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P&R investigate claims about deputy’s comments


THE senior States committee is to investigate comments allegedly made by a senior politician about Deputy Marc Leadbeater’s ability to serve on Education because of his disabled son’s needs.

Welfare reform cost outdated


IMPLEMENTING major social welfare reforms could cost more as the initial estimate of £3.4m. a year is now out of date, Employment & Social Security’s president said yesterday, as she stressed the need to implement the fairer benefit system as soon as possible.

Jersey deputy to talk on democracy


A JERSEY deputy who told his fellow States members that the island’s political system was ‘a complete and utter shambles’ is to hold meetings in Guernsey, Alderney and Sark to talk about democracy in the Bailiwick.

P&R head welcomes PM’s clarity on Brexit


THE UK’s priorities for its exit from the EU echo the negotiating objectives agreed by the States in its first Brexit policy letter, head politician Gavin St Pier said yesterday, as he welcomed the additional clarity given in Theresa May’s long-awaited speech.

Assurances from Education boss welcomed


TEACHERS’ unions have welcomed assurances from the Education, Sport & Culture president that teaching staff will be involved in discussions about the future of the secondary system.