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It’s a fiver a gallon

FUEL prices have again, prompting an unhappy response from fuel retailers, wholesalers and motorists.

It’s not fair

TAXI fares in Guernsey are more expensive than in almost 80% of districts in the UK, according to a comparison website.

Fuel for thought

WITH taxis set to become increasingly more expensive due to rocketing fuel prices it begs the question, where will it all end?

Smaller cars, bigger sales

DRIVERS are swapping 4x4s for smaller cars due to the rising cost of fuel, according to the motor trade.

Fuel crisis is harbinger of peak oil

WITH oil prices soaring, western leaders exhorting producers and the industry to release more supply and consumers like fishermen and lorry drivers staging protests, the one thing people want to know is when will things get back to normal?

'It's not just petrol'

MOTORISTS reacted angrily yesterday to claims they were being ripped off by petrol retailers.

It's a rip-off

LOCAL petrol retailers have been ripping off motorists by as much as 30%.