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Sun to shine on Sark festival

Left to right: Jessica Nash, Amy Blondel, Dave Langlois, Simon Harvey and Sarah Van Vlyman during yesterday’s damp conditions, which are expected to improve today. (1332857)

ORGANISERS battled through yesterday’s foggy and damp conditions to put the finishing touches to this year’s sell-out Sark Folk Festival.

Chief Pleas agrees to Sark civil servant role

Andrew Cook

SARK is a step closer to an administration fit for the 21st century after Chief Pleas approved the appointment of a senior administrator, a General Purposes and Advisory Committee member has said.

Sark will get space to reform

Lord McNally, right, with Andrew Bache, a member of the General Purposes and Advisory Committee. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 1317208)

SARK will be given the space to reform on its own, a member of the General Purposes and Advisory Committee has said.

'Sark must change,' UK minister insists

Lord McNally

ARK’S parliament has been left with a clear message to change after the UK minister with responsibility for the Crown Dependencies left counseillers with a list of areas to tackle.