L’Islet community ready to take action against vandals

ACTION will be taken by the community after vandalism attacks around Sandy Hook and L’Islet which have seen cars spray painted and scratched as well as businesses targeted.

Photo By Steve Sarre 14-03-17Sandy Hook Damaged Cars Linards Mellis

In some of the latest incidents three cars parked outside L’Islet Kiosk last week were covered in random markings of yellow spray paint.

On Sunday night, five different cars parked along Sandy Hook were scratched along the driver’s side.

Police are investigating these and other instances of criminal damage around L’Islet and have also urged anyone willing to set up a neighbourhood watch to contact them.

Linards Mellis, the owner of the L’Islet Kiosk, said vandalism was not rare in the car park and in the roads around L’Islet.

‘Of course I worry now, I have had to call the police for something every year,’ he said.

‘Last year cars got damaged again, then the year before I had my picnic tables burnt.’

Mr Mellis said he was trying to organise getting some CCTV cameras installed, and he was coordinating with the users of the bird hide and Sandy Hook to try to provide as much security as possible.

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