you didn't mention any of the tax increases they put into the manifesto that they claimed would fund the costs (whether they would or not, I doubt either of us have the experience or expertise to be able to tell).

On one of your last points that 'labour loves to spend the country to oblivion', I have heard this battered around but whenever I try to find evidence of this I cannot find it. Looking at the Blair / Brown era, and therefore the most recent labour government, before the financial crisis the deficit was shrinking. This is the same with the Wilson / Callaghan era before that.

You might take all of that as myself being a labour supporter but that wouldn't be true. I thought the tories would run the economy better but that labour had better social policies.

Island Wide Voting

Good post John West

Just don't include it in your 2020 manifesto!

Bloke A

Dear Mr Sparkes

Don't worry, not all of us oldies are as condescending (and bitter) as Mr West. Thankfully.

As for the statement "Labour promised the earth to those with little understanding (or concern) as to how it would all be paid for – THIS is what attracted most youth voters"...

Now try changing "Labour" to "Brexiteers" and delete the word "youth" and hey ho, we are back to that again.

£350m a week anyone?

John West

FYI, we haven't even begun to negotiate with the EU, let alone leave, so I fail to see your £350m issue at this point.

Of course they were talking nonsense about a specific £350m but that's politics! Both sided spouted all sorts and neither side had any way of knowing whether their promises would pan out. I'm still waiting for the economy to collapse immediately after the vote, hmm, no wait on, FTSE is record high. Nope, no collapse of the economy yet.

Interesting how around 80% of the votes in recent General Election were for pro-Brexit parties.

Common sense

JW I think you will find Labour is not pro-Brexit just respects the result of the referendum and the vote was for how the government should approaches the negotiations and resulted in 56% of the population voting against May's hard Brexit.

You are right negotiations have not happened at this time but at present we do not have an official government until the deal between the tories and DUP is finalised. If those talks break down first the conservatives will produce and Queens speech at ask parliament to allow them to form a minority government and if rejected Labour will follow and if that too is rejected we are back to another general election.


Quite right, but I expect the young will stick their fingers in their ears. The lure of 'free money' will be far too great for the "I want it now, and I'm having it" generation. They have never known real hardship, never made sacrifices, never saved for anything more than their next night out in a cocktail bar. They need a good dose of old-fashioned socialism, and Corbyn is just the man to deliver it. Then they will learn the true meaning of 'austerity'.

Never mind that 'soaking the rich' has only ever resulted in a lower overall tax take. Never mind that just ploughing endless billions into the badly managed NHS and nationalised industries never achieved anything. They can't even remember 2010, Blair and Brown's disastrous 13 year legacy. I suppose every generation needs to learn things the hard way, that's the arrogance of youth for you.

Bloke A

Dear Mr Sparkes

Don't worry, very few of us oldies are as bitter (and aggressive) as Mr Beanjar. If any. Thankfully.

Hope life treats you better.


Strange how often you lefties love to deflect facts by throwing accusations like 'bitter' and 'aggressive' around. Rather like Diane Abbott, serial incompetent, who accuses Tories of a 'vicious and negative general election campaign'. Instead of taking ownership of her woeful performance she blames Type 2 Diabetes which has never had any known effect on mental capacity in any other 'victim'. Pathetic. Meanwhile Mrs May, for all her faults, does not claim sudden incapacity from her Type 1 Diabetes - she admits her mistakes. Something your slippery lot could learn from.


Hi Beanjar

I see your boy Trump in even more hot water this morning.

And he hasn't even got diabetes.

And......if Corbyn is supposed to be taxing for extra billions and borrowing extra billions......why would there be any austerity.

Can't have it both ways chap - I'd start watering the Calpol before you post if I were you.."shudder".

Having said that - John West and Samclarkgsy's post's are much more near the mark - their analysis and eloquence are what I think you are groping (sorry, must not use that word anymore) stumbling towards.

BJ - you could always send your post to JW or Samclarkgsy and they could translate it for the rest of us.

Though JW seems to have got your opinions mixed up with facts.

