‘Open meeting if necessary to seal fate of derelict houses’

VALE Avenue will be subject to ‘further unnecessary deterioration’ if a fourth attempt to demolish derelict housing is unsuccessful, a Vale deputy has said, as he called for Guernsey Electricity’s application to be heard at an open planning meeting.


The utility company confirmed last week that it would soon be submitting a planning application to pull down the houses, which have fallen into disrepair.

Three previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

However, Matt Fallaize said he was delighted GE had relaunched plans to resolve the situation.

‘I have met senior staff at Guernsey Electricity and encouraged them to do everything possible to pull down these unsightly properties, which have been a terrible eyesore in our parish for far too long,’ he said.

‘In fairness, they need little encouragement. I am delighted that Guernsey Electricity are demonstrating their commitment to do the right thing by applying for permission to demolish the properties.’

Deputy Fallaize called on Vale Avenue residents and his fellow deputies to make their views known should the matter go to an open planning meeting,

‘I am writing to the Development & Planning Authority to request that this application is heard at an open planning meeting in view of the public interest which it is bound to generate and in recognition of the very detrimental effect of these properties on that part of The Bridge,’ he said.

‘I hope other deputies whose districts include The Bridge – that is to say Vale and St Sampson deputies – will make the same request to the authority and also write in support of the application.’

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FALLEN, What do you mean fallen into disrepair?? They have been like that for at least 30 years if my memory serves me right. I am sure that if it was my property this problem would have long ago been sorted.

What is wrong with this Island, it seems to me to be going down the pan at a rapid rate of knots. It's like a ship with nobody in command or without the correct knowledge to steer it.

For goodness sake demolish them and get the road looking better, as my Mother would say, it is worse than a pig sty. Come to think of it does that apply to the old charcutterie building as well???

Donkey Boiler

The 'planners' that want to retain these derelict houses are, paradoxically, intent on building on green field sites all over the Vale. Tertre Lane, Sohier Road and Maison Maraataine extension all on green fields in addition to the destruction already inflicted on the Vale and St Sampsons to line the pockets of greedy developers, some of them connected to States members themselves. And not a penny paid in windfall tax when those sites go from being worth a few tens of thousands of pounds to hundreds of thousands or even milions. Gavin could take a hefty slice, but no, he prefers to see every pound earned by the man in the street reduced by 20p income tax and 6.6p or 11p states insurance (tax). Meanwhile the wealthy can make millions tax free.

Island Wide Voting

"I hope other deputies whose districts include The Bridge – that is to say Vale and St Sampson deputies – will make the same request to the authority and also write in support of the application."

Is that further proof of deputy Fallaize's contempt for island wide voting, if any further proof was needed?

Would it not be beneficial for deputies from other mini districts, from Castel or even as far away as St Peter Port North! to chip in to sort out this ISLAND eyesore, or does he class it as none of their business?

Two possible ways to sort this out …

1. Get Visit Guernsey on board plus whichever other organisations are paid huge sums to advertise 'beautiful Guernsey' in order to bolster the application

2. Obtain the services of whichever company carried out the 'remedial work' at the Bordage furniture shop



Those houses just appear another one of those oddities that irritate the public. A bit like using coastal car parks as second car homes.

They've been an on going saga and I support the GE application.

Government does itself no favours with things like this. If we have to have a 20 yr discussion over dilapidated houses what hope anywhere else on policy and delivery.

I've said it time and time again. All politics are local.



Totally off topic but posters were asking about the Jersey Lifeboat situation. My old mate Trev says that the word on the pumps is it was all about money. A Jersey fishing boat broke down and was drifting towards rocks, Port of Jersey wanted to send States tug at eight knots and charge a commercial tow in, perhaps thousands of pounds, the very experienced lifeboat Coxswain decided that lives were at risk and launched the lifeboat which does over twenty knots.

There was already some friction between the Coxswain and RNLI management and this was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Personally, I back the crew 100%, they are the guys who put their live on the line every time they go out in dangerous conditions.

Island Wide Voting


That adds a bit of meat to the news that the Port of Jersey Harbour Master has resigned for 'family reasons'