L’Islet community ready to take action against vandals

ACTION will be taken by the community after vandalism attacks around Sandy Hook and L’Islet which have seen cars spray painted and scratched as well as businesses targeted.

Photo By Steve Sarre 14-03-17Sandy Hook Damaged Cars Linards Mellis

In some of the latest incidents three cars parked outside L’Islet Kiosk last week were covered in random markings of yellow spray paint.

On Sunday night, five different cars parked along Sandy Hook were scratched along the driver’s side.

Police are investigating these and other instances of criminal damage around L’Islet and have also urged anyone willing to set up a neighbourhood watch to contact them.

Linards Mellis, the owner of the L’Islet Kiosk, said vandalism was not rare in the car park and in the roads around L’Islet.

‘Of course I worry now, I have had to call the police for something every year,’ he said.

‘Last year cars got damaged again, then the year before I had my picnic tables burnt.’

Mr Mellis said he was trying to organise getting some CCTV cameras installed, and he was coordinating with the users of the bird hide and Sandy Hook to try to provide as much security as possible.

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Mr Bee

There is/was CCTV at the entrance to the L’Islet Kiosk car park, check with the police.

Island Wide Voting

Mr Bee

I think that was the original wet finger in the air 50K plan when Envo thought it would be a good ground breaking wheeze to give pedestrians and cyclists priority at the kiosk car park entrance

However after expensive consultations with a UK outfit of confirmed tree huggers and several impromptu design changes along the way it was considered, with great reluctance, unwise to spend circa triple the original estimate, even though it was not taxpayers money, when cutbacks had been ordered from above


Sign of the times with these low life people causing misery. What goes through their heads. Catch them and shame them.

Don Tramp

How long are we continue with the broken UK Victorian school system. Otherwise we will need CCTV everywhere and unfettered Police powers like Blighty.

Island Wide Voting

Don Tramp

Our States members in their wisdom have recently voted twice to further embrace the broken UK Victorian school system

There was even a vote of no confidence brought by the backstabbing seven of Yerby, Parkinson, Le Tocq, Tindall, de Sausmarez,Tooley and Langlois, who together with their shadowy puppeteers were desperately concerned that the EDBoard would not replicate the comprehensive-love-in fast enough

We'll have to wait until June to discover how we intend to set about educating our children to a good standard ... not the Grammar School's regular high 90's results by any means ... but nevertheless a good average standard while avoiding as much of the downside of the broken UK Victorian school system as possible

Le Goubert


Of course the best method of educating children is to sit them all in a room, tell them a 100 facts, and the ones who can recall them the fastest are the brightest.

You poor old man. so far behind the Chinese and Indian education systems that are p******g all over us and Europe.

The beautiful days of Victoriania Education are well and truly buried. Our children are 25-30 yrs behind the Chinese and Indians but hopefully now the decrepit 11+ has been consigned to the antediluvian dustbin the Island's children will stand a chance of competing with the rest of the World.

Island Wide Voting

Poor old Le G ... still looking through the wrong end of the telescope

China’s state media this week published research that places much of the blame for teen suicide—usually a taboo subject—on the country’s cutthroat test-oriented education system.

Suicide has been an increasing problem in China, with state media calling it the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 34. 

Read more at ...


Le Goubert

Poor IWV.

Being a Dim-Dem must be hard. Couldn't accept the result of Trump's election and now you cry like a snowflake when little ol' Guernsey democratically votes twice to dump the 11+.

And now like a true dimocrat you believe a fake mainstream story from a website called China real time?

Soooooo........ funny.

Island Wide Voting

Jeese Le G

Do you just make it up as you go along or what?