John West

Beanjar, I hope you are suitably put in your for being such a wickedly non-leftist-Marxist-socialist.

Please don’t be offended as it is only the far left that has the right to react in that way, normally with obtuse insults to hide their woefully inadequate, or evenly glaringly absent counterarguments to the facts you portrayed.

Bloke A

I think you mean opinions, not facts.

Common sense


It is not as simple as a vote for free tuition, it was the youth who wanted to remain in the EU and are so desperate to avoid a hard Brexit.

A report was published that showed young voters abstained because they did not believe their vote mattered or opinion counted and thus the tories ignored them at a heavy cost, labour tapped into this potential source of votes and got students interested in politics.

The youth now know they have a voice and I hope they continue to use it and pull the hand brake on the May Brexit bus heading towards the finacial cliff of disaster.

56% of the electorate voted against May's idea of Brexit and as time rolls on the number of the youth eligible to vote will continue to increase and replace the old voters who pass-on and who knows in 10 years we may rejoin the EU.

The youth vote should not be viewed with such distane as it was not that long ago the youth of France came out on mass and prevented Le Penn (senior) being voted in.


We can all speculate on who voted and who didn't vote. You may be right about the young not only wanting 'free money' but also fearing a clean break with the EU. Meanwhile, the people of their parents and grandparents generations may not die off as quickly as they might hope. Many will be around for decades and the young can look forward to paying out a fortune to keep us alive for ever.

Mrs May wanted to make wealthier people pay out more for their care. But hey, perhaps the kids do know best! A bit more overtime on the money printing presses ought to sort it out. Or tax, under the Corbyns of this world the elderly will not be paying much out in tax - but the young will. And there still won't be enough left to fund their own pensions when they hit 85. A pyrrhic victory. Enjoy!

Le Goubert

The Emperor's new clothes.

A crap message is still crap whether it's posted on Watsapp, Facebook or Twitter.

The paid Tory Trolls inundated Facebook, Twitter etc. with the most hilarious anti-Jeremy Corbyn stories.

Oh before anyone pipes up Theresa May won the election (even though she sacked her advisors, published the most appalling manifesto and lost a shed load of seats).


Which "hilarious anti-Jeremy Corbyn stories" were they then? The one about neither he nor his ex, having the faintest idea what any of their 'fully costed' manifesto pledges would actually cost? Not just stories, were they, when we could see them floundering around on TV making up any old nonsense which came in their heads? But you lefties just lap up that 'humanising' incompetence as much as propaganda, don't you?



Calm down mate. Come on, deeeeeep breathes. There.

Now, the Labour manifesto was submitted, by the Shadow Chancellor, to independent auditors for costing and shake down. That is a fact.

You may question the dogma but hey, it will be out there again soon...probably the autumn. so you can ignore it and deny it all again then.

Also - just because one can uphold facts about JC and Labour it does not mean one supports JC and Labour.

I remain sceptical about the aims of their manifesto over the long term - but its not about me...or you.

Plenty of entertainment the other side of the pond to get excited about.

so...just chill, man.

It'll all be ok.

Nick Le P

I can't say I have read Labour's manifesto and so fully costed it might be.

However, there is no doubt that what swayed the youth vote was the promise of no tuition fees, which is a very expensive policy, as is re-nationalisation. Give aways like free school meals for all just aren't needed across the board. I suspect that the costing comes through taxation in one form or another, with those mentioned being a rise in income tax for those earning over £80k and an increase in corporation tax.

To those of us who earn no where near that and aren't in big business this sounds brilliant. However, two things need to be considered. Firstly, HMRC figures confirm that the tax take from high earners increased when the rate came down to 45p. By increasing the rate, there is a strong likelihood that tax take will go down. Secondly, corporation tax isn't paid by big business, it's paid by their customers. A small increase in tax will result in small increase "plus" in prices paid by everyone.

Take a look at the free school meals policy. Those who need them should get them ,but I can afford to buy my children's so why give them to me free? There are are 2 schools in my road, both of which would need more staff and bigger kitchens/dining areas if they had to provide lunch for all the children, so how would that be paid for?

