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When gossip crosses a legal line

GOSSIP will always play a big part in a small community. It is a strength and a weakness. The former because islanders care and are interested in those they live and work alongside, the latter because the boundaries of privacy are all too often breached. It has always been so. Previous generations were no doubt more obsessed, not less, with their neighbours’ activities in the days before TV and the internet provided alternative entertainment.

Couple held with 25 dogs in van


A VAN containing 25 dogs has been stopped by Guernsey Border Agency officers en route from Slovakia to the UK, via the island, on a ferry.

Vulnerable elderly need protection

THERE can be few offences as despicable as a carer taking advantage of an aged person’s dementia to steal from them. To do so once is unforgivable, to do so twice is unbelievable.

Personal criticism is justified

A FRAUD case in which a care home worker in a trusted position systematically pilfered the public purse took an unexpected twist when her lawyer, in effect, said that his client was a bit taken aback by the public reaction to her crime and that had left her, well, upset.