Yacht sinks off Jersey hours after RNLI removes lifeboat

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A LUXURY yacht sank while travelling from Jersey to Guernsey, just hours after the RNLI seized the St Helier lifeboat and took it back to the UK.

The 62ft Pershing motor cruiser, P6T2, issued a mayday distress call after hitting a large navigation marker buoy as it was approaching St Helier harbour. (Picture by Tony Rive)

‘Significant damage’ was caused to the £1.8m. yacht after it hit a buoy in the approach to St Helier, and the vessel was completely submerged ‘before anything could be salvaged’.

Two people were rescued by the inshore St Catherine’s lifeboat, operated by the island’s fire service.

The RNLI said the situation demonstrated their back-up plans, which see Guernsey and France providing all-weather cover and the inshore lifeboat dealing with situations when it can, were working.

The 62ft Pershing motor cruiser, P6T2, issued a Mayday call shortly before 6pm after hitting the Ruaudiere Buoy – a large metal navigation buoy.

The inshore rescue boat arrived at the scene to find just the tip of the yacht’s bow visible above the water.

They rescued the two crew members from a life raft and took them to St Helier.

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