Immuno Biotech offices raid 'all part of smear campaign'

A LAW Enforcement raid on Immuno Biotech's Guernsey offices was part of a continuing 'smear campaign' against the company and its 'miracle cure' GcMaf, its chief executive officer has claimed.

Immuno Biotech offices raid 'all part of smear campaign'

David Noakes confirmed two members of staff had been arrested on suspicion of money laundering offences on Wednesday, but contested a police statement saying one had been held in custody overnight.

'On this second raid, Tuesday 21st, 12 officers arrived to traumatise the two women present. Brave and expensive men, these Guernsey police officers,' he said. 'They arrested one of the women, and one of our men at home. They released not one of them, but both at 5pm the same day.'

Mr Noakes branded some of the evidence given against the company in court as 'perjury' and as part of a 'very expensive' smear campaign.

'It now appears the two years they have spent attacking us on Medicines Law charges have failed, as we said they would. If they had telephoned us two years ago, we would have invited them in, and told them we had never had a laboratory or distribution from Guernsey.

'We supplied 60,000 vials to 80 nations – it is blatantly obviously that could never have been done from Guernsey.'

Mr Noakes maintained GcMAF was the 'best way to treat cancer and 50 other diseases inexpensively' and that these products had been both quality and safety-checked.

'The MHRA and their predecessors have concealed GcMAF from the public for 26 years. And instead of protecting the public from the drugs and vaccines of the big pharmaceutical corporations, they have Big Pharma directors on the MHRA board, and protect Big Pharma's profits at the expene of British lives. It will be far too embarrassing for them to have that exposed in court.

'For six years, our products have always had nine of such tests on our batches, more than pharmaceutical drugs, and been independently tested by Wickham Laboratories of Portsmouth. Our production has always been second to none, and we have all the test results. No one has ever died of GcMAF, a human protein and a human right with no side-effects.'

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