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Why family deserve to see justice

ANYONE who has met Kate or Vic Groves, the couple whose only daughter was murdered in Kashmir more than three years ago, cannot fail to be moved by their quiet dignity. Just how they have continued to retain that focus and composure, despite such overwhelming pain and injustice, is impressive and humbling. Faced with the worst news any parent can ever receive, and the shocking, public nature in which it was delivered, it is hard to imagine how any parent could cope.

Jailed for ‘a stark example of swindling’

David Merrien, pictured shortly after joining a local company in 2011, was jailed for four years yesterday after admitting five counts of making dishonest representations. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 15226239)

A FORMER company director lied to his friends to swindle them into handing over substantial parts of their life savings for investments when he was in fact taking the money for himself, the Royal Court heard.

When gossip crosses a legal line

GOSSIP will always play a big part in a small community. It is a strength and a weakness. The former because islanders care and are interested in those they live and work alongside, the latter because the boundaries of privacy are all too often breached. It has always been so. Previous generations were no doubt more obsessed, not less, with their neighbours’ activities in the days before TV and the internet provided alternative entertainment.

Couple held with 25 dogs in van


A VAN containing 25 dogs has been stopped by Guernsey Border Agency officers en route from Slovakia to the UK, via the island, on a ferry.

Vulnerable elderly need protection

THERE can be few offences as despicable as a carer taking advantage of an aged person’s dementia to steal from them. To do so once is unforgivable, to do so twice is unbelievable.