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Personal criticism is justified

A FRAUD case in which a care home worker in a trusted position systematically pilfered the public purse took an unexpected twist when her lawyer, in effect, said that his client was a bit taken aback by the public reaction to her crime and that had left her, well, upset.

Cost of law firm raid kept from taxpayer

TREASURY and Resources is refusing to say how much taxpayers’ money has been paid in damages and costs following an unlawful police raid on a law firm’s premises.

Heavy-handed raid on advocates' office broke the law

Three of the main players in the case, left to right, George Le Page, who was chief of police at the time of the raid, Judge Russell Finch, who authorised it, and current police chief Patrick Rice, who has accepted that the officers acted illegally. Behind them are the AFR offices. (Montage by Tom Tardif) 1286919

A HEAVY-HANDED 3am police raid on a local firm of lawyers was illegal, it was confirmed yesterday. Protracted court action against the officers involved and the chief officer of police finally came to a close after they agreed that they had acted unlawfully. Judge Russell Finch, who authorised the swoop on AFR Advocates in 2010, also agreed that what happened was illegal and that what he sanctioned was wrong in law. As a result, the chief officer and six of his uniformed force are liable for undisclosed damages and costs, which will run into thousands of pounds. It is expected, however, that the taxpayer will be liable for this because the funds will be drawn from the Home Department’s budget.

The hidden tensions in our society

ON SATURDAY, police and the emergency services were reportedly due to hold an exercise that modelled a violent attack in a classroom and local actors had supposedly been lined up to add realism to the event.

Case for change is not made

FOR most islanders, the work of the courts is something that goes on in the background, unnoticed and unremarkable, unless a headline brings its role into focus.