Epsom & Ewell 2, Guernsey FC 0

GUERNSEY FC's defence of the CCL Premier Challenge Cup is over after a new-look side were edged out 2-0 by Epsom & Ewell on Tuesday night in the last-16.

GUERNSEY FC's defence of the CCL Premier Challenge Cup is over after a new-look side were edged out 2-0 by Epsom & Ewell on Tuesday night in the last-16.

The Green Lions fielded four debutants at High Road and an encouraging display was only thwarted by Kyle Hough's second-half brace.

Jonny Coates, Sam Hall, Charlie Pinsard and Naro Zimmerman all made their GFC bows, while there were also first starts for Carl Wallbridge and Nigel Hutton.

  • Full details, reaction and match report in Wednesday's Guernsey Press.

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Jason Hubert

I am sure that I read in a Rob Batiste report in the GEP earlier this week that Carl Walbridge had played in the Saturday league last week after leaving Bels.

Can someone tell me how a player can play for GFC and in the Saturday league and not be able to play for a GFA club and the Saturday league?

As GFC are an affiliated GFA club why are the rules different when using social league players?

Julian Creber

@Jason Hubert you did read that and so did I! Maybe it is not the same Carl Walbridge (seems a long shot but it could be). A mate told me that players can opt in and out of GFA and social football as often as they like and that a lot of them do so that they can play 5 a side and 8 a side at Beau Sejour. If this is the case it makes a mockery of what is already a shambles. I never really understood why anyone anywhere should be able to tell you when and who you could play sport for and would really like to see this type of stupid rule challenged in a court of human rights. If Walbridge is playing in social leagues and GFA leagues and is finding a way to opt in and out to play when he wants to play then good luck to him. I have heard of players being suspended from GFA football and clubs being reprimanded if players are caught doing this. Have there ever been any clubs that have had points taken from them because their players have played social football?

Aaron Byfleet

Looks like another situation where GFC are getting treated differently to other GFA clubs and nothing is being said. Is Wallbridge flouting with the rules and if he is GFC should be punished in the same way as any GFA club even if that means reporting them to the CCL for fielding an illegible player. Not such a bad thing now as they lost but if they had won and this is all true they could have been forced to lose the fixture. Or could they?

Ex Northerner

I imagine GFC can do whatever they like, and everyone will bend over backwards to accommodate them. Interesting to hear them whinging about not being able to film last night's game, having a gool old pop and Epsom and Ewell and ridiculing their support in the process. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking it was a case of sour grapes, maybe GFC can't perform if they know they're not live on the internet?

Saturday league footballer

Carl Wallbridge did sign for a social league team but opted to rejoin Bels and the GFA league in November. I believe the comment was something along the lines of the social league team in question struggling to field 11 players with some away travelling and Carl Wallbridge having chosen to 'throw his lot in with Bels'.

A player may only de-register from GFA football and sign for a social league team once over the course of a season.

Kev B

@Saturday league footballer

if this is the case then wallbridge is in contravention of the rules as if he did sign for a social league team and then rejoin Bels in November he has played for Bels since November and last weekend again played in the social league (as reported by the press) he has therefore played in the social league twice in one season at the same time representing GFC. As others have said GFC must be penalised just the same as other GFA clubs for allowing this to happen

Saturday league footballer

He did not play in the social league last Saturday. The wording used in the article has obviously confused readers.

GFC wouldn't consider him for selection if he was not GFA registered.


Does he even get in the gels team?