These are just some examples of how that fully costed manifesto just doesn't add up. It's fair to say that every Labour government in my 50 years has ended up ruining the economy, even Tony Blair's economic success came from following Ken Clarke's Tory economic policy. Gordon Brown eventually ruined it, selling our gold along the way!

Finally, when considering a Labour government, one shouldn't forget that their policy is to bring the British Islands in line with UK taxation, something which would never, ever be good for Guernsey.

Island Wide Voting

Two snippets from the Daily Mail this week (so I can vouch for their veracity)

Student loan debt for current and past students in the UK now stands at over 100 Billion. Santa Claus Corbyn told the young gullibles that he intended to wipe the slate clean. What a pity that figure was kept under wraps before the election so that those with at least half a working brain cell might think of asking the right questions

The second is a letter from 'Name supplied' of Glossop Derbyshire ....

"Hooray for our youth,who are 'making their voices heard'.But I am not as impressed with their level of political knowledge

I was queuing behind a group of teenagers at my local polling station in Derbyshire. After one girl had collected her ballot paper she returned to the table to ask 'This IS the General Election isn't it? I wanted to vote for Jeremy Corbyn but his name isn't on this form'

Perhaps we should raise the voting age to 21,so the young can become politically aware rather than turning them loose unprepared"

I wonder if that young lady was a Miss Le Goubert?

Common sense

Hopefully the influence of social media will start to grow with other age and social groups and restrict even further the influence of unelected billionaires like Murdock, questions are being asked if Murdock directed May to put Gove (hard brexiteer) back into the cabinet.

Island Wide Voting

Are those questions being asked by the printed media?

I would not be surprised if Russia was found to have had a hand in Corbyn's recent election 'win'

Common sense

As far as I am aware Tom Watson (deputy labour leader) has asked the question in a letter to May.

I doubt Putin would feel that we are important enough for his attention as we are so weak and no longer hold any influence over the EU, Just look at the governments U-turn we want to negotiate Brexit the same time as the separation settlement standing defiant to the EU and yesterday they announced we will negotiate the settlement first. Also I doubt Putin would want somone more hard line in power than Corbin.

Good news five business bodies have urged the government to remain in the single market until negotiations are complete.


I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories but Putin does keep probing our defences so he clearly has eyes on Britain. Why wouldn't he want somebody in power who has a track record of pacifism, until Corbyn recently got a sniff of power he would proudly say he would never 'press the button'. Giving his campaign a little push makes a lot more sense than giving Trump a helping hand.

Common sense


Anything is possible and we are always the last to find out.

Bloke A

You need to get out more.

Common sense

Bloke A

Thank you for your input, it will be given the appropriate consideration and filed correctly.

Island Wide Voting

Unfortunately there has been another photo opportunity for Corbyn overnight

To be fair it is his constituency

Common sense

The spiral is getting larger.

Bigots used Brexit as an excuse to commit hate crimes

Hate crimes are used by extremists to assist in radicalising people and justify terror attacks

Terror attacks are used to justify and commit hate crimes

And now the hate crimes have reached their logical progression murder


I will wait for the trial instead of rushing to judgement. On the face of it this sounds nothing like a highly organised terrorist attack or part of any bigger campaign. One lone nut case with voices in his head sounds a lot more like it.

Common sense


Sorry if I was not clear, I was not suggesting this was a wide organised terrorist attack, this was an act of someone purportrating a hate crime. I was referring to the a spiral effect that is caused by individuals or groups undertaking an act that causes a response from another group/individual that results in a knock on effect thus creating a spiral.

Incidents like these are used by people to justify their own action or convince others to act e.g. After the London/Manchester terror attacks hate crime increased.

Le Goubert

More terrorist attacks in London, such a shame.

The scum and his sort driving the van need to be strung up ASAP.


That's a unusually intolerant comment from you if it turns out he is a victim of mental illness. As it seems he might be, since he is said to be "smiling, waving and blowing kisses" as the police took him away.