Jeffery glad his course gets chance

ASK anyone at La Grande Mare which of their players will push hardest for the Cenkos Guernsey Open Matchplay Championship and they are likely to come up with the same name.

Dave Jeffery

ASK anyone at La Grande Mare which of their players will push hardest for the Cenkos Guernsey Open Matchplay golf Championship and they are likely to come up with the same name.

That player is Dave Jeffery, pictured, the two handicap who broke into the senior island team last season and has consistently been the club’s strongest contender at the annual island championships.

Jeffery was enthusiastic when he heard full details of the unique new event for island golfers.

‘I have always thought it a shade unfair to have the island championship on the same course every year and it will be good to see how players adapt to playing on La Grande Mare which is very different to L’Ancresse,’ he said.

‘It is good to have another event between elite players on a different course.’

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It has too many par 3's to consider it for the Island Championships or inter-insular


tend to agree with Guernseyman - such a prestigous tournament should be held at Lancresse.

Platinum Law

What narrow minded comments. Why should it be played at Lancresse, because all the other championships are played there? La Grande Mare is by far the tougher of the two courses and deserves a chance. It will prove a real challenge to the Island's best golfers.

Wedge me up

It's a glorified pitch and putt course for goodness sake, a good course to have a game of one-club but not much else


I reckon they should have it at the Oatlands mini golf. They could use Eds favourite Spiegel Tent as the clubhouse before it gets shipped off to Jersey.


Sorry, PLP, I have firmly decided that the land should be utilised for a tea garden.

Platinum Law

Wedge Me Up: When did you last play LGM and what did you shoot (using just the one club I presume)?

Wedge me up

Platinum Law

I shot 82 using a 7 iron and a putter (I play off 12).


WME. Proves it was tough (6 over) you were rubbish! Ask Bobby how he got on when he played in the Lexus Seniors Open last year.

Wedge me up


Anyone can make a course tough (just have upturned saucers for greens, full of duck and goose poo and sand, ring any bells?) the point is that it is not a good all round test of golf.

James Hamon could get on the longest hole (the only par 5) with two decent irons, and nine of the holes are par 3s for goodness sake.


I suggest that it alternates each year between LGM and L'Ancresse. Why not?

Platinum Law

WMU: what inspired you to play the course with a 7 iron and a putter? 9 easy par 3s on a pitch and putt course, I'll allow you 27 shots to complete those 9 holes. So you took a further 55 shots to complete the other 9 pitch and putt holes- an average of over 6 a hole! If your hcp really is 12, I would recommend some lessons with messrs Sykes or Groves!

Can't disagree with you re: the goose and duck poo however!

Wedge me up


Getting to the green is easy, stopping it on the green however, and indeed putting, isn't. But that doesn't make it a good test of golf, it just means the greens are awful, and I really do mean awful. I've played golf all round the world and I have seldom encountered greens as bad as LGM, even on municipal courses that are virtually free to play on.

6 over my handicap using a 7 iron and a putter isn't bad, you try doing the same at L'Ancresse!!

Platinum Law

Subject to agreement from the sponsor (Cenkos), Jimbo's suggestion of alternating each year sounds fair. But I understand that the GGU wanted a new event, something different, away from Lancresse links.

The proof will be in the pudding - if the course is not up to scratch and/or the big players elect not to participate, then the GGU/sponsors will no doubt review it for 2014.